Top Ten Armies [11/17/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- On this week’s edition to the top ten, we see the return of two historical armies to the community.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [95.00]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+2] [67.79]

3. Recon Federation [+2] [58.53]

4. Lime Green Army [-2] [58.17]

5. Elite Guardians [+1] [47.14]

6. People’s Imperial Confederation [+2] [32.40]

7. Underground Mafias Army [NEW!] [23.25]

8. Poke Warriors Army [+3] [22.20]

9. Winged Hussars [+1] [21.00]

10. Golden Troops [NEW!] [17.00]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11T. Pizza Federation [+2] [14.00]

11T. Arctic Ops [+1] [14.00]

13. Wild Ninjas [-4] [11.50]

14. Dark Vikings [+1] [9.50]

15. Shock Troops [-12] [6.00]

For full calculations, click HERE.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation started their week with an AUSIA training event maxing 30 and an EU/US training event maxing 51. Afterwards, they had a costume event maxing 22 and a stamp event maxing 56. The next day, they held two operations, maxing 40 and 41 consecutively. On Friday, they held two more costume events maxing 25 and 54, then had training for their Strike Force maxing 15. RPF ended their week with an AUSIA training maxing 16 and a EU/US branch battle maxing 45.

2. Army of Club Penguin

ACP’s spot in the top ten this week comes as no surprise with their entrance into war with PIC. They started their week with training on Sunday maxing 12. The next two days ACP held recruitments maxing 20 and 40 respectively. Their week picked up when on Wednesday with five events; a red v.s. blue practice battle maxing 12, US training maxing 10, an unscheduled battle with RFCP maxing 23, and successful invasions of Sub Zero and Below Zero maxing 20 and 24. On Thursday ACP played hockey with PIC maxing 20 and successfully invaded Toboggan maxing 14. On Friday, ACP successfully invaded Alpine maxing 15. The war ended later that day with PIC forfeiting Wild Island so ACP had a party instead of a battle. They ended their week with a fun event maxing 12 and a victorious CPANN tournament battle against WN maxing 20.

3. Recon Federation

RFCP started their week with an event maxing 17. That same day, they assisted EGCP in a defense against RPF where they maxed 16. The next day, they held hide and seek which maxed 5, a successful defense of Glacier maxing 16, and a practice battle in honor of Veterans Day maxing 9. RFCP caused quite a stir in the community with their Dope Drilling event on Wednesday maxing 13. On Thursday, they held a Pacer Test event maxing 11, training maxing 8, and recruitment maxing 11. The next day, RFCP defended Glacier maxing 21 and had a shoveling event where they maxed 18. RFCP ended their week out on a high note winning their first CPANN tournament battle maxing 13, hide and seek maxing 16, two swearing in ceremonies maxing 9 and 24, and most notably, a parade to celebrate regaining their former capital Northern Lights maxing 14.

4. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army began their week with an invasion of Rocky Road maxing 5, a defense of Belly Slide maxing 13, a defense of Yeti maxing 9, and a defense of Ice Box maxing 6. The next day they had an invasion of Sleet maxing 9, invasion of White House maxing 15, a recruiting session maxing 12, and an unscheduled training maxing 10. They would follow this up with an invasion of Rainbow maxing 8 and an invasion of Blizzard maxing 6. On Wednesday, they had an invasion of Belly Slide maxing 6, an invasion of Matterhorn maxing 7, a training session maxing 12, and held a game night maxing 10. LGA would hold a recruiting session the following day maxing 11, then have an unscheduled training maxing 11. Their week ended with their tournament battle against PIC, where they maxed 14.

5. Elite Guardians

EGCP started their week on Sunday with losing a defense of Snow Shoe, CPATG, against RPF maxing 36. A game event was held the next day with a max of 18, and a meme night on Tuesday bringing 17 people. On Wednesday and Thursday they did speed training and hide ‘n seek events respectively bringing 14 and 15. Friday was the day EGCP held their Republican March, maxing 16. Their week ended on Saturday with a recruiting session, max 10.

6. People’s Imperial Confederation

PIC started the week on Monday with a Surfs Up Parade, max 9. On Wednesday they unsuccessfully defended their server, Sub-Zero, against ACP bringing 15 troops. The next day saw another unsuccessful defense of their server, Toboggan, maxing 11. They lost another server, Alpine, to ACP and later faced off LGA in the first round of the November 2 Remember Tournament hosted by CPANN showing up with 8 and 6 troops.

7. Underground Mafias Army

Underground Mafias Army entered CPA this week with their opening event maxing 10, and raided civilians on CPR maxing 6 that same day. UMA’s final event of the week ended on Tuesday with an igloo raid with a max of 8.

8. Poke Warriors Army

PWA started off their week with a training session where they maxed 8. After this, they held a card-jitsu tournament where they maxed 7. To close off their week, they had an unscheduled training and maxed 7.

9. Winged Hussars

Winged Hussars started off their week with an event where they maxed 8. Later in the week, they held a dance contest and a sled racing competition where they maxed 7 in both. For their last event of the week, they held a hide and seek and maxed 7.

10. Golden Troops

The Golden Troops joined the community this week with an opening event, maxing 7.


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