Top Ten Armies [9/29/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- For the first time in September, the size drop-off from troops being too busy is clearly demonstrated, creating a not so impressive top ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [81.51]

2. Recon Federation [+1] [45.64]

3. Wild Ninjas [+1] [45.11]

4. Elite Guardians [-2] [43.25]

5. Duck Knight Army [+0] [32.88]

6. Winged Hussars [+2] [26.59]

7. Pizza Federation [+0] [20.25]

8. Lime Green Army [-2] [12.75]

9. Puffel Forces [NEW!] [12.00]

10. Miners In Nightly Engagements Created Roughly At Fired Time [NEW!] [10.00]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

It is no surprise that the Rebel Penguin Federation maintained their top spot once again.  As per usual, they started their week with an AUS event, maxing 30.  Later, they held a branch battle, maxing 58.  On Tuesday, the AUS division maxed 28 in their costume event.  That same day, they held a stamp collecting event, maxing a whopping 68 troops.  Two days later, the EU division held their own costume event, maxing 46.  The US division played a massive game on hide and seek on Friday, garnering 38 troops.  On Saturday, RPF hosted a surprise branch battle, maxing a collective 48.  That concludes another pole position week for the biggest army in CPA.


2. Recon Federation

Reclaiming their spot at 2nd place this week, the Recon Federation maintained their activeness, although seeing a dip in size.  The week began with an apprenticeship being confirmed, maxing 9.  They went on to max 13 in a training session just hours later.  Their next event was a training session with a max of 12.  Monday and Tuesday brought consecutive recruiting events, maxing 5 on both days.  Following this, RFCP returned to normal events with a themed training session, maxing 11.  Then, they had a practice battle led by their officers with the Duck Knight Army, maxing 13.  The next day, they invaded Alpine (CPATG) from the Wild Ninjas in a tight battle, maxing 17.  They went on to host a hide and seek event and two recruiting events, maxing 8, 7, and 8, respectively.  In a week highlighted by officer discontent, the army persisted to earn their spot back.


3. Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas had an absolutely wild, pun intended, week, totaling thirteen events.  It all began with an AUS event that maxed 5.  That same day, however, they maxed 13 in a game of hide and seek.  They hosted yet another event on Sunday, maxing 9 in a special training.  The day was concluded with a sled racing tournament, maxing 6.  Their next event was a recruiting event where they maxed 12.  This was followed up by another sled racing session, maxing 6 again.  On Wednesday, WN held a Simon Says event with 7 participants.  A funky dance party took place next, where 9 troops showed up.  Two days later, they managed to max 16 in an unsuccessful defense of Alpine (CPATG) against RFCP.  Just hours later, Kerx announced his retirement.  In their first event without Kerx, the army maxed just 6.  The next event, however, saw 12 troops come out to thank Kerx for his service, thus ending their week.


4. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians began their week with a formation training, maxing 19. They followed this with a recruitment war, maxing 18. This was followed by a march, maxing 17. EGCP closed the week with a meme event, maxing 16.

Unknown (1)

5. Duck Knight Army

The Duck Knight Army gained two servers this week with a successful invasions of Belly Slide and Sled, both maxing 10 each. They continued the week with a practice battle on Thursday Maxing 13, finishing off the week with a training event on Saturday maxing 9.


6. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars started off their week with three events on Thursday; a recruitment event maxing 5, a wedding maxing 7, and a raid event maxing 9. They ended their week with two events on Saturday with training maxing 8 and a get together maxing 6.


7. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation only had two events this week, both being unsuccessful defenses, with a defense of Belly Slide on Tuesday maxing 5 and a defense of Sled on Wednesday maxing 9.


8. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army fell relatively inactive this week, having a single recruiting event to close the week.


9. Puffel Forces

The Puffel Forces are a new to the Club Penguin Army community. They had an opening event maxing 5.

10. Miners In Nightly Engagements Created Roughly At Fired Time

The Miners are new to the community. They had their opening event where they maxed 4.




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Club Penguin Armies Editor

Memmaw (still fuckin yo grandma bitch)

Club Penguin Armies Admin

Greeny (squadW)

Club Penguin Armies Admin


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