BREAKING: Shock Troops Declares War On Lime Green Army

SKATES, Shock Troops Capital – As the days progress, armies continue their normal activities; holding events, talking with other armies, etc. Then suddenly out of nowhere, the Shock Troops decided to declare war on the Lime Green Army. Today we’ll find out why!

On Saturday the 2nd of November at 6:01 PM EST, the Shock Troops leader, Cena, decided to declare war on the Lime Green Army. There was seemingly no reason why they declared war. However, they did state the terms for their invasion.

Invasion of Matterhorn (CPATG) (Territory of Lime Green Army).
Sunday, November 3rd, 6:02 PM EST.
Shock Troops declare war on LGA.

No allies.
No transfers.
Let’s do this.

Cena, Shock Troops Leader

Lime Green Army Leader, Fresh, responded with:

The Shock Troops has declared war on us. If they want a war we’ll give them a war. We will need you guys to participate in this war and give it your all. We can win this if we all work together to defeat Shock Troops. The next battles we have will all be worth 15 limes #lime-system Lets show Shock Troops what we got and win this war.

Fresh, LGA Leader


After that, the ST’s first invasion of the war began. The LGA tried their best to defend Matterhorn, maxing 12, but in the end, the ST successfully captured the server with a max of 16; resulting in a 2-1 win for ST.


On Monday, two invasions were scheduled; one from ST and one from LGA. For the first invasion, ST went after Ice Box, but the LGA kept their server due to a tie (1-1-1). The ST excelled in the Snow Forts and LGA got the upper hand in Town. With both armies being equally precise and fast, the fight in Stadium was a draw and Ice Box stayed in the hands of the LGA.

Following that, LGA invaded the  ST server, Rainbow. This resulted in a 3-0 win to for ST, due to them dominating every single room and maxing more troops than the LGA.


However, what was the reason for this war? Why did the Shock Troops decide to declare war on the LGA, out of all armies? What was the point and the message behind it? Let’s find out today as we interview the Shock Troops leader, Cena.


Interview with Cena, Shock Troops Leader

Hexxer: Thank you for doing this with me! Before we start, can I ask how are you today?

Cena: I’m excellent! Crushin’ limes and makin’ dimes. Not really making any dimes but I found a quarter on the ground earlier.

Hexxer: Finders keepers I guess. Now first off, why did you declare war on the LGA?

Cena: The entire community knows that I have wanted to draw green blood for months. My primary issues arise from “strategies” they’ve used past wars, such as the use of allies and cowardly invading at 6 AM on a school day.

Hexxer: What are your plans to counter-attack their strategies?

Cena: Cena always has a plan. I’m simply going to continue to strike back harder and harder. I will not see failure in this war.

Hexxer: Well, what will happen if you fail in this war?

Cena: I won’t.

Hexxer: I guess you’re confident about that. What happens if you win the war?

Cena: The streets will be painted blue. We will fly our flag proudly across the landscape. I can’t say for sure if we will go on to seek out new targets or wait around for someone to pick a fight with us.

Hexxer: If LGA offers a treaty, will you agree to it?

Cena: No chance in hell.

Hexxer: How will the war end?

Cena: I will eradicate LGA entirely if I must. I will not allow LGA to maintain a presence on the map.

Hexxer: How do you plan to do that?

Cena: My lips are sealed.

Hexxer: I hope we can unseal them soon. For now, I will end this interview, is there anything else you want to say?

Cena: End Cenaphobia. LGA is frail. ST will win. Shoutout to the LGA guy that chanted “WE SUPPORT HOMOPHOBIA!” Very mature!

Hexxer: Thank you for your time!

Cena: Of course! <33


The ST want to destroy the LGA’s strategy and eradicate them from the map. The LGA and ST have scheduled invasions more against each other; Zipline, Matterhorn (again), Sleet and Rocky Road. In the end, this war can only end with one army losing and one coming out with the glory.




Who do you think will win? How long will this war last? Will Cenaphobia end? Comment your answers below!




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Club Penguin Armies Editor


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  1. yo st totally got this in the bag


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