Rebel Penguin Federation: Retirement of QueenieLiz

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital Server – As days and months go by, people will eventually get bored and tired of armies, feeling the need to retire. Today, that fate has hit QueenieLiz, as she announces her retirement.

On September 14th, around 4:40 PM EST, QueenieLiz officially announced to her army that she will step down from leader following with a retirement post, detailing her two year journey in the Rebel Penguin Federation and Club Penguin Armies.

My journey in RPF began on Friday the 11th of August 2017. I never imagined that I’d still be here two years later. I say journey because being a member of RPF is a journey. Journeys are never easy or straightforward, there are always bumps in the road, twists and turns and I think everyone would agree that my time in RPF hasn’t been easy or straightforward, but I don’t regret being part of it whatsoever.

I joined with Alex, we had recently discovered CPR and were just playing for the memories of Club Penguin. Card Jitsu had just been released and even though it was full of glitches everyone was waiting in the Dojo for Sensei. We found the RPF Mascot Tracker and joined the server and RPF then and there (this is how important the CPR News Team is). I remember we had no clue what it was and Alex telling me there’s this person called DJ and if you DM them they give you a ‘PROMOTION TO PRIVATE’ and we were both like ‘aw yeah free promotion’! At that time the Recruit role didn’t exist, you were just identified as a Visitor until you messaged someone to let them know and then instant Private. We went on holiday shortly afterwards so I was kinda non-existent till early September.

During my first week of really being part of RPF, attending events and talking lots I was awarded Troop of the Week (#5) on the 15th of September 2017, the first ever Private to receive the award.:cooll: At this point I didn’t even know what it was but I was super excited because in a Discord server of 8000 members seeing your name on the side bar is practically impossible when you’re a private, and there was my name at the side in a nice pink colour. Then I got a double promotion to Corporal (because Private First Class existed) which was also really cool because I was now a higher rank than Alex.:cooll:

I received my promotion to Moderator on 26th of November and that was pretty funky. I mean I think we can all agree that nobody exactly enjoys being the Mod green, purple was the superior colour (we had that for a while)! However, part of being a Mod is having to endure the green so it’s gotta be done.

I received my promotion to Owner (High Command) on the 19th of March 2018. At that time it took me approximately six months between joining RPF and reaching High Command, so it isn’t easy. That General rank is a nice one a lot of people like to get stuck at, but you’ll get there in the end. If you’re dedicated to RPF and you work hard you’ll get the Owner promotion, it just takes a little while longer.

Being an Owner was all great a dandy and we entered a Golden Age which was fantastic to be a part of. Shout out to Dragon Age for being fire. Exodus was interesting, with people retiring left, right and centre and everyone playing to pretend it’s all dandy. All that matters is we got through it, that’s what counts. Somewhere in the Exodus mess I was appointed 2ic, which was kinda cool but also stressful naturally.

I was appointed as Rebel Commander on the 4th of January 2019, and serving as your leader has been an absolute joy. I won’t pretend it was easy, because it wasn’t. It seems really easy from an outside point of view, but there’s a lot of pressure on the leader/s. I’m leaving you in the safest hands I know, Ultipenguinj.

Thank you to all of those who have supported me, to name a few: Alex (loser), Cosmo (low iq), Junie (noob), Danielle (Angel), Rane (golden pupper baby), Plane (bleeehhh), Night (AUSIA King), Left (Jon Snow), Lucy (cutie), Weaboowaddle (yee), Red (Hawaiian babe), Star (will fight you), Cheese (Alex’s wife), RPF Cat (rawr), MissMariss (scrapbook Queen), Mindy4isback (bizzy), Mariana/Witchkiki (TikTok Queen), Klein (shark), Pookie (clown), Jimmy (AUSIA baby), Emcee (lovely), Sugar (my child), Aisha (sweetie), Crazzy (like Jay-Z), Peaky (RPF ladies-man), Ulti (Mariokart goon) and last but not least Popsiclebeak (DABZ). It ended up being more than a few, oops.

It’s been an absolute honour serving as your Rebel Commander.

Fight the Good Fight!


Queenieliz – Former RPF Rebel Commander and RPF Hero

After she finished the post, all the troops and highest commanders sent their regards to Liz. Although everyone is sad to see her retire, they understand her decision and wish the best for her. This especially saddened Rebel Penguin Federation’s troops because as leader, she lead the Rebel Penguin Federation into glory and greatness. She always tried to listen to the troops when making decisions and improved the Rebel Penguin Federation in many ways. We interviewed her to find out more about her decision to retire.


Interview with QueenieLiz, Retired Rebel Federation Commander

Hexxer: Why have you decided to retire from the Rebel Penguin Federation?

QueenieLiz: I decided to retire because after two years in RPF I’ve done a lot, and I decided it was time for me to retire. I became active in RPF in September 2017 so it’s basically two years on from then and now there’s a stable leadership with Ulti I can happily leave RPF knowing I’ve helped to rebuild the community after the Exodus stuff and leave it as the strong entity you see today. I think there always comes a time when you need to leave CPA behind and I’ve made my friends, rose all the way from the bottom to the top, done my job and now it’s time for me to move on.

Hexxer: How will your retirement effect the Rebel Penguin Federation?

QueenieLiz: I mean for a lot of the current generation of troops I’ve been a constant throughout, so it’ll be a big change to not have me there anymore. However I’m not completely gone, I’ve been appointed as an advisor so I’m still here to help RPF when and if they should need me. It’s sad, and I think initially it’ll feel weird for a lot of troops, and myself of course. However, as I said there’s a stable leadership now, so I think just as past leaders have left the RPF will continue seemingly unaffected.

Hexxer: Will you eventually come back to lead in the Rebel Penguin Federation again?

QueenieLiz: No, as I’ve said I’ve done two years, made it to the top and done my job. I have no plans on ever rejoining RPF as an active member or leader. If RPF ever needed me to rejoin then I’d of course consider it but as far as I’m concerned my time in CPA is well and truly over, and as sad as that is I’m happy because I’ve got fond memories to look back on, and RPF has given me a lot that I can take forward in life.

Hexxer: What are some of the valuable lessons the Rebel Penguin Federation has taught you?

QueenieLiz: Always believe in yourself, and never let the words of others hurt you. First and foremost listen to your friends, they’ll always give you the best advice.

Hexxer: What can you say is different from when you first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation to now?

QueenieLiz: I mean a lot, the entire community is different. The community I joined was old CPA moved to Discord and Rewritten. A lot of the new RPF community never experienced that which has it’s good and bad points. I’m also one of those people. In some ways, it’s better and in other ways not. You need to have the structure and formality of old CPA combined with the post-Club Penguin understanding of the CPPS community and new ways of recruiting. Pop and Left understood this completely which is why their era was so fantastic. I like to think myself and Ulti achieve that balance most of the time as Ulti was old CPA and I’m post. However Ulti’s a quick learner so I think this sets RPF in good stead for the future, and I’ll be here to advise should I be needed.

Hexxer: We’re sad to see you’re leaving but we understand your decisions, you’ll always be welcome in the CPA community. :heart: Is there anything else you want to say?

QueenieLiz: Just never give up on your CPA goals and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! :salute: :rpf:



As you can see, QueenieLiz has experienced a lot in the community. The rise and fall of armies, the movement and rebellions against private servers, but most importantly, the love from the community. We’re sad to see her leaving but understand that after two years of armies, you will eventually get bored. We wish QueenieLiz a happy retirement and hope to see her again soon!


Best Wishes from Leaders and CPA Staffs

Sheesh, talk about a tough act to follow. RPF is gonna succeed and do fine, don’t you worry. Take care of yourself, and don’t forget the good memories and fun you had in your two years here.  You wouldn’t have spent so long here if you didn’t enjoy it. Best of luck moving forward, ftgf! Also hmu sometime on switch so you can beat me in Mario Kart some more.

Ulti, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander

I am saddened to have entered the CPA stage late in the career of QueenieLiz. I’d looked forward operating alongside her in this spectacular league. RFCP respects her and honors her decision. Personally, I send her my love in this new chapter of life. No matter where her journey takes her, may she always remember she has a friend in this fellow Commander.

– Prior Bumble, Recon Federation Leader

Sometime’s in life even the cow must leave her own children, once they feel the children have outgrown them. Not all of the time does the child leave the mother.

– Cobra, Elite Guardians Leader

I wish QueenieLiz a happy retirement.

– Snork, Winged Hussars Leader

I’m sorry for the time I called you a cow. I didn’t mean it. We should totally have a cuddle party sometime!

– Cena, Duck Knight Army Leader 

Good luck in life.

– Brian, Club Penguin Coast Guard Leader

I see that she was a strong leader considering that she managed to rebuild RPF into an army that we see today. So what I want to say is that I wish her all the best and hope she won’t forget our little lovely community.

– Dolepie47, Green Street Gang Leader

I never had interacted with Liz, she seemed like a good person, I wish the best for her.

– Yyeellooww7, Wild Ninjas Leader

The admins thank her for her huge role in bringing the Rebel Penguin Federation to CPA. She will always be known as an instrumental part of CPA’s growth in size and as a community. We wish her the best.

– DMT, Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

Thank you for being a great friend when I first joined RPF, and being an amazing Commander in RPF. It’s been a long journey with you (1 year!), as always, Fight the Good Fight.

– Hexxer, Club Penguin Armies Reporter

I hope you do well in whatever you go on to do next! CPA was definitely more interesting with you around! You weren’t afraid to roast people to hell and back! Hope you come and visit!

– Kailey, Club Penguin Armies Editor


Best of luck to QueenieLiz!



Club Penguin Armies Reporter



Club Penguin Armies Editor



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