BREAKING: The Army of Club Penguin Declares War on The People’s Imperial Confederation

BREEZE, The Army of Club Penguin’s Capital – The Army of Club Penguin just entered their second war in their new generation, bearing the question: will they come out on top?

Tuesday, November 12th the ACP officially declared war on the People’s Imperial Confederation. It seems the PIC weren’t expecting a war but they were however, ready to fight. About 2 weeks ago we seen ACP defeat PIC’s closest ally, The Recon Federation of CP. Their war ended with a 10-2 ACP Victory. Now we watch as war breaks out between these two top 10 armies.  Let’s take a look at what ACP had to write in their declaration of war:


Recently, the Army of Club Penguin was made aware of PIC plans to declare the “War of Crimson Night.”

Nope. Let’s talk about that!
In a sheer act of defense, so that we can have an honest, clean war and sustain our army:
ACP sets the terms that any CNA armies (cited as EGCP, ST, RFCP, AO, WH, and TZF) are not to interfere with this war, whether it be to invade territory, log onto help with invasions, or do anything that could affect the result of this war. If CNA is found to be interfering with this war, all of PICCP’s invasions will become invalidated and their territory will be surrendered to the Army of Club Penguin immediately.The ACP is more than willing to talk things through with Sidie, however NotManuGinobili is craving clover blood, and is ready to get after us any way that he can.

-ACP Leadership

Below is a video of the ACP successfully invading Sub Zero from the PIC today.


Here’s an excerpt from the PIC website regarding their defeat in their very first battle of the war:


Despite our loss today we performed extravagantly, we fought with valiance, courage, and a chip on our soldier in the face of our much larger opponent. We were tactically sound and maxed 15 despite being our second battle. The ACPstarted out harassing us before battle, calling our troop Dixie a traitor and being generally toxic. Despite this the battle was fought well and cleanly from both sides, If they want a war we will give them a war!!!!



Wars tend to bring out the inner machine in armies, this means extra attendance from the soldiers in order to defend the their nations. Armies competing to outnumber the other results in excessive recruiting. This gets me thinking… In conclusion, this war seems to have no boundaries. Meaning it could go any way and as of now anything could happen. With the underdogs willing to fight, will they get the upper hand? Will ACP win their second ever war since reopening? Let us know what you think in the comments below!



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  1. :wary:


  2. Thanks Moospie!


  3. Nice Musta ily ❤


  4. They definitely would winMarch on!


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