Golden Troops Return To Glory

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Golden Troops Nation – It seems in this era, not only are new armies are being created but old armies are rejoining too. Armies old and new are lining up to have a shot at making this of their golden era. Today, the Golden Troops are joining that line.

The Golden Troops didn’t begin as a newly created army and merged a lot. It started back in 2009, when the small-medium armies merged together, (Ghost Warriors, Club Penguin Secret Services, Club Penguin Force) and created the Golden Warriors. After, they merged with the Sun Troops to create what we now know as the Golden Troops. They managed to stay on #2 a majority of the time in CPAC and had wars with the Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin and Light Troops. However, eventually they started to fall and they closed their doors on February 23rd, 2013 (although they eventually reopened in October of 2014) Upon reopening, they lasted for only a month before being closed again, and they were hoping to stay shut.

Instead, they have reopened in this  new era, hoping to find a spot in the community and rise with glory and reclaiming their spot on the Top Ten. This time under a new generation of troops and leaders, being advised by David and GT legend, Serc. This raises a few questions. Why did the GT return in the first place? Why here and why now? Shad gives us an answer to these questions in the interview below.


Shad, Golden Troops Leader

Hexxer: Why did the Golden Troops Return?

Shad: Well, Lights has more time on his hands and asked me if I wanted to lead Golden Troops one more time. So I said yes as I was planning on bringing back Black Rebels. So in turn I changed the army up and well here we are. Golden Troops has always been one of the few armies close to my heart alongside Shadow Troops, FGR, and RPF. So, we figured it was time to bring back another Legendary Army.

Hexxer: What makes Golden Troops a Legendary Army to you?

Shad: The amount of shockwaves we send throughout the community when we hold an event. We have been in wars all over CPA and this army has been talked about for ages. Golden Troops also jumpstarted many future Army Leader careers as well as turning Leaders into Legends.

Hexxer: Golden Troops sure have been in a lot of wars! On the topic of wars, will the Golden Troops make peace with ACP or will another war be started between them?

Shad: As for our plans with ACP or our future war plans I shall not talk about. I don’t want to ruin a shock factor you know?

Hexxer: Understandable. So, what are the less sensitive plans you have to return the Golden Troops to glory and a spot in #2?

Shad: Recruiting. Heavy heavy recruiting mixed with training. We have lots more planned, but that is all I will say about that

Hexxer: What makes the Golden Troops different from others?

Shad: Our morals. We will be setting up leadership principles within the army as well as setting up a professional outlook. Golden Troops are built around respect within as well as outside of the army.

Hexxer: Why rejoin this era? Why now?

Shad: Because the community is a dying breed so there is never a time to come back. However, now is the best time to show how a real army is ran. The community has slowly started becoming more and more toxic. I believe that the reason for it is due to certain leaders that don’t care about what happens or what is said to newer people coming into the community. So for me, I am coming back to put my foot down on the toxicity plaguing the community.

Hexxer: I hope Golden Troops will fix that. On that note, is there anything else you wish to say?

Shad: At my signal….Hell Will be Unleashed.

Hexxer: Thank you for your time!


The Golden Troops might have been defeated in the original Club Penguin era, but this time, they have learned to not make the same mistakes and improve. We’ll have to wait and see if this newly revived army will reclaim their glory..

GT’s motto: Hell Will Be Unleashed

What do you think about the Golden Troops? Will they rise again or will they die out once again? Comment your thoughts down below!


Club Penguin Armies Reporter


Club Penguin Armies Editor


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