Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [08/10/19 – 19/10/19]

Update: There was an error in the Aliens’ Calculation, this error has been fixed.

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – Previously, we saw the Help Force claim the Top Spot on our Top Ten Armies in the absence of the Pirate Army, this week we may see some shake ups with a major army’s return to the community.


1. Light Troops [117.0] [NEW!]

2. Help Force [85.5] [-1]

3. Aliens [63.0] [+1]

4. Templars [53.5] [-2]

5. Penguin Defense Force [47.0] [+1]

6. Elite Penguin Force [42.0] [+2]

7T. Royal Family [41.0] [-2]

7T. Nature Embracers [41.0] [+2]

8. Soccer Players of CPO [40.2] [NEW!]

9. The Black Order [37.6] [NEW!]

10. Vikings [33.0] [NEW!]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Penguin Fun Time [33.0]

12. Little Marshmallows [32.0]

13T. Adventurers [27.0]

13T. Crimson Guardians [27.0]

For the calculations click HERE


Want your army to be included in the Top Ten Armies? Just sign up to join the Club Penguin Online Army League! Join the Club Penguin Online News discord and sign up!



Club Penguin Online News CEO & CP Army Legend


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