Top Ten Armies [9/15/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The top five sees a major shakeup with lots of competition, mostly in part of the land battles that occurred throughout the week.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [76.83]

2. Recon Federation [+1] [56.83]

3. Wild Ninjas [+2] [48.52]

4. Lime Green Army [+2] [45.70]

5. Elite Guardians [-1] [45.46]

6. Duck Knight Army [-4] [35.6]

7. Winged Hussars [+0] [35.09]

8. Cosmic Army [+1] [19.24]

9. Pizza Federation [+4] [15.14]

10. Club Penguin Coast Guard [+1] [10.00]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

Another week at the top for the Rebel Penguin Federation allows them to demonstrate their class.  They began with an AUS training session, maxing 29.  The EU/US divisions combined for 40 troops on the same day.  On Tuesday, the army maxed 26 at a stamp collecting event.  They then held a speed training, maxing 36.  The EU division returned the next day, maxing 32.  They went on to max 38 in a flash mob event.  RPF then held two costume events, maxing 24 and 51, respectively.  The AUS division donned their pizza aprons in a 32 man training session, and then the EU and US divisions closed out the week with another combined training session, maxing 42.


2. Recon Federation

As the Recon Federation continue to defend their spot in the top three, they pile on the events once more.  It all started with hosting Mopia’s official goodbye party, maxing 10 themselves.  They then held a training session, maxing 10 again.  The first of many invasions was on Tuesday, maxing 22 in a winning effort against the Wild Ninjas for Yeti, SuperCPPS.  The army held two training sessions next, maxing 14 and 13 in the two events.  They returned to battling on Wednesday, defending Deep Freeze, CPATG, with 20 troops.  To make things confusuing, they invaded Yeti, this time on CPATG, maxing 12.  They went on to defend Cold Front, CPATG, successfully, maxing 15.  The next morning, they lost the Yeti that’s on CPATG, maxing 5 at an AUS defense.  However, they rebounded with a successful defense of Ice Bank, CPATG, maxing 11.  Another victory followed that event, when they maxed 20 at their reclamation of White House, CPATG.  They broke their string of battles with an igloo raiding session with 12 troops, thus ending their week.


3. Wild Ninjas

Much like the armies their sandwiched between, the Wild Ninjas benefited from having many battles this week.  The first came on Sunday, maxing 16 in their defense of Yeti, SuperCPPS.  They then held an army awards show, maxing 25.  They had another battle when they invaded Alpine, CPATG, from the Winged Hussars, maxing 13.  Tuesday was a busy day for the army, maxing 19 in their defense of Yeti, CPATG, and maxing 18 in their defense of Avalancha, SuperCPPS.  WN did not host an event until Saturday, when they lost the final battle in the War of Sea and Shadow, maxing just 8 troops.


4. Lime Green Army 

Once again does an army in the top five have a surplus of battles to propel them into their spot.  The Lime Green Army kicked off their week with a successful invasion of Yeti, CPATG, maxing 15.  Their second battle came a few days later, maxing 20 in a close invasion of Deep Freeze, CPATG.  They bounced back with an invasion of White House, CPATG, maxing 10.  While they went on to lose their defense of Cold Front, CPATG, maxing 12, LGA proceeded to reclaim Yeti, maxing 8.  The week ended on a poor note, however, losing their invasion of Ice Bank, CPATG, only maxing 8 troops.


5. Elite Guardians 

Elite Guardians started their week with a tactic training, maxing 20. After this they had a speed event, maxing 17. Following this they had another training, maxing 17 again. They ended the week with an operation, maxing 21.


6. Duck Knight Army

The Duck Knight Army had four events this week, two of which were training events. They started the week with a successful invasion of Avalancha with a max of 17. Then on Tuesday they had a training event maxing 10. The next day they had another training event maxing 7. They finished off the week by marching across the server Beanie with a max of 11.

Screenshot 2288

7. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars started off the week with battles left and right but ended on more of a leisurely note. Starting on Sunday, WH invaded the server Yeti with a max of 11. Then on Tuesday they had four events, an invasion of Freeo with a max of 9, an invasion of Nevasca with a max of 7, a defense of Yeti with a max of 13, and a sled racing tounrament with a max of 7. On Friday WH had a Celebration of peace maxing with a maxing 5 and a spooky event maxing 6. They finished off the week with a dance contest maxing 6.

Screenshot 99

8. Cosmic Army

The Cosmic Army began with invasions for their war where they targeted Free Penguin servers. They started off the week by invading Freeo, where they maxed 7. This was followed by an invasion of Nevasca, where their opponent didn’t show.

Vsvmuobyt Gwk07q8gayvq

9. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation began their week with a recruiting event where they maxed 4 troops. They held a training event on Friday maxing 5. PZF ended their week maxing 6 in another training event.

10. Club Penguin Coast Guard

Despite rising in the rankings, the Coast Guard was fairly inactive this week. They only had one event, a training event where they maxed 4 troops.


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