BREAKING: Cosmic Army Declare War On Winged Hussars

FROSTBITE, Winged Hussars Capital Server – As the Winged Hussars drop out of the War of Sea and Shadow, the Cosmic Army decides to declare war on the Winged Hussars.

On September 8th, as the Winged Hussars were resting from the War of Sea and Shadow, the Cosmic Army immediately declared war on them, with an invasion on Nevesca.

Cosmic declares war on WH blah blah blah with rule of NO ALLIES!!!

– PyxelPranav, the Cosmic Army leader


After receiving the news, Winged Hussars leader, Snork, told the Duck Knight Army leader, Cena, that they would no longer be attending the War of Sea and Shadow battles, due to the Duck Knight Army dropping of the war and the Winged Hussars now having another war to focus on. This led to the Duck Knight Army forming a treaty with the Wild Ninjas.

The Treaty of Avalancha


Formed on 8/9/19, this treaty forbids either army to schedule invasions on one and another until the October 26th, 2019. All currently scheduled invasions will be cancelled apart of from Wild Ninjas invasions of Beanie, taking place on 9/14/19. This will be dubbed “The Battle of Beanie” The DKA will transfer former Wild Ninjas territory, Husky, back to their lands. The Duck Knight Army will not get involved currents affairs between Recon Federation of Club Penguin and Wild Ninjas. The Wild Ninjas will not schedule further invasions of the Winged Hussars territory whether the currently schedule invasions on Alpine is successful or not, granted that Winged Hussars do not wish to continue the conflict. If this treaty is broken, the army who disgraced it will vacate their entire nation to the other.

– Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader

Now, the Winged Hussars only have to deal with the Cosmic Army. On September 8th, the Cosmic Army logged on to Nevesca for their invasion against the Winged Hussar and won easily. This was due to the complete absence of the Winged Hussars at the invasion.

Town (Nevesaca), the Cosmic Army wins

Rather than fighting back, they decided to wait for a day to reclaim their land. The Winged Hussars leader, Snork, scheduled an invasion on Nevesca, now owned by the Cosmic Army on September 10th. To their surprise, the Cosmic Army didn’t show up. The Winged Hussars decided to go forward with the invasion for fifteen minutes before moving on to sled racing.

We interviewed Winged Hussars leader, Snork, for his thoughts on the situation.


Interview with Snork, Winged Hussars Leader

Hexxer: When the Cosmic Army declared war on you, what was your reaction?

Snork: My reaction was “ugh” because I know how this war is going to pan out already.

Hexxer: Why did the Cosmic Army declare war on the Winged hussars?

Snork: They want territory – why us in particular idk, I guess we have a lot of land or something?

Hexxer: Why didn’t the Winged Hussars attend the invasion of Nevesca yesterday?

Snork: Not worth it for us, we wouldn’t have enough to defend and cosmic would get extra points if we did. Since it wouldn’t benefit us, either way, we just don’t bother. We’ll have a fun invasion though.

Hexxer: Do you intend to win the war?

Snork: Absolutely, although we can’t gain anything from this war since Cosmics didn’t have any servers prior to invading us. We won’t stop invading until we have everything back, whether it takes a week or a month.

Hexxer: How do you intend to win the war?

Snork: I intend to win the war through perseverance. Like I said before, I’m not allowing them a single server. We will fight every day.

Hexxer: Out of all the armies, why did the Cosmic Army choose Winged Hussars, rather than the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, the Duck Knight Army, etc.?

Snork: I guess they thought we’d be the biggest pushovers?

Hexxer: If the Comic Army decided to give up, would you agree to any treaty they form or will you show them no mercy?

Snork: They have nothing to lose, but we do. We aren’t making a treaty with anything less than what we started with.

Hexxer: I see, is there anything else you want to say?

Snork: Nothing else to say, thank you.


As you can see, the Winged Hussars won’t back out the war with Cosmic As for the Cosmic Army, they’d better watch out! The Winged Hussars plan to beat them with no mercy. Only one army gets to win this war. Who will it be?



So, who do you think will win the war? What was the actual reason behind the war declaration from the Cosmic Army? Why aren’t the armies showing up to defend their land? Comment your answer below!




Club Penguin Armies Reporter



Club Penguin Armies Editor

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