Stepping Down

Hi everyone, Super is here.

I have some sad news ahead. At least for me.

At Monday, September 30th I am stepping down from CPA Admin.

To find out more about my army past, my new role in CPA as well as the future of CPATG press read more.

First of all, if anyone wants to know about my CP related “career” before the era of CPA you can read the post I made when retiring from Smart Penguins, and therefore from joining any army ever again by clicking here. My intent after that post was to never do anything CP related ever again. Life had different plans for me though.

Some months after CP’s closure I was already using Discord heavily for gaming servers and stuff. That when I learned that CPPS army community had moved to Discord. I got in touch to some old CPA friends and I would ask them every now and then to tell me about how the community was progressing. There seemed to be very few armies left and I believed that CPA would die pretty soon. Fortunately I was wrong.

On May 2019, through the reunion server Flen made I got in touch to more old CPA fellas. It was that how I ended up in a discord server with Greeny, DMT, Epic and other people, discussing the first ever plan for a merge that at the end failed. What came out of it though was that I learned about and their need for a unified CPPS for armies. As a person who has been active in both CP Armies and CPPS development communities, I always wanted to make an army-related server. So I proposed Greeny my idea and he was very interested to see how it would turn out. After a few weeks of development Greeny decided to trust me and my server, and also make me a CPA Admin. Then came a short public beta, and then the CPPS released on June 15th, 2019. The positive reception the server got, even at a very buggy state with limited features, was better than even my most optimistic estimates!

The weeks following CPA was becoming bigger and bigger, and with it so did CPATG. It was because of many big armies joining. The first ever tournament of CPA took place in CPATG, and despite many technical difficulties experienced I believe it was overall a success. A great number of wars took place on CPATG as well, where we saw plenty of battles that were in par with the battle level seen on original army warfare. The biggest accomplishment of this community though is, in my opinion, the general positive attitude by everyone. Sure there were low points, but nothing even close the the level of toxicity of original armies. Everyone who has been a member of both communities can understand how important of an achievement that is.

But four and a half months have passed. When CPATG opened, it was the first day of my summer holidays. Today its the last. University starts tommorow, and so many obligations appear in my path, that wont allow me to continue serving as a CPA Admin. Thats why I am stepping down. Good thing is, I am not totally gone yet! And yes, CPATG isn’t going anywhere either!

From now on my role will be that of a Technician. I will make sure CPATG runs smoothly and keep fixing bugs, as well as add new armies. The bad thing is I wont have time to add new features, at least consistently :(,  but I will try to do some special stuff for Halloween and other important events. I will also try to check Discord once a day, although idk if I will be able to make it.

Thanks a lot each one of you for making those four and a half months so awesome!

For the last time,

Superhero123, CPA Admin



Top Ten Armies [9/29/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- For the first time in September, the size drop-off from troops being too busy is clearly demonstrated, creating a not so impressive top ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [81.51]

2. Recon Federation [+1] [45.64]

3. Wild Ninjas [+1] [45.11]

4. Elite Guardians [-2] [43.25]

5. Duck Knight Army [+0] [32.88]

6. Winged Hussars [+2] [26.59]

7. Pizza Federation [+0] [20.25]

8. Lime Green Army [-2] [12.75]

9. Puffel Forces [NEW!] [12.00]

10. Miners In Nightly Engagements Created Roughly At Fired Time [NEW!] [10.00]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

It is no surprise that the Rebel Penguin Federation maintained their top spot once again.  As per usual, they started their week with an AUS event, maxing 30.  Later, they held a branch battle, maxing 58.  On Tuesday, the AUS division maxed 28 in their costume event.  That same day, they held a stamp collecting event, maxing a whopping 68 troops.  Two days later, the EU division held their own costume event, maxing 46.  The US division played a massive game on hide and seek on Friday, garnering 38 troops.  On Saturday, RPF hosted a surprise branch battle, maxing a collective 48.  That concludes another pole position week for the biggest army in CPA.


2. Recon Federation

Reclaiming their spot at 2nd place this week, the Recon Federation maintained their activeness, although seeing a dip in size.  The week began with an apprenticeship being confirmed, maxing 9.  They went on to max 13 in a training session just hours later.  Their next event was a training session with a max of 12.  Monday and Tuesday brought consecutive recruiting events, maxing 5 on both days.  Following this, RFCP returned to normal events with a themed training session, maxing 11.  Then, they had a practice battle led by their officers with the Duck Knight Army, maxing 13.  The next day, they invaded Alpine (CPATG) from the Wild Ninjas in a tight battle, maxing 17.  They went on to host a hide and seek event and two recruiting events, maxing 8, 7, and 8, respectively.  In a week highlighted by officer discontent, the army persisted to earn their spot back.


3. Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas had an absolutely wild, pun intended, week, totaling thirteen events.  It all began with an AUS event that maxed 5.  That same day, however, they maxed 13 in a game of hide and seek.  They hosted yet another event on Sunday, maxing 9 in a special training.  The day was concluded with a sled racing tournament, maxing 6.  Their next event was a recruiting event where they maxed 12.  This was followed up by another sled racing session, maxing 6 again.  On Wednesday, WN held a Simon Says event with 7 participants.  A funky dance party took place next, where 9 troops showed up.  Two days later, they managed to max 16 in an unsuccessful defense of Alpine (CPATG) against RFCP.  Just hours later, Kerx announced his retirement.  In their first event without Kerx, the army maxed just 6.  The next event, however, saw 12 troops come out to thank Kerx for his service, thus ending their week.


4. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians began their week with a formation training, maxing 19. They followed this with a recruitment war, maxing 18. This was followed by a march, maxing 17. EGCP closed the week with a meme event, maxing 16.

Unknown (1)

5. Duck Knight Army

The Duck Knight Army gained two servers this week with a successful invasions of Belly Slide and Sled, both maxing 10 each. They continued the week with a practice battle on Thursday Maxing 13, finishing off the week with a training event on Saturday maxing 9.


6. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars started off their week with three events on Thursday; a recruitment event maxing 5, a wedding maxing 7, and a raid event maxing 9. They ended their week with two events on Saturday with training maxing 8 and a get together maxing 6.


7. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation only had two events this week, both being unsuccessful defenses, with a defense of Belly Slide on Tuesday maxing 5 and a defense of Sled on Wednesday maxing 9.


8. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army fell relatively inactive this week, having a single recruiting event to close the week.


9. Puffel Forces

The Puffel Forces are a new to the Club Penguin Army community. They had an opening event maxing 5.

10. Miners In Nightly Engagements Created Roughly At Fired Time

The Miners are new to the community. They had their opening event where they maxed 4.




Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson


Club Penguin Armies Editor

Memmaw (still fuckin yo grandma bitch)

Club Penguin Armies Admin

Greeny (squadW)

Club Penguin Armies Admin

Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [08/09/19 – 21/09/19]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This week we see some changes in the Top Ten Armies, Some armies go and some armies stay and we even see some new faces. After three weeks of amazing intense battles, retirements and Shut Downs, we bring you yet another Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies!

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Top Ten Armies [9/22/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The trend continues into this week, with many armies having a healthy amount of events that is almost unprecedented.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [82.08]

2. Elite Guardians [+3] [51.44]

3. Recon Federation [-1] [45.73]

4. Wild Ninjas [-1] [44.23]

5. Duck Knight Army [+1] [44.18]

6. Lime Green Army [-2] [35.19]

7. Pizza Federation [+2] [24.82]

8. Winged Hussars [-1] [21.26]

9. Blu Battalion [NEW!] [13.00]

10. Fire Kings and Queens [NEW!] [12.00]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Ice Kings and Queens [NEW!] [11.00]

Click HERE for the full calculations.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The more things change the more they stay the same.  That is what the Rebel Penguin Federation’s camp must be thinking after another pole placement in a top ten that saw many changes.  As per usual, the week began with an AUS event, maxing 27.  Their weekly branch battle saw a combined size of 46.  On Tuesday, the AUS division maxed 25 in a costume event.  Later, the US event maxed 56 in a squid takeover event.  The next day, the EU division hosted a 33 man hide and seek session.  RPF hosted another EU event, maxing 41 there.  This was followed up with an AUS costume event, maxing just 17.  However, the army rebounded in their next event, an invasion of Abominable (CPR), maxing 55.  Their next event was an igloo raid session, maxing 47, thus ending their week.

Screen Shot 2019 09 20 At 8.01.38 Pm


2. Elite Guardians

Elite Guardians had a fairly active week compared to the one prior. They began with a special formation event, maxing 22. After they had formation training, maxing 17. Then, they had a stamp hunt event maxing 18. Followed by a special tactics event, maxing 22. They then had a speed training, maxing 17. Their week ended with a ghost march and U-lead, maxing 15 at both.


3. Recon Federation

Recon Federation began their week with an unschedule training, maxing 11. This was followed by an invasion of Wool Socks, maxing 21. After this they had an event for their officers maxing 8. Followed up by a ceremony where they maxed 20. RFCP ended the week with an unscheduled recruitment event, maxing 8.


4. Wild Ninjas 

Though falling out of the top three, the Wild Ninjas had a solid week.  They started with an AUS training, maxing 14.  They later had a fiesta, maxing 14 once again.  Their AUS division made a comeback the following morning, this time maxing 12.  They then held a stamp collection session, seeing sizes of 15.  They continued to establish their AUS presence, maxing 9 in another training.  They went on to host a hide and seek event, maxing just 8.  WN continued to pile on their event total, maxing 10 in a training session, and then seeing sizes of 7 in a Card Jitsu tournament.  The AUS division had a poor outing on Friday, maxing only 5.  That same day, the army maxed 9 at a Simon Says event.  To finish their week, they spiced things up with a practice battle against RPF, maxing 15.

5. Duck Knight Army 

The Duck Knight Army had many events this week.  There were many training sessions.  There were many competitions.  DKA maxed many different sizes throughout the week.  DKA also had many different tactics this week.

Screenshot 1


6. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army fell out of the top five this week, mainly due to their lack of events.  They first failed to defend Yeti, CPATG, from RFCP, maxing 9.  They came back to win their invasion of Wool Socks, CPATG, maxing 9 once again.  Unfortunately for them, they lost Wool Socks to RFCP the next day, maxing 13.  On Friday, LGA held their first non-battle, maxing 8 in a training session, although it was raided by DKA.  Their final event of the week was there Red vs Blue event, maxing 9 while being raided by DKA again.

7. Pizza Federation

Pizza Federation had a fairly inactive week, only having one event. This event would be a defense of Abominable, where they lost against their opponent.


8. Winged Hussars

While only placing 8th, the Winged Hussars had a respectable week.  To begin, they made history, being the first army to host an event on Roblox, maxing just 4.  They returned to Club Penguin with two back-to-back events, maxing 6 in a training session and 7 in a Card Jitsu tournament.  They rounded out the week with a wedding, receiving a turnout of 8 attendees.

9. Blu Battalion

The Blu Battalion entered the community this week. They only had one event, a training session where they maxed 5.


10. Fire Kings and Queens

FKAQ opened their doors this week, having a training event where they maxed 5.

Oyasvictsnuirzs1d R43g


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

Rebel Penguin Federation: Retirement of QueenieLiz

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital Server – As days and months go by, people will eventually get bored and tired of armies, feeling the need to retire. Today, that fate has hit QueenieLiz, as she announces her retirement.

On September 14th, around 4:40 PM EST, QueenieLiz officially announced to her army that she will step down from leader following with a retirement post, detailing her two year journey in the Rebel Penguin Federation and Club Penguin Armies.

My journey in RPF began on Friday the 11th of August 2017. I never imagined that I’d still be here two years later. I say journey because being a member of RPF is a journey. Journeys are never easy or straightforward, there are always bumps in the road, twists and turns and I think everyone would agree that my time in RPF hasn’t been easy or straightforward, but I don’t regret being part of it whatsoever.

I joined with Alex, we had recently discovered CPR and were just playing for the memories of Club Penguin. Card Jitsu had just been released and even though it was full of glitches everyone was waiting in the Dojo for Sensei. We found the RPF Mascot Tracker and joined the server and RPF then and there (this is how important the CPR News Team is). I remember we had no clue what it was and Alex telling me there’s this person called DJ and if you DM them they give you a ‘PROMOTION TO PRIVATE’ and we were both like ‘aw yeah free promotion’! At that time the Recruit role didn’t exist, you were just identified as a Visitor until you messaged someone to let them know and then instant Private. We went on holiday shortly afterwards so I was kinda non-existent till early September.

During my first week of really being part of RPF, attending events and talking lots I was awarded Troop of the Week (#5) on the 15th of September 2017, the first ever Private to receive the award.:cooll: At this point I didn’t even know what it was but I was super excited because in a Discord server of 8000 members seeing your name on the side bar is practically impossible when you’re a private, and there was my name at the side in a nice pink colour. Then I got a double promotion to Corporal (because Private First Class existed) which was also really cool because I was now a higher rank than Alex.:cooll:

I received my promotion to Moderator on 26th of November and that was pretty funky. I mean I think we can all agree that nobody exactly enjoys being the Mod green, purple was the superior colour (we had that for a while)! However, part of being a Mod is having to endure the green so it’s gotta be done.

I received my promotion to Owner (High Command) on the 19th of March 2018. At that time it took me approximately six months between joining RPF and reaching High Command, so it isn’t easy. That General rank is a nice one a lot of people like to get stuck at, but you’ll get there in the end. If you’re dedicated to RPF and you work hard you’ll get the Owner promotion, it just takes a little while longer.

Being an Owner was all great a dandy and we entered a Golden Age which was fantastic to be a part of. Shout out to Dragon Age for being fire. Exodus was interesting, with people retiring left, right and centre and everyone playing to pretend it’s all dandy. All that matters is we got through it, that’s what counts. Somewhere in the Exodus mess I was appointed 2ic, which was kinda cool but also stressful naturally.

I was appointed as Rebel Commander on the 4th of January 2019, and serving as your leader has been an absolute joy. I won’t pretend it was easy, because it wasn’t. It seems really easy from an outside point of view, but there’s a lot of pressure on the leader/s. I’m leaving you in the safest hands I know, Ultipenguinj.

Thank you to all of those who have supported me, to name a few: Alex (loser), Cosmo (low iq), Junie (noob), Danielle (Angel), Rane (golden pupper baby), Plane (bleeehhh), Night (AUSIA King), Left (Jon Snow), Lucy (cutie), Weaboowaddle (yee), Red (Hawaiian babe), Star (will fight you), Cheese (Alex’s wife), RPF Cat (rawr), MissMariss (scrapbook Queen), Mindy4isback (bizzy), Mariana/Witchkiki (TikTok Queen), Klein (shark), Pookie (clown), Jimmy (AUSIA baby), Emcee (lovely), Sugar (my child), Aisha (sweetie), Crazzy (like Jay-Z), Peaky (RPF ladies-man), Ulti (Mariokart goon) and last but not least Popsiclebeak (DABZ). It ended up being more than a few, oops.

It’s been an absolute honour serving as your Rebel Commander.

Fight the Good Fight!


Queenieliz – Former RPF Rebel Commander and RPF Hero

After she finished the post, all the troops and highest commanders sent their regards to Liz. Although everyone is sad to see her retire, they understand her decision and wish the best for her. This especially saddened Rebel Penguin Federation’s troops because as leader, she lead the Rebel Penguin Federation into glory and greatness. She always tried to listen to the troops when making decisions and improved the Rebel Penguin Federation in many ways. We interviewed her to find out more about her decision to retire.


Interview with QueenieLiz, Retired Rebel Federation Commander

Hexxer: Why have you decided to retire from the Rebel Penguin Federation?

QueenieLiz: I decided to retire because after two years in RPF I’ve done a lot, and I decided it was time for me to retire. I became active in RPF in September 2017 so it’s basically two years on from then and now there’s a stable leadership with Ulti I can happily leave RPF knowing I’ve helped to rebuild the community after the Exodus stuff and leave it as the strong entity you see today. I think there always comes a time when you need to leave CPA behind and I’ve made my friends, rose all the way from the bottom to the top, done my job and now it’s time for me to move on.

Hexxer: How will your retirement effect the Rebel Penguin Federation?

QueenieLiz: I mean for a lot of the current generation of troops I’ve been a constant throughout, so it’ll be a big change to not have me there anymore. However I’m not completely gone, I’ve been appointed as an advisor so I’m still here to help RPF when and if they should need me. It’s sad, and I think initially it’ll feel weird for a lot of troops, and myself of course. However, as I said there’s a stable leadership now, so I think just as past leaders have left the RPF will continue seemingly unaffected.

Hexxer: Will you eventually come back to lead in the Rebel Penguin Federation again?

QueenieLiz: No, as I’ve said I’ve done two years, made it to the top and done my job. I have no plans on ever rejoining RPF as an active member or leader. If RPF ever needed me to rejoin then I’d of course consider it but as far as I’m concerned my time in CPA is well and truly over, and as sad as that is I’m happy because I’ve got fond memories to look back on, and RPF has given me a lot that I can take forward in life.

Hexxer: What are some of the valuable lessons the Rebel Penguin Federation has taught you?

QueenieLiz: Always believe in yourself, and never let the words of others hurt you. First and foremost listen to your friends, they’ll always give you the best advice.

Hexxer: What can you say is different from when you first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation to now?

QueenieLiz: I mean a lot, the entire community is different. The community I joined was old CPA moved to Discord and Rewritten. A lot of the new RPF community never experienced that which has it’s good and bad points. I’m also one of those people. In some ways, it’s better and in other ways not. You need to have the structure and formality of old CPA combined with the post-Club Penguin understanding of the CPPS community and new ways of recruiting. Pop and Left understood this completely which is why their era was so fantastic. I like to think myself and Ulti achieve that balance most of the time as Ulti was old CPA and I’m post. However Ulti’s a quick learner so I think this sets RPF in good stead for the future, and I’ll be here to advise should I be needed.

Hexxer: We’re sad to see you’re leaving but we understand your decisions, you’ll always be welcome in the CPA community. :heart: Is there anything else you want to say?

QueenieLiz: Just never give up on your CPA goals and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! :salute: :rpf:



As you can see, QueenieLiz has experienced a lot in the community. The rise and fall of armies, the movement and rebellions against private servers, but most importantly, the love from the community. We’re sad to see her leaving but understand that after two years of armies, you will eventually get bored. We wish QueenieLiz a happy retirement and hope to see her again soon!


Best Wishes from Leaders and CPA Staffs

Sheesh, talk about a tough act to follow. RPF is gonna succeed and do fine, don’t you worry. Take care of yourself, and don’t forget the good memories and fun you had in your two years here.  You wouldn’t have spent so long here if you didn’t enjoy it. Best of luck moving forward, ftgf! Also hmu sometime on switch so you can beat me in Mario Kart some more.

Ulti, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander

I am saddened to have entered the CPA stage late in the career of QueenieLiz. I’d looked forward operating alongside her in this spectacular league. RFCP respects her and honors her decision. Personally, I send her my love in this new chapter of life. No matter where her journey takes her, may she always remember she has a friend in this fellow Commander.

– Prior Bumble, Recon Federation Leader

Sometime’s in life even the cow must leave her own children, once they feel the children have outgrown them. Not all of the time does the child leave the mother.

– Cobra, Elite Guardians Leader

I wish QueenieLiz a happy retirement.

– Snork, Winged Hussars Leader

I’m sorry for the time I called you a cow. I didn’t mean it. We should totally have a cuddle party sometime!

– Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader 

Good luck in life.

– Brian, Club Penguin Coast Guard Leader

I see that she was a strong leader considering that she managed to rebuild RPF into an army that we see today. So what I want to say is that I wish her all the best and hope she won’t forget our little lovely community.

– Dolepie47, Green Street Gang Leader

I never had interacted with Liz, she seemed like a good person, I wish the best for her.

– Yyeellooww7, Wild Ninjas Leader

The admins thank her for her huge role in bringing the Rebel Penguin Federation to CPA. She will always be known as an instrumental part of CPA’s growth in size and as a community. We wish her the best.

– DMT, Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

Thank you for being a great friend when I first joined RPF, and being an amazing Commander in RPF. It’s been a long journey with you (1 year!), as always, Fight the Good Fight.

– Hexxer, Club Penguin Armies Reporter

I hope you do well in whatever you go on to do next! CPA was definitely more interesting with you around! You weren’t afraid to roast people to hell and back! Hope you come and visit!

– Kailey, Club Penguin Armies Editor


Best of luck to QueenieLiz!



Club Penguin Armies Reporter



Club Penguin Armies Editor


Top Ten Armies [9/15/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The top five sees a major shakeup with lots of competition, mostly in part of the land battles that occurred throughout the week.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [76.83]

2. Recon Federation [+1] [56.83]

3. Wild Ninjas [+2] [48.52]

4. Lime Green Army [+2] [45.70]

5. Elite Guardians [-1] [45.46]

6. Duck Knight Army [-4] [35.6]

7. Winged Hussars [+0] [35.09]

8. Cosmic Army [+1] [19.24]

9. Pizza Federation [+4] [15.14]

10. Club Penguin Coast Guard [+1] [10.00]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

Another week at the top for the Rebel Penguin Federation allows them to demonstrate their class.  They began with an AUS training session, maxing 29.  The EU/US divisions combined for 40 troops on the same day.  On Tuesday, the army maxed 26 at a stamp collecting event.  They then held a speed training, maxing 36.  The EU division returned the next day, maxing 32.  They went on to max 38 in a flash mob event.  RPF then held two costume events, maxing 24 and 51, respectively.  The AUS division donned their pizza aprons in a 32 man training session, and then the EU and US divisions closed out the week with another combined training session, maxing 42.


2. Recon Federation

As the Recon Federation continue to defend their spot in the top three, they pile on the events once more.  It all started with hosting Mopia’s official goodbye party, maxing 10 themselves.  They then held a training session, maxing 10 again.  The first of many invasions was on Tuesday, maxing 22 in a winning effort against the Wild Ninjas for Yeti, SuperCPPS.  The army held two training sessions next, maxing 14 and 13 in the two events.  They returned to battling on Wednesday, defending Deep Freeze, CPATG, with 20 troops.  To make things confusuing, they invaded Yeti, this time on CPATG, maxing 12.  They went on to defend Cold Front, CPATG, successfully, maxing 15.  The next morning, they lost the Yeti that’s on CPATG, maxing 5 at an AUS defense.  However, they rebounded with a successful defense of Ice Bank, CPATG, maxing 11.  Another victory followed that event, when they maxed 20 at their reclamation of White House, CPATG.  They broke their string of battles with an igloo raiding session with 12 troops, thus ending their week.


3. Wild Ninjas

Much like the armies their sandwiched between, the Wild Ninjas benefited from having many battles this week.  The first came on Sunday, maxing 16 in their defense of Yeti, SuperCPPS.  They then held an army awards show, maxing 25.  They had another battle when they invaded Alpine, CPATG, from the Winged Hussars, maxing 13.  Tuesday was a busy day for the army, maxing 19 in their defense of Yeti, CPATG, and maxing 18 in their defense of Avalancha, SuperCPPS.  WN did not host an event until Saturday, when they lost the final battle in the War of Sea and Shadow, maxing just 8 troops.


4. Lime Green Army 

Once again does an army in the top five have a surplus of battles to propel them into their spot.  The Lime Green Army kicked off their week with a successful invasion of Yeti, CPATG, maxing 15.  Their second battle came a few days later, maxing 20 in a close invasion of Deep Freeze, CPATG.  They bounced back with an invasion of White House, CPATG, maxing 10.  While they went on to lose their defense of Cold Front, CPATG, maxing 12, LGA proceeded to reclaim Yeti, maxing 8.  The week ended on a poor note, however, losing their invasion of Ice Bank, CPATG, only maxing 8 troops.


5. Elite Guardians 

Elite Guardians started their week with a tactic training, maxing 20. After this they had a speed event, maxing 17. Following this they had another training, maxing 17 again. They ended the week with an operation, maxing 21.


6. Duck Knight Army

The Duck Knight Army had four events this week, two of which were training events. They started the week with a successful invasion of Avalancha with a max of 17. Then on Tuesday they had a training event maxing 10. The next day they had another training event maxing 7. They finished off the week by marching across the server Beanie with a max of 11.

Screenshot 2288

7. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars started off the week with battles left and right but ended on more of a leisurely note. Starting on Sunday, WH invaded the server Yeti with a max of 11. Then on Tuesday they had four events, an invasion of Freeo with a max of 9, an invasion of Nevasca with a max of 7, a defense of Yeti with a max of 13, and a sled racing tounrament with a max of 7. On Friday WH had a Celebration of peace maxing with a maxing 5 and a spooky event maxing 6. They finished off the week with a dance contest maxing 6.

Screenshot 99

8. Cosmic Army

The Cosmic Army began with invasions for their war where they targeted Free Penguin servers. They started off the week by invading Freeo, where they maxed 7. This was followed by an invasion of Nevasca, where their opponent didn’t show.

Vsvmuobyt Gwk07q8gayvq

9. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation began their week with a recruiting event where they maxed 4 troops. They held a training event on Friday maxing 5. PZF ended their week maxing 6 in another training event.

10. Club Penguin Coast Guard

Despite rising in the rankings, the Coast Guard was fairly inactive this week. They only had one event, a training event where they maxed 4 troops.

Weekly Leader Interview (#2): Interview with Ulti

KLONDIKE, Leader’s Lounge – Welcome to our second edition of the Weekly Leader Interview! Today we would like to present the one and only, Ulti!

Ulti first joined Club Penguin Armies in 2013 when he joined the Nachos. After being there for a couple of weeks, he moved onto the Rebel Penguin Federation, and that’s when his journey really begins.

In February 2014, Ulti became leader after Elmikey left the Rebel Penguin Federation. He lead the Rebel Penguin Federation with Lilstar, Silverburg, and Tanner. The US and EU divisions in the army tanked whereas the AUSIA division thrived. However, in 2014 upon Ulti’s retirement, the whole army came to a grinding halt. Ulti came back breifly in 2015 but soon went back into retirement.

Suddenly, in June 2019, he rose out of retirement, becoming leader once more! This time leading, alongside QueenieLiz. The Rebel Penguin Federation rose into great heights under his and Queenie’s leadership. He also created the Strike-Force; a special branch that takes on battles and tournaments. Ulti’s leadership proved to be crucial as he led them all to victory in CPA’s recent Summer Circuit tournament. To this day, he is still leading the Rebel Penguin Federation and improving it in many ways. That’s why today, we choose to interview him.


Interview with Ulti, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander

Hexxer: Welcome to Weekly Leader Interview! Are you excited to be here?

Ulti: Absolutely :grin:

Hexxer: First things first, why did you decide to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation again?

Ulti: With RPF having decided to make the jump to being part of an army community again after having been separated for so long, I decided to come back to hopefully help make that transition smoother.

Hexxer: How will you help the Rebel Penguin Federation expand?

Ulti: Well, as leader of the RPF it’s my job to ensure that the army continues to grow. From recruiting to keeping the army active in the CPA community. All of that combined will ensure that the RPF continues evolving and becoming better.

Hexxer: What can you say is different now from your Rebel Penguin Federation experience in 2014?

Ulti: The army is certainly more relaxed than it was then. It’s a lot more centered around an enjoyable experience for “modern-day” Club Penguin, with costume events, game nights, a podcast, and more. RPF expanding onto other platforms in the form of the Rebel Federation was something I never would have guessed would happen five years ago. It’s become a different type of community. Not to say one was better than the other, but they’re certainly different and it took some getting used to.

Hexxer: Being a leader, you must face many obstacles. What are some of the hardest obstacles you’ve had to face?

Ulti: I think the hardest things a leader has to deal with comes from losing the support and trust of their troops. Since you’re supposed to represent them, sometimes you have to make hard decisions for them that they can’t make for themselves. But once that trust is gone, the army starts to fall apart from the inside. It’s something that I would say every leader should make sure they have. Being a leader is much more than just being “above” those who follow you.

Hexxer: As a leader, surely you have some tips to improve other armies! What are some of your tips to improve other armies?

Ulti: Find what works for you. Starting an army based off of how another army operates may improve you slightly, but you have to be able to adapt it and make it your own. Not every army runs the same. While recruiting and activity are always going to be major points for any army, it’s your uniqueness that’s going to get you troops and keep them in the army. There has to be an enjoyable atmosphere that no other army possesses. Props to armies like Winged Hussars and their tournaments, or Wild Ninjas for reaching a different language demographic than most armies do.

Hexxer: Alright, we certainly know a lot about your army side now, but what about in real life? What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Ulti: My hobbies include voice acting, writing, and watching YouTube at the ungodly hours of the morning.

Hexxer: Would you say that your personality in real life is different from the one you show in the community?

Ulti: Nah, I’d like to think I’m the same in real life. Maybe a little less talkative lol.

Hexxer: Well, we’re really glad to have you in this community! Is there anything else you wish to say?

Ulti: Glad to be here! Thanks for interviewing me and thank you to RPF for allowing me to return and lead.


As you can see, Ulti has made much progress in bettering himself as a leader. The army will always follow their leader no matter what so, a leader must adapt to their environment and make tough calls, good or as bad, on behalf of those they lead, and as always, fight the good fight! These are what make Ulti a great leader.



Who should we interview next? What do you think about this week’s leader? What do you think makes a good leader? Comment your answers down below!




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Whack-A-Mole-War: Recon Federation of Club Penguin Declare War On Lime Green Army

NORTHERN LIGHTS, Recon Federation of Club Penguin Capital – As the War of Sea and Shadow comes to a close, a new war is on the horizon. So why did the Recon Federation of Club Penguin declare war on the Lime Green Army?

On September 8th, the Lime Green Army decided to join the War of Sea and Shadow, scheduling an invasion on one of the Winged Hussars servers. What they didn’t know was that the Wild Ninjas and the Recon Federation of Club Penguin made an agreement that the Wild Ninjas were not allowed to use the Lime Green Army’s help in battles against them. However, the Wild Ninjas broke that agreement when one of the Lime Green Army’s troops helped the Wild Ninjas. Recon Federation of Club Penguin let that pass, until the Lime Green Army joined the war. That was the final straw for the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin leader, Prior Bumble, first scheduled an invasion on Wild Ninjas. That same day, the Treaty of Avalancha was made between Duck Knight Army, Wild Ninjas, and Winged Hussars.

The Treaty of Avalancha


Formed on 8/9/19, this treaty forbids either army to schedule invasions on one and another until October 26th, 2019. All currently scheduled invasions will be cancelled apart from Wild Ninjas’ invasions of Beanie, taking place on 9/14/19. This will be dubbed “The Battle of Beanie” The DKA will transfer former Wild Ninjas territory, Husky, back to their lands. The Duck Knight Army will not get involved currents affairs between Recon Federation of Club Penguin and Wild Ninjas. The Wild Ninjas will not schedule further invasions of the Winged Hussars’ territory whether the currently scheduled invasions on Alpine is successful or not, granted that Winged Hussars do not wish to continue the conflict. If this treaty is broken, the army who disgraced it will vacate their entire nation to the other.

– Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader


This left only the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, Lime Green Army, and Wild Ninjas in the war. However, Wild Ninjas soon drop out, resulting in the end of the War of Sea and Shadow. Afterwards, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and Lime Green Army continued scheduling invasion each other’s servers. After about four invasions, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin decided to declare war on the Lime Green Army.

RFCP declares a new war on LGA, no allies. If they wanna keep this up, we’re gonna do this right. I shall be calling the war the Whack-A-Mole War (we will whack LGA servers that arise).

– Prior Bumble, Recon Federation of Club Penguin Leader

After war was declared, the first official invasion in the war was the Yeti (CPATG) commenced, resulting a win for the Lime Green Army due to its fairly new addition of an AUSIA division. The Recon Federation of Club Penguin has a hard time with these types of invasions because there are not many AUSIA troops in their army.

There will be many more battles to come; such as the possible reclamation of the White House. Let’s see what the Lime Green Army leader, Karma, has to say about this war.



Interview with Karma, Lime Green Army Leader

Hexxer: What was your reaction when the Recon Federation of Club Penguin declared war on the Lime Green Army?

Karma: We scheduled a lot of invasions on them, so I wasn’t really surprised they declared war on us. Regardless, I feel like Lime Green Army is ready to take on a war!

Hexxer: Why did the Recon Federation of Club Penguin declare war on the Lime Green Army?

Karma: I believe RFCP mainly wants to challenge our use of allies. They also obviously want to take our servers, but jokes on them, we don’t have many to choose from.

Hexxer: What are some of your plans to win the war?

Karma: I can’t spill too much, but we’ve dedicated a lot of time to building up our three divisions. Timing is our biggest ally in this war.

Hexxer: I see. Do you think the Lime Green Army will win the war? 

Karma: Definitely! 

Hexxer: How so?

Karma: Our troops are motivated to strike at any time, and we have the speed to outshine any of RFCP’s tactics.

Hexxer: How long do you think the war will last?

Karma: Could be weeks, but we won’t give up until RFCP does.

Hexxer: If the Lime Green Army loses, what will your reaction be?

Karma: A loss for LGA would inspire me to put more purpose into training/recruiting and push our ambition.

Hexxer: Optimistic! Always love a bit of it! Is there anything else you want to say?

Karma: Good luck to RFCP and long live the green!



The Lime Green Army is ready to take on any challenges Recon Federation of Club Penguin throws at them. However, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin is also strong depending on when their troops are most active, and as you know, there can be only one victor of this war.



So who you think will win? Will the Recon Federation of Club Penguin increase their AUSIA recruits? Will Lime Green Army actually win? Comment your answers below!




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Army in Focus (#1): Rebel Penguin Federation

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – Welcome to Army in Focus! With Army in Focus, we zoom in on their history and their rise to success. Today, we look at the Rebel Penguin Federation

Rise of the Rebel Penguin Federation (2007 – 2008)

In 2007, the Army of Club Penguin and Underground Mafias Army were fighting what we know now know as World War III. It all started because the Army of Club Penguin doesn’t support the idea of hacking for rare items and coins whereas the Underground Mafias Army was known for their use of hacking. A penguin named Commando717 was a high ranking General in the Underground Mafias Army. One day, he had a change of heart and realized that hacking was wrong. This change of heart launched a rebellion against the Pink Mafias (creator of the Underground Mafias Army) and many of the Underground Mafias Army’s soldiers joined him. On May 8th, 2007, the “Rebel Penguin Federation” was born.

The Rebel Penguin Federation successfully occupied the server Tuxedo in the coming days. However, the newly founded army was young and unstable, with several members beginning turning on Commando. Another rebel group quickly split from the Rebel Penguin Federation, known as the Tuxedo Rebel Army (TRA), led by Bobo405. This new army pushed the Rebel Penguin Federation out of Tuxedo. The Rebel Penguin Federation then invaded the United Mafias Army-controlled servers of Parka and Tundra. The Rebel Penguin Federation was briefly hunted by the Tuxedo Rebel Army, who eventually returned to Tuxedo and eventually collapsed. The Rebel Penguin Federation then spent several days growing in number by recruiting civilian penguins. Eventually, the Rebel Penguin Federation was deemed large enough by Commando that an attempted invasion the server Mammoth was ordered. Although they were unsuccessful, this event made the Rebel Penguin Federation known to the Army of Club Penguin for the first time. However, it also caused the Rebel Penguin Federation to be viewed as a threat by the Underground Mafias Army. Commando soon got in contact with Oagalthorp, the leader of the Amy of Club Penguin. After becoming friends, the Rebel Penguin Federation entered World War III as an ally of the Army of Club Penguin and the Club Penguin Air Force.

On May 26th, 2007, Commando led the Battle of Breeze, which ended in a decisive victory for the Allies, leaving the Underground Mafias Army demoralized and the server Breeze under allied control. Furious and having lost the will to win the war, the Underground Mafias Army leader, Pink Mafias, resigned and quit Club Penguin. The top Underground Mafias Army generals, Angel G8r and Mpenguin123, were left scrambling to save the Underground Mafias Army from complete collapse. Although they managed to keep the army relatively stable, the Underground Mafia Army’s numbers diminished and it was heavily weakened. On June 13th, 2007, the Army of Club Penguin conquered the server Mammoth from the Underground Mafias Army, with the help of Rebel Penguin Federation soldiers.

On June 25th, 2007, the Allies attacked the Underground Mafias Army on the Canadian server, Wool Socks. This resulted in a devastating defeat for the Underground Mafias Army. Mpenguin123 contacted the Army of Club Penguin leader, Oagalthorp, and the two organized a peace treaty. The war was over. Following the war, the Rebel Penguin Federation’s numbers grew dramatically. Many former Underground Mafias Army soldiers joined the Rebel Penguin Federation, which grew into one of the largest armies in Club Penguin.


  The Rebel Penguin Federation winning the       battle from the Underground Mafias Army


  Fighting the Gugu Penguin Romans


Fighting the Watex Warriors



The Dark Time (2008 – 2012)

Starting in 2008, the Rebel Penguin Federation entered a “Dark Age”, which lasted several years. On April 2nd, 2008, Oaglthorp resigned as leader of the Army of Club Penguin. This left Commando saddened and disheartened as they had grown to be good friends. After a few weeks of silence, Commando decided to follow in Oaglthorp’s footsteps and resigned as leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation on April 18th, 2007. Commando left with the following message.

Yes, I haven’t been on in a long time. It’s because of various reasons. Plus, I’m not into CP anymore. Yes… I know what your thinking. I’m a jerk now like all the other leaders leaving with not much of a goodbye. In fact, I think the same way, but see, CP isn’t a place for me anymore. It’s time to retire, I can’t keep this up… From this day forth, 4/18/08, will be known as the day Commando717 retired…

– Commando717, Rebel Penguin Federation Creator

After his retirement, the Rebel Penguin Federation was left under Kg007’s rule. Under Kg007’s rule, the Rebel Penguin Federation weakened, and when Kg007 left the Rebel Penguin Federation, it caused many soldiers to leave. Two weeks later, Ziehen, leader of the Air Force branch of the Rebel Penguin Federation, became the new leader. Ziehen’s first act as the Rebel Penguin Federation leader was to initiate a month-long recruitment drive. The Rebel Penguin Federation had been dwindling since Commando’s retirement, and Ziehen wished to bring the army back to its former glory. On August 14th, 2008, Ziehen created a new branch of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Security and Espionage. Later that month, Ziehen went on a vacation, appointing Dragonninja0 as temporary-leader until his return. Upon returning, Ziehen was unhappy with Dragonninja’s drastic changes to the ranks of the Rebel Penguin Federation and decided to demote him. This decision was met with a lot of backlash and hate, so the next day Ziehen published a blog posted on the Rebel Penguin Federation website called “You shall all shut up!” where he criticized and insulted the Rebel Penguin Federation. On August 20th, 2008, Ziehen announced he would be resigning as Rebel Penguin Federation Leader.

Two days later, on August 22nd, Ziehen admitted that he had overreacted and was re-instated as the Rebel Penguin Federation leader. In his resignation, Ziehen set up the government system, which included elections for the role of Governor of a server and the setting up of the U.S.R.P.F Congress. On September 6th, 2008, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors clashed on the server Sub Zero. After a two-hour battle, Ziehen came to a peaceful agreement with the Ice Warriors leader, Iceyfeet1234. An alliance was formed between the two armies, and plans were made for an upcoming war against the Army of Club Penguin. That’s when things in the Rebel Penguin Federation started getting back on track.


The Rebel Penguin Federation fighting the          Ice Warriors (Battle of Sub Zero)


                              World War IV


                         World War IV



Rebirth of RPF (2013 – 2014)

In May 2013 the Rebel Penguin Federation’s first, second in Command: Elmikey, rejoined the Rebel Penguin Federation. He was known as the best army recruiter in 2007. Elmikey retired from the Rebel Penguin Federation in late 2007, disappearing completely in 2008. Although he visited Rebel Penguin Federation a few times throughout the years, he never stayed. The decision of Elmikey’s return to the Rebel Penguin Federation caused a new rise to the Rebel Penguin Federation. The army began to see sizes no one had ever seen in years. The Rebel Penguin Federation went from maxing sizes of 5-10 to reaching sizes of 70-100+ regularly. The Rebel Penguin Federation stood as the number one army throughout Elmikey’s leadership. With Elmikey’s back on board, the Rebel Penguin Federation always stayed in the top three. Elmikey became the Club Penguin Army Legend & Person of the Year within only six months of leading the Rebel Penguin Federation. During the Rebel Penguin Federation Victory Era, his recruiting brought in a new generation of members for all armies. It is said that he led Club Penguin Armies out of the Dark Ages, possibly even being the reason Club Penguin Armies are still alive today. During his leadership in the Rebel Penguin Federation, the army defeated all its enemies with some armies never recovering.

Then, in February 2014, Elmikey left the Rebel Penguin Federation because the army became corrupt, with his own people tricked into turning against him. After his departure, the Rebel Penguin Federation only saw a short burst of success with Elmikey’s haters joining for a short period of time. The Rebel Penguin Federation soon fell again. However, things started to turn around when Silverburg built an AUSIA division that maxed 40-50 on weekend events and when new leaders, such as Tanner, joined the army. Soon, the Rebel Penguin Federation rose once again and reached number one on Club Penguin Army Central numerous times. However, when Silverburg and other leaders retired, the Rebel Penguin Federation fell once again. They saw short bursts into the top ten, but weren’t the army they once were. The army rose back up when Elmikey joined once more. The army maxed sizes of 30-40+ troops per battle during that time. Elmikey took the side of Waterkid side in leading Light Troops. Many felt this would not be reverted, as loyalist and friends of Elmikey now served the Light Troops.

Then, in late January of 2016, the Rebel Penguin Federation was suddenly hit by a defacement, as well as two leaders, xxToySoldierxx and Drake, leaving the army taking along half of the Rebel Penguin Federation’s original force. Elmikey was able to banish most of the traitors, but it still left the Rebel Penguin Federation severely crippled for a week. The Rebel Penguin Federation was forced to give up a war. However, this decision turn out to be beneficial to the Rebel Penguin Federation. Recruitment flourished and the Rebel Penguin Federation managed to reach the final four in the March Madness of 2016 before being eliminated. The elimination, however, gave the Rebel Penguin Federation a chance to recover. Not only was the Rebel Penguin Federation able to recover, but they were also able to secure the following tournament, the Legends Cup, against the Water Vikings.

After securing victory in the tournament, the Rebel Penguin Federation continued to rise, but with September rolling around, many people began to return to school. Despite this, the Rebel Penguin Federation managed to maintain a steady streak, averaging 35+ troops per event, even as high as 50 in some cases. The Rebel Penguin Federation began 2017 strong, but not for long. After the Rebel Penguin Federation had made several updates on their website, their events began to get bot raided, meaning that the Purple Republic had risen with plans to destroy the Rebellion once and for all. The Rebel Penguin Federation refused to go down without a fight. Even with the bots attempting to destroy the Rebel Penguin Federation’s size and pride, loyalty and friendship would ultimately prevail.

With the closure of Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation no longer uses the website and now has its events on Club Penguin Rewritten, where it remains the largest army, among the few that survived the death of Club Penguin.



Club Penguin Private Server Armies Era (2017 – 2018) 

With the closing of the original Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation moved to the popular CPPS, Club Penguin Rewritten. Originally, its main enemies were the Tuba Gang, which they were currently fighting. However, since the Tubas have evolved from a Gang/Clan to an Army, the war seemed to have settled down, with minor armies popping up and disappearing from time to time, such as the Shadow Troops and the Ducks. The Underground Miners Army also survived, but only as a minority. The Rebel Penguin Federation soon allied with the Romans, but later betrayed them. Some would say the EPF and PSA (Elite Penguin Force and Penguin Secret Agency) are also allies, and on their website, it is sited that EPF members are to be assisted in battle.

Tuba War (2017)

In 2017, the Rebel Penguin Federation engaged in a seemingly never-ending war with the famous Tuba Army, with the sole aim of crushing the Tubas and removing them from Club Penguin Rewritten. Many Tubas claim that they were protesting against the Rebel Penguin Federation, who oppress the island and only target the Tubas as they were the only group to speak out against them. The Rebel Penguin Federation combated the Tubas through the use of tactics such as repeated chants such as “DROP YOUR TUBAS” and their motto “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT”, along with traditional Club Penguin Armies tactics. Normally in sightings of ten or more, the Rebel Penguin Federation called in reinforcements when a Tuba army was sighted and also organized occasional “Tuba-hunts.”

Fall of Elmikey (2017)

On December 7th, 2017, members of the leadership council met to discuss the future of Elmikey in the Rebel Penguin Federation. It was decided that Elmikey should be kicked out of the army, but when confronted, he refused. In response, the Rebel Penguin Federation leadership forcibly removed Elmikey. They accused him of various crimes during his reign, including abuse of power, inactivity, inappropriate behavior and having a dictator-like attitude to his position. The news of Elmikey’s removal sent shock-waves throughout the entire army; some were overjoyed, while others were furious. Most of the Rebel Penguin Federation was happy with the decision to remove Elmikey as they had experienced these accusations first hand. In response, a rebel faction split from the Rebel Penguin Federation, mirroring how the Rebel Penguin Federation had split from the Underground Mafias Army a decade earlier. The members of the Rebel Penguin Federation that remained loyal to Elmikey, joined Elmikey’s new army, the Rebel Penguin Marines. Their original goal was to overthrow the current Rebel Penguin Federation leadership and re-instate Elmikey as the sole leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

In the following weeks, the momentum that built up from Elmikey’s removal began to wane. As a result, Rebel Penguin Marines’ events became less and less attended as members left. In response, Elmikey changed his goal. Instead of trying to regain his leadership position in the Rebel Penguin Federation, he was now intent on destroying them, with the Rebel Penguin Marines taking its place as the most successful Club Penguin Army.

Instead of using traditional Club Penguin Army methods, Elmikey managed to take down the official Rebel Penguin Federation website for several days. As the Rebel Penguin Federation leader ship worked to make their website more secure and prevent future attacks, their website redirected users to an older Rebel Penguin Federation WordPress website. This did not have as large of an effect on the Rebel Penguin Federation as Elmikey had hoped, as the army was kept organized by its Discord server.

Allegedly, Elmikey also worked with a group of people DDoSing in Club Penguin Rewritten. After the founder of Club Penguin Rewritten, Codey, was made aware of this, Elmikey was IP banned from the website. Codey also stated that if any of the Rebel Penguin Marines were seen on Club Penguin Rewritten, they would be banned as well. The Rebel Penguin Marines has since moved to Penguin Oasis, another CPPS. This weakened the Rebel Penguin Marines due to the significantly smaller number of players on Penguin Oasis than on Club Penguin Rewritten.

On January 12th, 2018, the Rebel Penguin Federation website, now back online, released an article giving substantial of evidence on the DDoS attacks. The article details evidence that Elmikey, two Rebel Penguin Marines soldiers, one of which being Security, and DDoSer known as NullType plotted to take down the Rebel Penguin Federation website. Further insight was also shed on Elmikey’s ban from Club Penguin Rewritten. Apparently, the attacks occurred because the CPR owner Codey was helping the Rebel Penguin Federation sort out their website. In the end, Codey found out that Elmikey was “responsible” through Security, who had become fed up with Elmikey, sending Codey a series of Discord messages regarding the situation.

Moving to Club Penguin Online & World War VII (2018)

After drama on Club Penguin Rewritten between staff, the Rebel Penguin Federation moved to the CPPS, Club Penguin Online, and began its doing events there. The max of the army began to fall.

On July 7th, 2018, the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Templars due to their use of multi-logging. Elmikey, formerly of the Rebel Penguin Marines, was now one of the Templars’ leaders, leading some to interpret this as a continuation of the war between Elmikey and the Rebel Penguin Federation. This was later expanded on with Operation Dynamis.

Operation Dynamis was a covert investigation carried out by the Rebel Penguin Federation into the Templars’ Discord server concerning the claims of multi-logging. This was carried out using Rebel Penguin Federation’s second in command, Plane. Plane used staged messages between him and other Rebel Penguin Federation commanders in this operation. The tactic was successful, and the Templars welcomed Plane. In fact, he was promoted directly into a leadership position. From there, things have begun to escalate between the two armies with two battles, one of which being unscheduled. World War VII ended catastrophically for the Rebel Penguin Federation with them losing the war.

Operation Exodus (August – October 2018)

On August 15th, 2018, Left made an important announcement about Operation Exodus; the plan to move away from the CPPS platform. The former Club Penguin army would undergo re-branding which included removing the word ‘penguin’ from ‘Rebel Penguin Federation’ to create the ‘Rebel Federation’. The Rebel Federation had now become a multi-gaming community that held events on a variety of different games.



The Rebel Penguin Federation Returns (2018 – Now)

October 14th, 2018, the Rebel Federation returned to Club Penguin Rewritten and their Club Penguin Army roots. Twitchy543 again took control after a server defacement, taking the place of Plane and Night. However, as they still intended to host events on other games, they remained the Rebel Federation and did not return to their former name until June of 2019. As the Rebel Federation grew, they set up ‘divisions’ for games with many users and ‘clans’ for those with fewer users. The main two divisions were the Club Penguin and Minecraft divisions. With Twitchy543 acting as the administrator over the entire Rebel Federation, he assigned each division its own leaders, therefore instating Queenieliz, Cosmo and Danielle as the Rebel Federation Club Penguin Division leaders on January 4th, 2019.

March 6th, 2019, the divisions had grown enough to expand out of the Rebel Federation (hub) server and operate on individual servers. Prior to the move, Danielle had retired, but recently rejoined the army, and Silverburg rejoined the leadership team. Silver and Cosmo would go on to retire at the end of May 2019, leaving Queenieliz as the single Rebel Federation Commander.

The Rebel Penguin Federation Returns to Club Penguin Armies (2019 – Now)

On June 21st, 2019, the Rebel Federation began a new era as they rejoined the Club Penguin Army community and reinstated their former name, the Rebel Penguin Federation. Though having returned to their former name, they are still the Club Penguin Division under the wider Rebel Federation Gaming Community. Shortly after their return to Club Penguin Armies, the Rebel Penguin Federation set up a ‘Strike Force’. The Strike Force was a smaller portion of the army to battle other armies outside of their main CPPS (Club Penguin Rewritten) and allow them to have battles with other armies without it being solely based on sheer numbers. Queenieliz appointed Ultipenguinj as Strike Force leader, and after many successes with the Strike Force, he was promoted to Rebel Commander alongside Queenieliz. Since their arrival in the Club Penguin Army community, the Rebel Penguin Federation has managed to sustain their position at the top of the leaderboard.


Unknown (1)-3




Over the years, the Rebel Penguin Federation went through many stages. Through their many rises and falls, they are still successful because people in the Rebel Penguin Federation are determined and kind to one and another. They stay strong and become united.



Should we continue this series? What army should we do next? Did Rebel Penguin Federation truly suffer a lot to become successful? Comment your answers below!




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BREAKING: Cosmic Army Declare War On Winged Hussars

FROSTBITE, Winged Hussars Capital Server – As the Winged Hussars drop out of the War of Sea and Shadow, the Cosmic Army decides to declare war on the Winged Hussars.

On September 8th, as the Winged Hussars were resting from the War of Sea and Shadow, the Cosmic Army immediately declared war on them, with an invasion on Nevesca.

Cosmic declares war on WH blah blah blah with rule of NO ALLIES!!!

– PyxelPranav, the Cosmic Army leader


After receiving the news, Winged Hussars leader, Snork, told the Duck Knight Army leader, Cena, that they would no longer be attending the War of Sea and Shadow battles, due to the Duck Knight Army dropping of the war and the Winged Hussars now having another war to focus on. This led to the Duck Knight Army forming a treaty with the Wild Ninjas.

The Treaty of Avalancha


Formed on 8/9/19, this treaty forbids either army to schedule invasions on one and another until the October 26th, 2019. All currently scheduled invasions will be cancelled apart of from Wild Ninjas invasions of Beanie, taking place on 9/14/19. This will be dubbed “The Battle of Beanie” The DKA will transfer former Wild Ninjas territory, Husky, back to their lands. The Duck Knight Army will not get involved currents affairs between Recon Federation of Club Penguin and Wild Ninjas. The Wild Ninjas will not schedule further invasions of the Winged Hussars territory whether the currently schedule invasions on Alpine is successful or not, granted that Winged Hussars do not wish to continue the conflict. If this treaty is broken, the army who disgraced it will vacate their entire nation to the other.

– Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

Now, the Winged Hussars only have to deal with the Cosmic Army. On September 8th, the Cosmic Army logged on to Nevesca for their invasion against the Winged Hussar and won easily. This was due to the complete absence of the Winged Hussars at the invasion.

Town (Nevesaca), the Cosmic Army wins

Rather than fighting back, they decided to wait for a day to reclaim their land. The Winged Hussars leader, Snork, scheduled an invasion on Nevesca, now owned by the Cosmic Army on September 10th. To their surprise, the Cosmic Army didn’t show up. The Winged Hussars decided to go forward with the invasion for fifteen minutes before moving on to sled racing.

We interviewed Winged Hussars leader, Snork, for his thoughts on the situation.


Interview with Snork, Winged Hussars Leader

Hexxer: When the Cosmic Army declared war on you, what was your reaction?

Snork: My reaction was “ugh” because I know how this war is going to pan out already.

Hexxer: Why did the Cosmic Army declare war on the Winged hussars?

Snork: They want territory – why us in particular idk, I guess we have a lot of land or something?

Hexxer: Why didn’t the Winged Hussars attend the invasion of Nevesca yesterday?

Snork: Not worth it for us, we wouldn’t have enough to defend and cosmic would get extra points if we did. Since it wouldn’t benefit us, either way, we just don’t bother. We’ll have a fun invasion though.

Hexxer: Do you intend to win the war?

Snork: Absolutely, although we can’t gain anything from this war since Cosmics didn’t have any servers prior to invading us. We won’t stop invading until we have everything back, whether it takes a week or a month.

Hexxer: How do you intend to win the war?

Snork: I intend to win the war through perseverance. Like I said before, I’m not allowing them a single server. We will fight every day.

Hexxer: Out of all the armies, why did the Cosmic Army choose Winged Hussars, rather than the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, the Duck Knight Army, etc.?

Snork: I guess they thought we’d be the biggest pushovers?

Hexxer: If the Comic Army decided to give up, would you agree to any treaty they form or will you show them no mercy?

Snork: They have nothing to lose, but we do. We aren’t making a treaty with anything less than what we started with.

Hexxer: I see, is there anything else you want to say?

Snork: Nothing else to say, thank you.


As you can see, the Winged Hussars won’t back out the war with Cosmic As for the Cosmic Army, they’d better watch out! The Winged Hussars plan to beat them with no mercy. Only one army gets to win this war. Who will it be?



So, who do you think will win the war? What was the actual reason behind the war declaration from the Cosmic Army? Why aren’t the armies showing up to defend their land? Comment your answer below!




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