Underground Mafias Army Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Underground Mafias Army Nation – Some old armies would prefer CPA to die out, however, some of them prefer the opposite and let it continue. Why? They want another chance to be the best out of the best. That chance has been given to this newly revived army, Underground Mafias Army

The Underground Mafias Army is one of the oldest armies in the existence. They were created by Pink Mafias on January 8, 2007. The UMA attacked Mammoth frequently, which was spotted by many people. When Oagalthrop stumbled across the army, he found out that they were teaching hack tutorials, which he decided to put an end to. This became what we know as World War II. UMA quickly defeated ACP in battle with Nachos and Club Penguin United Nations Space Commission.

UMA peacefully operated their army for four months until a high ranking troop came along and rebelled from against them. On May 8th, 2007, a penguin named Commando717 lead a rebellion known as the Rebel Penguin Federation. He believed that hacking was wrong, which ended the ceasefire between ACP and UMA. The Underground Mafias Army would soon be beaten. By June 23rd ACP destroyed the last bit of UMA at the Battle of Wool Socks. UMA leader, Mpenguin, surrendered shortly after. The UMA would fall into a depression. However, they reconstructed themselves and managed to be one of the best major armies in the CPAC final Top Ten, earning themselves 6th place out of 10.

Now they are back and ready to venture into a new era and new opportunities. Their four leaders, Games, Zeke, Dillon and Justinfortsa, are leading their efforts. This begs the question, why did they come back? What encouraged them to join this new era? I spoke with UMA leader Zeke to find out more.



Zeke, Underground Mafias Army Leader

Hexxer: Why did you bring back the UMA?

Zeke: Seeing other OG armies like ACP and Romans come back, we thought it was the appropriate time to continue to the UMA legacy with another generation of success.

Hexxer: What makes the UMA different from other armies?

Zeke: The UMA has way more history and pride then most armies do in the community today.

Hexxer: How did most react when they saw that UMA was coming back?

Zeke: Not very good because we have sort of a bad reputation with some people for whatever reason. But we’ll prove all the haters wrong.

Hexxer: How will you do that?

Zeke: Max 25+ like we did in our last gen in 2018.

Hexxer: Do you think that this will be a golden era in UMA?

Zeke: If our recruiting force keeps it up we’ll be a world power in no time, definitely.

Hexxer: What are some of your future plans for UMA?

Zeke: Keep growing and build our empire and also win a war or 2.

Hexxer: Those are some really great plans for UMA! How will this new era of UMA be different from previous ones?

Zeke: The leadership will work together and we can build on our success from our previous-gen.

Hexxer: I hope you will succeed with that! Before we end this, is there anything else you want to say?

Zeke: Join UMA, Fight The Bad!

Hexxer: Thank you for your time!

Zeke: Np.


UMA leader, Zeke, is positive that if the UMA continues recruiting and attending events, this will be a golden era for UMA,. Who knows? Maybe they can even teach new armies the old way of armies and maybe the UMA can learn a trick or two from this new era! After all, they are here to Fight the Bad!


UMA Flag, Adopted as NUMA Flag


What do you think about UMA? Are you happy to see them back? Will this be a UMA golden era? Comment your answers below!




Club Penguin Armies Head Reporter



Club Penguin Armies Editor


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