Top Ten Armies [9/22/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The trend continues into this week, with many armies having a healthy amount of events that is almost unprecedented.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [82.08]

2. Elite Guardians [+3] [51.44]

3. Recon Federation [-1] [45.73]

4. Wild Ninjas [-1] [44.23]

5. Duck Knight Army [+1] [44.18]

6. Lime Green Army [-2] [35.19]

7. Pizza Federation [+2] [24.82]

8. Winged Hussars [-1] [21.26]

9. Blu Battalion [NEW!] [13.00]

10. Fire Kings and Queens [NEW!] [12.00]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Ice Kings and Queens [NEW!] [11.00]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The more things change the more they stay the same.  That is what the Rebel Penguin Federation’s camp must be thinking after another pole placement in a top ten that saw many changes.  As per usual, the week began with an AUS event, maxing 27.  Their weekly branch battle saw a combined size of 46.  On Tuesday, the AUS division maxed 25 in a costume event.  Later, the US event maxed 56 in a squid takeover event.  The next day, the EU division hosted a 33 man hide and seek session.  RPF hosted another EU event, maxing 41 there.  This was followed up with an AUS costume event, maxing just 17.  However, the army rebounded in their next event, an invasion of Abominable (CPR), maxing 55.  Their next event was an igloo raid session, maxing 47, thus ending their week.

Screen Shot 2019 09 20 At 8.01.38 Pm


2. Elite Guardians

Elite Guardians had a fairly active week compared to the one prior. They began with a special formation event, maxing 22. After they had formation training, maxing 17. Then, they had a stamp hunt event maxing 18. Followed by a special tactics event, maxing 22. They then had a speed training, maxing 17. Their week ended with a ghost march and U-lead, maxing 15 at both.


3. Recon Federation

Recon Federation began their week with an unschedule training, maxing 11. This was followed by an invasion of Wool Socks, maxing 21. After this they had an event for their officers maxing 8. Followed up by a ceremony where they maxed 20. RFCP ended the week with an unscheduled recruitment event, maxing 8.


4. Wild Ninjas 

Though falling out of the top three, the Wild Ninjas had a solid week.  They started with an AUS training, maxing 14.  They later had a fiesta, maxing 14 once again.  Their AUS division made a comeback the following morning, this time maxing 12.  They then held a stamp collection session, seeing sizes of 15.  They continued to establish their AUS presence, maxing 9 in another training.  They went on to host a hide and seek event, maxing just 8.  WN continued to pile on their event total, maxing 10 in a training session, and then seeing sizes of 7 in a Card Jitsu tournament.  The AUS division had a poor outing on Friday, maxing only 5.  That same day, the army maxed 9 at a Simon Says event.  To finish their week, they spiced things up with a practice battle against RPF, maxing 15.

5. Duck Knight Army 

The Duck Knight Army had many events this week.  There were many training sessions.  There were many competitions.  DKA maxed many different sizes throughout the week.  DKA also had many different tactics this week.

Screenshot 1


6. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army fell out of the top five this week, mainly due to their lack of events.  They first failed to defend Yeti, CPATG, from RFCP, maxing 9.  They came back to win their invasion of Wool Socks, CPATG, maxing 9 once again.  Unfortunately for them, they lost Wool Socks to RFCP the next day, maxing 13.  On Friday, LGA held their first non-battle, maxing 8 in a training session, although it was raided by DKA.  Their final event of the week was there Red vs Blue event, maxing 9 while being raided by DKA again.

7. Pizza Federation

Pizza Federation had a fairly inactive week, only having one event. This event would be a defense of Abominable, where they lost against their opponent.


8. Winged Hussars

While only placing 8th, the Winged Hussars had a respectable week.  To begin, they made history, being the first army to host an event on Roblox, maxing just 4.  They returned to Club Penguin with two back-to-back events, maxing 6 in a training session and 7 in a Card Jitsu tournament.  They rounded out the week with a wedding, receiving a turnout of 8 attendees.

9. Blu Battalion

The Blu Battalion entered the community this week. They only had one event, a training session where they maxed 5.


10. Fire Kings and Queens

FKAQ opened their doors this week, having a training event where they maxed 5.

Oyasvictsnuirzs1d R43g


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson


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