Top Ten Armies [11/24/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- This week’s top ten sees moderate change as well as two new additions.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [89.00]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [62.45]

3. Lime Green Army [+1] [49.33]

4. Elite Guardians [+1] [42.89]

5. Templars [NEW!] [37.17]

6. Pizza Federation [+5] [31.00]

7. Winged Hussars [+2] [20.25]

8. Wild Ninjas [+5] [18.50]

9. Underground Mafias Army [-2] [18.00]

10. Os Mascarados [NEW!] [15.50]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Poke Warriors Army [-3] [14.00]

12. Dark Vikings [+2] [4.00]

For full calculations, click HERE.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

Rebel Penguin Federation began their week with an AUSIA training, maxing 27. That same day, they would reach sizes of 95 in a combined EU/US shovel event. This would be followed up by an AUSIA band event, maxing 28 and a US U-lead maxing 39. Following this up was an EU training event, maxing 31. The next day they held an EU costume event. maxing 37. On Friday they held an AUSIA stamp event, maxing 24 and a training maxing 26. Later, they invaded Marshmallow, maxing 42 followed by a tournament, maxing 25. To conclude their week, RPF had an AUSIA training maxing 30, an EU event maxing 34, and their tournament finals maxing 30.

2. Army of Club Penguin

The ACP began their week with an AUSIA card jistu tournament maxing 10, and a US find four tournament maxing 12. This was followed with a UK operation, where they maxed 25 and a recruiting session where they maxed 23. Later they held a event. The next day they had a recruiting event and a battle among their divisions, maxing 15 and a recruiting event maxing 17. On Wednesday, they held a training session maxing 18 followed by a practice battle against LGA, maxing 16. Another practice battle against LGA would take place, this time maxing 7, followed by formation practice maxing 19. To end their week, they had an operational event maxing 22, a U-lead maxing 16, and tournament finals maxing 20.

3. Lime Green Army

LGA started their week with a Red vs Blue battle maxing 16 on Sunday. The next day, they invaded three servers; Rainbow maxing 7 with their AUSIA division, Ice Box maxing 8 with their EU division, and Covfefe Twilight maxing 15 with their US division. The next two days consisted of practice battles with ACP maxing 9 on both days. On Friday, LGA invaded Glacier with a max of 9 and participated in CPANN’s November to Remember tournament semifinals maxing 12. They finished their week with an invasion of Deep Freeze maxing 7 and an invasion of Husky maxing 13.

4. Elite Guardians

Elite Guardians began their week with an operation, maxing 11. They followed this up with a fair event maxing 11 and an operation maxing 14. After this, they had a formation training maxing 17 then a special tactics event, maxing 13. Then, they invaded Zero Grau, maxing 12. On Saturday, EGCP invaded Oasis maxing 9, then had a card jistu tournament maxing 12.

5. Templars

Templars joined the community this week with their opening event. The next day, they had a training and maxed 7. Later, they had another training event, this time maxing 13. Next, they had a war training and maxed 18. For their last event of the week, they successfully invaded Outback from Pizza Federation, maxing 20.

6. Pizza Federation

Pizza Federation had one event this week; a defense of Outback where they maxed 15.

7. Winged Hussars

WH started their week with recruitment on Sunday maxing 7. The next day, they played Card Jitsu maxing 6. Next, they had a Find Four tournament maxing 7 and hide and seek maxing 5. They finished their week with football training maxing 7.

8. Wild Ninjas

WN had two events this week; a costume event on Monday maxing 8 and an invasion of Zero Grau on Friday maxing 8.

9. Underground Mafias Army

UMA started off their week with an AUSIA recruiting event, maxing 11. Next, they successfully invaded Sled Pegasus and maxed 8.To close off their week, they successfully invaded Skates and maxed 5.

10. Os Mascarados

Os Mascarados joined the community this week with their opening event. Then, they had a training event where they maxed 7.


Top Ten Armies [11/17/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- On this week’s edition to the top ten, we see the return of two historical armies to the community.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [95.00]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+2] [67.79]

3. Recon Federation [+2] [58.53]

4. Lime Green Army [-2] [58.17]

5. Elite Guardians [+1] [47.14]

6. People’s Imperial Confederation [+2] [32.40]

7. Underground Mafias Army [NEW!] [23.25]

8. Poke Warriors Army [+3] [22.20]

9. Winged Hussars [+1] [21.00]

10. Golden Troops [NEW!] [17.00]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11T. Pizza Federation [+2] [14.00]

11T. Arctic Ops [+1] [14.00]

13. Wild Ninjas [-4] [11.50]

14. Dark Vikings [+1] [9.50]

15. Shock Troops [-12] [6.00]

For full calculations, click HERE.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation started their week with an AUSIA training event maxing 30 and an EU/US training event maxing 51. Afterwards, they had a costume event maxing 22 and a stamp event maxing 56. The next day, they held two operations, maxing 40 and 41 consecutively. On Friday, they held two more costume events maxing 25 and 54, then had training for their Strike Force maxing 15. RPF ended their week with an AUSIA training maxing 16 and a EU/US branch battle maxing 45.

2. Army of Club Penguin

ACP’s spot in the top ten this week comes as no surprise with their entrance into war with PIC. They started their week with training on Sunday maxing 12. The next two days ACP held recruitments maxing 20 and 40 respectively. Their week picked up when on Wednesday with five events; a red v.s. blue practice battle maxing 12, US training maxing 10, an unscheduled battle with RFCP maxing 23, and successful invasions of Sub Zero and Below Zero maxing 20 and 24. On Thursday ACP played hockey with PIC maxing 20 and successfully invaded Toboggan maxing 14. On Friday, ACP successfully invaded Alpine maxing 15. The war ended later that day with PIC forfeiting Wild Island so ACP had a party instead of a battle. They ended their week with a fun event maxing 12 and a victorious CPANN tournament battle against WN maxing 20.

3. Recon Federation

RFCP started their week with an event maxing 17. That same day, they assisted EGCP in a defense against RPF where they maxed 16. The next day, they held hide and seek which maxed 5, a successful defense of Glacier maxing 16, and a practice battle in honor of Veterans Day maxing 9. RFCP caused quite a stir in the community with their Dope Drilling event on Wednesday maxing 13. On Thursday, they held a Pacer Test event maxing 11, training maxing 8, and recruitment maxing 11. The next day, RFCP defended Glacier maxing 21 and had a shoveling event where they maxed 18. RFCP ended their week out on a high note winning their first CPANN tournament battle maxing 13, hide and seek maxing 16, two swearing in ceremonies maxing 9 and 24, and most notably, a parade to celebrate regaining their former capital Northern Lights maxing 14.

4. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army began their week with an invasion of Rocky Road maxing 5, a defense of Belly Slide maxing 13, a defense of Yeti maxing 9, and a defense of Ice Box maxing 6. The next day they had an invasion of Sleet maxing 9, invasion of White House maxing 15, a recruiting session maxing 12, and an unscheduled training maxing 10. They would follow this up with an invasion of Rainbow maxing 8 and an invasion of Blizzard maxing 6. On Wednesday, they had an invasion of Belly Slide maxing 6, an invasion of Matterhorn maxing 7, a training session maxing 12, and held a game night maxing 10. LGA would hold a recruiting session the following day maxing 11, then have an unscheduled training maxing 11. Their week ended with their tournament battle against PIC, where they maxed 14.

5. Elite Guardians

EGCP started their week on Sunday with losing a defense of Snow Shoe, CPATG, against RPF maxing 36. A game event was held the next day with a max of 18, and a meme night on Tuesday bringing 17 people. On Wednesday and Thursday they did speed training and hide ‘n seek events respectively bringing 14 and 15. Friday was the day EGCP held their Republican March, maxing 16. Their week ended on Saturday with a recruiting session, max 10.

6. People’s Imperial Confederation

PIC started the week on Monday with a Surfs Up Parade, max 9. On Wednesday they unsuccessfully defended their server, Sub-Zero, against ACP bringing 15 troops. The next day saw another unsuccessful defense of their server, Toboggan, maxing 11. They lost another server, Alpine, to ACP and later faced off LGA in the first round of the November 2 Remember Tournament hosted by CPANN showing up with 8 and 6 troops.

7. Underground Mafias Army

Underground Mafias Army entered CPA this week with their opening event maxing 10, and raided civilians on CPR maxing 6 that same day. UMA’s final event of the week ended on Tuesday with an igloo raid with a max of 8.

8. Poke Warriors Army

PWA started off their week with a training session where they maxed 8. After this, they held a card-jitsu tournament where they maxed 7. To close off their week, they had an unscheduled training and maxed 7.

9. Winged Hussars

Winged Hussars started off their week with an event where they maxed 8. Later in the week, they held a dance contest and a sled racing competition where they maxed 7 in both. For their last event of the week, they held a hide and seek and maxed 7.

10. Golden Troops

The Golden Troops joined the community this week with an opening event, maxing 7.

Golden Troops Return To Glory

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Golden Troops Nation – It seems in this era, not only are new armies are being created but old armies are rejoining too. Armies old and new are lining up to have a shot at making this of their golden era. Today, the Golden Troops are joining that line.

The Golden Troops didn’t begin as a newly created army and merged a lot. It started back in 2009, when the small-medium armies merged together, (Ghost Warriors, Club Penguin Secret Services, Club Penguin Force) and created the Golden Warriors. After, they merged with the Sun Troops to create what we now know as the Golden Troops. They managed to stay on #2 a majority of the time in CPAC and had wars with the Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin and Light Troops. However, eventually they started to fall and they closed their doors on February 23rd, 2013 (although they eventually reopened in October of 2014) Upon reopening, they lasted for only a month before being closed again, and they were hoping to stay shut.

Instead, they have reopened in this  new era, hoping to find a spot in the community and rise with glory and reclaiming their spot on the Top Ten. This time under a new generation of troops and leaders, being advised by David and GT legend, Serc. This raises a few questions. Why did the GT return in the first place? Why here and why now? Shad gives us an answer to these questions in the interview below.


Shad, Golden Troops Leader

Hexxer: Why did the Golden Troops Return?

Shad: Well, Lights has more time on his hands and asked me if I wanted to lead Golden Troops one more time. So I said yes as I was planning on bringing back Black Rebels. So in turn I changed the army up and well here we are. Golden Troops has always been one of the few armies close to my heart alongside Shadow Troops, FGR, and RPF. So, we figured it was time to bring back another Legendary Army.

Hexxer: What makes Golden Troops a Legendary Army to you?

Shad: The amount of shockwaves we send throughout the community when we hold an event. We have been in wars all over CPA and this army has been talked about for ages. Golden Troops also jumpstarted many future Army Leader careers as well as turning Leaders into Legends.

Hexxer: Golden Troops sure have been in a lot of wars! On the topic of wars, will the Golden Troops make peace with ACP or will another war be started between them?

Shad: As for our plans with ACP or our future war plans I shall not talk about. I don’t want to ruin a shock factor you know?

Hexxer: Understandable. So, what are the less sensitive plans you have to return the Golden Troops to glory and a spot in #2?

Shad: Recruiting. Heavy heavy recruiting mixed with training. We have lots more planned, but that is all I will say about that

Hexxer: What makes the Golden Troops different from others?

Shad: Our morals. We will be setting up leadership principles within the army as well as setting up a professional outlook. Golden Troops are built around respect within as well as outside of the army.

Hexxer: Why rejoin this era? Why now?

Shad: Because the community is a dying breed so there is never a time to come back. However, now is the best time to show how a real army is ran. The community has slowly started becoming more and more toxic. I believe that the reason for it is due to certain leaders that don’t care about what happens or what is said to newer people coming into the community. So for me, I am coming back to put my foot down on the toxicity plaguing the community.

Hexxer: I hope Golden Troops will fix that. On that note, is there anything else you wish to say?

Shad: At my signal….Hell Will be Unleashed.

Hexxer: Thank you for your time!


The Golden Troops might have been defeated in the original Club Penguin era, but this time, they have learned to not make the same mistakes and improve. We’ll have to wait and see if this newly revived army will reclaim their glory..

GT’s motto: Hell Will Be Unleashed

What do you think about the Golden Troops? Will they rise again or will they die out once again? Comment your thoughts down below!


Club Penguin Armies Reporter


Club Penguin Armies Editor

Romans Enter Reconstruction

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans Nation – Seeing CPA armies come and go is quite fascinating, especially seeing old armies return in this era. This is the tale of one of the old armies currently entering reconstruction, this is the tale of the Romans.

The Romans were a CP army from 2006 which was led by Explorer777 and digtjvgvhxqy. They closed in 2018 and since had 1 successor, The Nova Phoenix Corps. They were created after the Colour Wars had concluded, they became well-known after the Roman Helmet was introduced into CP in 2006.

1 year later, in 2019, a user by the name of Smurf decided to re-create the Romans. The name later changed to Colosseum Gaming. They still operate the same, being a Club Penguin Army, having events, and having links to the CPATG website.

Why did the Romans decide to reform? I sit down and talk with Romans leader Smurf on why they decided to do it!

Smurf, Romans Leader

Langly: Hey Smurf! I am Langly, a reporter for the CPA. I’m currently writing an article about your army, The Romans, and I think it would be nice to include an interview!

Smurf: Absolutely.

Langly: So tell me, why did you reform and revive the Romans?

Smurf: I reformed the Romans for many reasons, one of them being my disappointment in our last generation.  Not because it wasn’t successful back in 2017-2018, it performed around the same as any army nowadays, but the army’s cord was cut loose too soon due to an abundant amount of reasons.  I’ve felt a sense of loss having had my homeland taken away from me, and I wanted it back. The Romans are historically one of the most badass armies out there, setting stone the future of CP armies along with ACP.  Many generations have been unheard of, no documentation of them whatsoever, which is why I’m here to make sure their legacy lives on. Many Roman veterans disliked the idea of a revival, but I knew it had to be done.

Langly: Ok! If the Romans were to ever close down again, would you reform them again?

Smurf: Probably not.  I hope they don’t close down again, I won’t let that happen.  Hypothetically speaking, if that were to ever happen, I’d probably revive or create a new army as a successor to the Romans.

Langly: Thanks for talking with me, sorry if this wasn’t long. I’ve just woken up and my mind’s like aa right now.

Smurf: That’s okay.


To conclude, The Romans return has been fascinating. We hope their return to the community isn’t too hard, and we wish them a good journey in the future.



Club Penguin Armies Reporter



Club Penguin Armies Editor

Underground Mafias Army Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Underground Mafias Army Nation – Some old armies would prefer CPA to die out, however, some of them prefer the opposite and let it continue. Why? They want another chance to be the best out of the best. That chance has been given to this newly revived army, Underground Mafias Army

The Underground Mafias Army is one of the oldest armies in the existence. They were created by Pink Mafias on January 8, 2007. The UMA attacked Mammoth frequently, which was spotted by many people. When Oagalthrop stumbled across the army, he found out that they were teaching hack tutorials, which he decided to put an end to. This became what we know as World War II. UMA quickly defeated ACP in battle with Nachos and Club Penguin United Nations Space Commission.

UMA peacefully operated their army for four months until a high ranking troop came along and rebelled from against them. On May 8th, 2007, a penguin named Commando717 lead a rebellion known as the Rebel Penguin Federation. He believed that hacking was wrong, which ended the ceasefire between ACP and UMA. The Underground Mafias Army would soon be beaten. By June 23rd ACP destroyed the last bit of UMA at the Battle of Wool Socks. UMA leader, Mpenguin, surrendered shortly after. The UMA would fall into a depression. However, they reconstructed themselves and managed to be one of the best major armies in the CPAC final Top Ten, earning themselves 6th place out of 10.

Now they are back and ready to venture into a new era and new opportunities. Their four leaders, Games, Zeke, Dillon and Justinfortsa, are leading their efforts. This begs the question, why did they come back? What encouraged them to join this new era? I spoke with UMA leader Zeke to find out more.



Zeke, Underground Mafias Army Leader

Hexxer: Why did you bring back the UMA?

Zeke: Seeing other OG armies like ACP and Romans come back, we thought it was the appropriate time to continue to the UMA legacy with another generation of success.

Hexxer: What makes the UMA different from other armies?

Zeke: The UMA has way more history and pride then most armies do in the community today.

Hexxer: How did most react when they saw that UMA was coming back?

Zeke: Not very good because we have sort of a bad reputation with some people for whatever reason. But we’ll prove all the haters wrong.

Hexxer: How will you do that?

Zeke: Max 25+ like we did in our last gen in 2018.

Hexxer: Do you think that this will be a golden era in UMA?

Zeke: If our recruiting force keeps it up we’ll be a world power in no time, definitely.

Hexxer: What are some of your future plans for UMA?

Zeke: Keep growing and build our empire and also win a war or 2.

Hexxer: Those are some really great plans for UMA! How will this new era of UMA be different from previous ones?

Zeke: The leadership will work together and we can build on our success from our previous-gen.

Hexxer: I hope you will succeed with that! Before we end this, is there anything else you want to say?

Zeke: Join UMA, Fight The Bad!

Hexxer: Thank you for your time!

Zeke: Np.


UMA leader, Zeke, is positive that if the UMA continues recruiting and attending events, this will be a golden era for UMA,. Who knows? Maybe they can even teach new armies the old way of armies and maybe the UMA can learn a trick or two from this new era! After all, they are here to Fight the Bad!


UMA Flag, Adopted as NUMA Flag


What do you think about UMA? Are you happy to see them back? Will this be a UMA golden era? Comment your answers below!




Club Penguin Armies Head Reporter



Club Penguin Armies Editor

BREAKING: The Army of Club Penguin Declares War on The People’s Imperial Confederation

BREEZE, The Army of Club Penguin’s Capital – The Army of Club Penguin just entered their second war in their new generation, bearing the question: will they come out on top?

Tuesday, November 12th the ACP officially declared war on the People’s Imperial Confederation. It seems the PIC weren’t expecting a war but they were however, ready to fight. About 2 weeks ago we seen ACP defeat PIC’s closest ally, The Recon Federation of CP. Their war ended with a 10-2 ACP Victory. Now we watch as war breaks out between these two top 10 armies.  Let’s take a look at what ACP had to write in their declaration of war:


Recently, the Army of Club Penguin was made aware of PIC plans to declare the “War of Crimson Night.”

Nope. Let’s talk about that!
In a sheer act of defense, so that we can have an honest, clean war and sustain our army:
ACP sets the terms that any CNA armies (cited as EGCP, ST, RFCP, AO, WH, and TZF) are not to interfere with this war, whether it be to invade territory, log onto help with invasions, or do anything that could affect the result of this war. If CNA is found to be interfering with this war, all of PICCP’s invasions will become invalidated and their territory will be surrendered to the Army of Club Penguin immediately.The ACP is more than willing to talk things through with Sidie, however NotManuGinobili is craving clover blood, and is ready to get after us any way that he can.

-ACP Leadership

Below is a video of the ACP successfully invading Sub Zero from the PIC today.


Here’s an excerpt from the PIC website regarding their defeat in their very first battle of the war:


Despite our loss today we performed extravagantly, we fought with valiance, courage, and a chip on our soldier in the face of our much larger opponent. We were tactically sound and maxed 15 despite being our second battle. The ACPstarted out harassing us before battle, calling our troop Dixie a traitor and being generally toxic. Despite this the battle was fought well and cleanly from both sides, If they want a war we will give them a war!!!!



Wars tend to bring out the inner machine in armies, this means extra attendance from the soldiers in order to defend the their nations. Armies competing to outnumber the other results in excessive recruiting. This gets me thinking… In conclusion, this war seems to have no boundaries. Meaning it could go any way and as of now anything could happen. With the underdogs willing to fight, will they get the upper hand? Will ACP win their second ever war since reopening? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Army of Club Penguin Returns

MAMMOTH, Former Army of Club Penguin Capital – As days and months progress, it’s always new armies that progress and rises, but then suddenly, an old army returns, and it is the oldest army that returns, even older than the Rebel Penguin Federation. That’s right, it’s the Army of Club Penguin


Top Ten Armies [11/10/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- This week’s top ten provides more armies than the last, which was considered the most activity CPA has had. With 16 armies this week, we see two armies in war both show growth on the top ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [87.93]

2. Lime Green Army [+2] [81.40]

3. Shock Troops [+4] [63.15]

4. Army of Club Penguin [-2] [60.00]

5. Recon Federation [+0] [46.67]

6. Elite Guardians [-3] [43.43]

7. Romans [+6] [28.10]

8. People’s Imperial Confederation [-2] [26.60]

9. Wild Ninjas [-1] [24.00]

10. Winged Hussars [+0] [22.72]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Poke Warriors Army [NEW!] [22.20]

12. Arctic Ops [+0] [20.25]

13. Pizza Federation [-2] [13.75]

14. Redemption Force [-5] [13.00]

15. Dark Vikings [NEW!] [12.00]

16. The Great Themes [-2] [9.00]

For full calculations, click HERE.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation began their week with an AUSIA event, maxing 22. On the same day, RPF held it’s weekly branch battle, maxing 51. Tuesday the RPF began with an AUSIA costume event, maxing 22, then later held a US costume event, maxing 50. Following this their EU held an EU flash mob event, maxing 42. Their next event was another EU event, a card jistu event, maxing 35. Later that day, RPF would invade Thermal, maxing 25. To begin their Friday, RPF’s AUSIA had a training event, maxing 20. Then, their US had a training event, maxing 43. Saturday their AUSIA would have a costume event maxing 41. Ending the week, their EU/US divisions held a branch battle where they maxed 45.


2. Lime Green Army 

With the beginnings of war and a whopping 22 events, it is no surprise LGA takes a top spot this week. Sunday kicked off their battle filled week with a defense of Matterhorn maxing 13. The next day, LGA has AUSIA training maxing 7, a defense of Icebox maxing 13, a successful Lime Force invasion of Nevesca maxing 7, and an invasion of Rainbow maxing 12. They began Tuesday with EU war training maxing 7. The rest of their day was filled with battles with a defense of Rocky Road maxing 11, a successful Lime Force invasion of Freeo maxing 7, and an invasion of Sleet maxing 13. One Wednesday things slowed down with only two battles; a victorious AUSIA invasion of Matterhorn maxing 8 and a defense of Ice Bank maxing 15. Thursday was a great day for LGA with three victorious battles and one training session; A successful invasion of Rainbow maxing 10, AUSIA war training also maxing 10, a successful invasion of Rocky Road maxing 13, and a successful defense of Blizzard maxing 11. However, the rest of the week consisted of only losses with a defense of White House maxing 15, an invasion of Sleet maxing 8, a defense of Rainbow maxing 14, on Friday, and a defense of Ice Bank maxing 10, a defense of Rocky Road maxing 7, a Defense of Matterhorn maxing 10, and a defense of Blizzard maxing 9.

3. Shock Troops

Shock Troops started their week with a successful invasion of Matterhorn, maxing 16. They had numerous battles throughout the week, maxing sizes of 8-17. ST ended their week with a successful invasion of Blizzard and Fog.


4. Army of Club Penguin 

ACP had a training session to start off the week where they maxed 12. On Monday, their EU division had an Operation: Ghost Gang event to say farewell to the Halloween event, maxing 28. The same day they held a Garrison training session with a max of 20. They then raided igloos with their AUSIA division on Tuesday, and had an Old Warfare training, maxing 11 and 15 respectively. A Trick or Treat event happened the next day with their EU division bringing 12 troops. Later that same day they had a Green Monster stamp hunt where they maxed 30. Operation Shovel March occurred the next day, maxing 40. On Friday, both their AUSIA and EU divisions train for the upcoming November to Remember tournament, maxing 11 and 20. ACP ended the week with an Open Arms training, maxing 13 with their AUSIA division, and having a practice battle with RPFSF, where they maxed 19.


5. Recon Federation 

Recon Federation began their week with a successful invasion of Yeti (SuperCPPS), maxing 7, that same day, they held a Welcome party, maxing 17. For their last event of the day, they held a Dragons vs Knights practice battle with a max of 13. The following day, they captured Zero Grau (Pegasus), maxing 7. After this, they successfully invaded Zero Grau (Always Penguin), with a max of 5. That same day, they held a training event with a max of 11. Later on, they held a Bachelor party, maxing 7, at the same time the RFCP women held a training session, maxing 5. On Friday, they held a practice battle with EGCP, with a max of 8. Shortly after, they held a Bachelorette party with a max of 15. To close out their week, they had a practice battle, maxing 12, after this they held two more events, maxing 27 and 28 in each respective event.


6. Elite Guardians

Elite Guardians started their week with an invasion of Smyrna, maxing 7. Later, they invaded Schokoladernkuchen, maxing 10. Following this they had an Area 51 raid event, maxing 12. The same day, they had a hide and seek event maxing 14. On Friday, they held a pokemon event maxing 12, a PB with RFCP maxing 26, and a successful invasion against LGA maxing 27.


7. Romans

Romans has their first full week this week. They started by holding their second event ever since joining the community maxing 6 on Sunday. They then had two recruitment events maxing 19 and 24 on Friday. They ended their week with an event maxing a humble 4 on Saturday.


8. People’s Imperial Confederation

People’s Imperial Confederation started their week off with a parade, maxing 8. Next, they successfully invaded The Great Themes of Club Penguin’s server, Bunny Hill with a max of 10. They then held a Rock Band Parade, maxing 10. Next, they held an event with RFCP, maxing 4. For their last event of the week, they held a #TeamTrees event, maxing 13.


9. Wild Ninjas 

Wild Ninjas started off their week with a successful invasion of Machu Piccu, maxing 7. On Monday, they had another successful invasion on Deu Branco with the same amount of troops. The next day they added Avalancha to their list of servers with another successful invasion with a max of 9. WN unsuccessfully invaded Arctic Ops’ server, Ice Cube, on Wednesday bringing 11 troops.


10. Winged Hussars

Winged Hussars had an eventful week resulting in gaining two new territories. They started their week with a successful invasion of Free Penguin maxing 5 and a game night maxing 3. On Monday, they successfully invaded Migator with a max of 5. The rest of the week was filled with fun events. On Wednesday they held Hide and Seek maxing 5, a recruitment on Thursday maxing 2, a Cart Surfer event on Friday maxing 6, and a Card Jitsu tournament maxing 6 on Saturday.


BREAKING: Shock Troops Declares War On Lime Green Army

SKATES, Shock Troops Capital – As the days progress, armies continue their normal activities; holding events, talking with other armies, etc. Then suddenly out of nowhere, the Shock Troops decided to declare war on the Lime Green Army. Today we’ll find out why!

On Saturday the 2nd of November at 6:01 PM EST, the Shock Troops leader, Cena, decided to declare war on the Lime Green Army. There was seemingly no reason why they declared war. However, they did state the terms for their invasion.

Invasion of Matterhorn (CPATG) (Territory of Lime Green Army).
Sunday, November 3rd, 6:02 PM EST.
Shock Troops declare war on LGA.

No allies.
No transfers.
Let’s do this.

Cena, Shock Troops Leader

Lime Green Army Leader, Fresh, responded with:

The Shock Troops has declared war on us. If they want a war we’ll give them a war. We will need you guys to participate in this war and give it your all. We can win this if we all work together to defeat Shock Troops. The next battles we have will all be worth 15 limes #lime-system Lets show Shock Troops what we got and win this war.

Fresh, LGA Leader


After that, the ST’s first invasion of the war began. The LGA tried their best to defend Matterhorn, maxing 12, but in the end, the ST successfully captured the server with a max of 16; resulting in a 2-1 win for ST.


On Monday, two invasions were scheduled; one from ST and one from LGA. For the first invasion, ST went after Ice Box, but the LGA kept their server due to a tie (1-1-1). The ST excelled in the Snow Forts and LGA got the upper hand in Town. With both armies being equally precise and fast, the fight in Stadium was a draw and Ice Box stayed in the hands of the LGA.

Following that, LGA invaded the  ST server, Rainbow. This resulted in a 3-0 win to for ST, due to them dominating every single room and maxing more troops than the LGA.


However, what was the reason for this war? Why did the Shock Troops decide to declare war on the LGA, out of all armies? What was the point and the message behind it? Let’s find out today as we interview the Shock Troops leader, Cena.


Interview with Cena, Shock Troops Leader

Hexxer: Thank you for doing this with me! Before we start, can I ask how are you today?

Cena: I’m excellent! Crushin’ limes and makin’ dimes. Not really making any dimes but I found a quarter on the ground earlier.

Hexxer: Finders keepers I guess. Now first off, why did you declare war on the LGA?

Cena: The entire community knows that I have wanted to draw green blood for months. My primary issues arise from “strategies” they’ve used past wars, such as the use of allies and cowardly invading at 6 AM on a school day.

Hexxer: What are your plans to counter-attack their strategies?

Cena: Cena always has a plan. I’m simply going to continue to strike back harder and harder. I will not see failure in this war.

Hexxer: Well, what will happen if you fail in this war?

Cena: I won’t.

Hexxer: I guess you’re confident about that. What happens if you win the war?

Cena: The streets will be painted blue. We will fly our flag proudly across the landscape. I can’t say for sure if we will go on to seek out new targets or wait around for someone to pick a fight with us.

Hexxer: If LGA offers a treaty, will you agree to it?

Cena: No chance in hell.

Hexxer: How will the war end?

Cena: I will eradicate LGA entirely if I must. I will not allow LGA to maintain a presence on the map.

Hexxer: How do you plan to do that?

Cena: My lips are sealed.

Hexxer: I hope we can unseal them soon. For now, I will end this interview, is there anything else you want to say?

Cena: End Cenaphobia. LGA is frail. ST will win. Shoutout to the LGA guy that chanted “WE SUPPORT HOMOPHOBIA!” Very mature!

Hexxer: Thank you for your time!

Cena: Of course! <33


The ST want to destroy the LGA’s strategy and eradicate them from the map. The LGA and ST have scheduled invasions more against each other; Zipline, Matterhorn (again), Sleet and Rocky Road. In the end, this war can only end with one army losing and one coming out with the glory.




Who do you think will win? How long will this war last? Will Cenaphobia end? Comment your answers below!




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