Top Ten Armies [10/27/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- After two weeks of the website being down, the top ten makes the biggest return this week, coming home to WordPress.  In another news, an influx of new armies hits the community, as a seemingly new era gets ready to take over.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [87.07]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [60.39]

3. People’s Imperial Confederation [+7] [32.67]

4. Lime Green Army [+3] [27.25]

5. The Pizza Nation [NEW!] [16.00]

6. Arctic Ops [NEW!] [14.50]

7T. Cavaliers of Club Penguin [NEW!] [12.00]

7T. Sled Gang [NEW!] [12.00]

9. Ice Kings and Queens [NEW!] [10.00]

10. Shock Troops [Pepega]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation demonstrated how they live in a society with a dominant showing.  Their society filled week began with an AUS costume event, maxing 32.  The army proved just how much of a society they live in with a max of 51 in their branch battle.  After they took a day off on Monday to live in a society, they returned to society with another AUS costume event, this time maxing 40.  Hours later, they maxed 53 in an American regional society session.  On Wednesday, the army once again lived in a society, maxing 51.  RPF activated their strike force to get in on living a society, maxing 28 that same day.  Their top class performance on Thursday, a max of 73 in a stamp collecting event, sent shock waves throughout society.  Though they continued to live in a society, the society settled down in their next event, maxing just 20.  They were able to bounce back, though, maxing 37 in a practice battle with ACP and LGA, showing the two armies just how they live in a society.  Their sizes dipped again in their next event, maxing 18 for a quiet society.  To close out their week dominated by living in a society, RPF maxed 45 in their society vs society branch battle.

2. Army of Club Penguin

ACP began their week with an AUSIA invasion of Ice Bank, where they were victorious maxing 9. They proceeded with an invasion of Cloudy, maxing 20. The following day they had AUSIA, UK, and US victory marches, maxing 14-15. On Wednesday they had Operation: Tombstone, where they managed to max 30. This was followed with a UK training, maxing 13. The very next day they had a UK dance party, maxing 20, and a US sledding expedition, maxing 18. On Friday they had a three-way practice battle against their allies, maxing 18. To end the week, ACP had a US mummy costume event maxing 14 and a UK training event maxing 10.

3. People’s Imperial Confederation

People’s Imperial Confederation had a great first week in the community, finishing off with two successful invasions. They started their week with training maxing 13 on Wednesday. The next day they successfully invaded Frostbite with a max of 8. On Friday they had another training session maxing 11. The next day, they then went on to successfully invade Toboggan with a max of 8. They finished off their week with a Rock Band Parade maxing 13.

4. Lime Green Army

LGA had three events this week with an event on Sunday maxing 5, training on Monday maxing 11, and a practice battle with ACP and RPF with a max of 10.

5. The Pizza Nation

The Pizza Nation focused on building up their numbers this week with a recruitment event maxing 10 on Tuesday.

6. Arctic Ops

The Arctic Ops are one of a handful of armies to open their doors this week.  Their first event was a 5 man training session.  Their next, and final event was an invasion of Snow Shoe (CPATG), also maxing 5.

7T. Cavaliers of Club Penguin

The Cavaliers of Club Penguin entered the community this week.  Their opening event saw a max of 5.

7T. Sled Gang

Like the army they’re tied with, the Sled Gang opened with a max of 5 at their first event.

9. Ice Kings and Queens

The Ice Kings and Queens joined the community this week with an opening event maxing 7.


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