Weekly Leader Interview (#2): Interview with Ulti

KLONDIKE, Leader’s Lounge – Welcome to our second edition of the Weekly Leader Interview! Today we would like to present the one and only, Ulti!

Ulti first joined Club Penguin Armies in 2013 when he joined the Nachos. After being there for a couple of weeks, he moved onto the Rebel Penguin Federation, and that’s when his journey really begins.

In February 2014, Ulti became leader after Elmikey left the Rebel Penguin Federation. He lead the Rebel Penguin Federation with Lilstar, Silverburg, and Tanner. The US and EU divisions in the army tanked whereas the AUSIA division thrived. However, in 2014 upon Ulti’s retirement, the whole army came to a grinding halt. Ulti came back breifly in 2015 but soon went back into retirement.

Suddenly, in June 2019, he rose out of retirement, becoming leader once more! This time leading, alongside QueenieLiz. The Rebel Penguin Federation rose into great heights under his and Queenie’s leadership. He also created the Strike-Force; a special branch that takes on battles and tournaments. Ulti’s leadership proved to be crucial as he led them all to victory in CPA’s recent Summer Circuit tournament. To this day, he is still leading the Rebel Penguin Federation and improving it in many ways. That’s why today, we choose to interview him.


Interview with Ulti, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander

Hexxer: Welcome to Weekly Leader Interview! Are you excited to be here?

Ulti: Absolutely :grin:

Hexxer: First things first, why did you decide to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation again?

Ulti: With RPF having decided to make the jump to being part of an army community again after having been separated for so long, I decided to come back to hopefully help make that transition smoother.

Hexxer: How will you help the Rebel Penguin Federation expand?

Ulti: Well, as leader of the RPF it’s my job to ensure that the army continues to grow. From recruiting to keeping the army active in the CPA community. All of that combined will ensure that the RPF continues evolving and becoming better.

Hexxer: What can you say is different now from your Rebel Penguin Federation experience in 2014?

Ulti: The army is certainly more relaxed than it was then. It’s a lot more centered around an enjoyable experience for “modern-day” Club Penguin, with costume events, game nights, a podcast, and more. RPF expanding onto other platforms in the form of the Rebel Federation was something I never would have guessed would happen five years ago. It’s become a different type of community. Not to say one was better than the other, but they’re certainly different and it took some getting used to.

Hexxer: Being a leader, you must face many obstacles. What are some of the hardest obstacles you’ve had to face?

Ulti: I think the hardest things a leader has to deal with comes from losing the support and trust of their troops. Since you’re supposed to represent them, sometimes you have to make hard decisions for them that they can’t make for themselves. But once that trust is gone, the army starts to fall apart from the inside. It’s something that I would say every leader should make sure they have. Being a leader is much more than just being “above” those who follow you.

Hexxer: As a leader, surely you have some tips to improve other armies! What are some of your tips to improve other armies?

Ulti: Find what works for you. Starting an army based off of how another army operates may improve you slightly, but you have to be able to adapt it and make it your own. Not every army runs the same. While recruiting and activity are always going to be major points for any army, it’s your uniqueness that’s going to get you troops and keep them in the army. There has to be an enjoyable atmosphere that no other army possesses. Props to armies like Winged Hussars and their tournaments, or Wild Ninjas for reaching a different language demographic than most armies do.

Hexxer: Alright, we certainly know a lot about your army side now, but what about in real life? What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Ulti: My hobbies include voice acting, writing, and watching YouTube at the ungodly hours of the morning.

Hexxer: Would you say that your personality in real life is different from the one you show in the community?

Ulti: Nah, I’d like to think I’m the same in real life. Maybe a little less talkative lol.

Hexxer: Well, we’re really glad to have you in this community! Is there anything else you wish to say?

Ulti: Glad to be here! Thanks for interviewing me and thank you to RPF for allowing me to return and lead.


As you can see, Ulti has made much progress in bettering himself as a leader. The army will always follow their leader no matter what so, a leader must adapt to their environment and make tough calls, good or as bad, on behalf of those they lead, and as always, fight the good fight! These are what make Ulti a great leader.



Who should we interview next? What do you think about this week’s leader? What do you think makes a good leader? Comment your answers down below!




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