Top Ten Armies [12/01/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The day of reckoning has come as a new number one appears on our top ten for the first time since July 28th, 2019.

1. Army of Club Penguin [+1] [79.50]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [78.91]

3. Pretzels of Club Penguin [NEW!] [60.86]

4. Elite Guardians [+0] [51.79]

5. Templars [+0] [41.08]

6. Lime Green Army [-3] [32.78]

7. Pizza Federation [+0] [22.03]

8. Wild Ninjas [+0] [18.75]

9T. Os Mascarados [+1] [17.5]

9T. Invaders of Club Penguin [NEW!] [17.5]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Poke Warriors Army [+0] [14.00]

12. Green Street Gang [NEW!] [13.00]

13. Arctic Ops [NEW!] [8.00]

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1. Army of Club Penguin

ACP in a noticeably different spot this week, began with an AUSIA recruitment, maxing 21. The next day, ACP had an AUSIA training maxing 8, an EU Sled Racing tournament where they maxed 16, and a Hockey Operation for US maxing 30. On Tuesday, ACP AUSIA welcomed new high command member, CSY maxing 19, a UK Sight-seeing expedition maxing 33, and a US practice battle with LGA where they maxed 16. Wednesday kickstarted with a max of 21 for their AUSIA training, followed by a UK umbrella event maxing 43, closing with an Alpha vs Echo battle where ACP divided into two teams and maxed 26. Thursday, ACP had an AUSIA recruitment session, maxing 19. ACP UK maxed 37 in a mining event on Friday, followed by ACP US declaring war on Box Dimension puffle, Plok, with a max of 24 at their party. Finally, ACP had an Ausia training on Saturday maxing 15, followed by a US mining event maxing 35 to close out their week.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation

While this week will certainly be view as a failure, the Rebel Penguin Federation put together a week that would’ve normally kept them on top.  Their week began with a speed session, maxing 29.  This was followed up with a branch battle, maxing 55.  After their annual break day, the AUS division returned with a max of 18 in their invasion of Halloween (  The US division went on to max 49 in a MOAB session.  The EU division made their solo debut in the week on Wednesday, reaching sizes of 53.  They then maxed 33 in a sled racing tournament. The next event saw a sharp decrease in size, only managing 16 in a costume event.  RPFSF was put into action the next day, maxing 23 in a training session.  The army returned to CPR with a stamp collecting event, maxing 43.  The AUS division continued to maintain a low size record, maxing just 18.  The army ended their week with another branch battle, this time maxing 40.

3. Pretzels of Club Penguin

Pretzels joined the community this week with numerous events. They started off with their opening event, maxing 24 and another event where they maxed 9. The next day, they had an EU training event, where they maxed 14. The following day, they held a US training event and successfully invaded White House (CPATG), maxing 14 at both. To finish off their day, they held a Card-jitsu tournament, where they maxed 9. The next day, they captured Outback (CPATG) from the Templars, maxing 22, they also held a Find Four tournament and maxed 15. To finish their day off, they successfully defended their server, Rainbow (CPATG), from the Templars, where they maxed 23. The next day, they added another territory to their nation, invading Beanie (CPATG), where they maxed 8. They also held a U-Lead event and maxed 11. To finish off their eventful week, they held an event, maxing 20. To follow that up, they held a U-Lead event, where they maxed 18, and for their last event, they held a US training event and maxed 12.


4. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians remain ahead of the curb in a community that is rapidly changing around them with another solid performance.  Their week started on Monday, maxing 19 in a war training.  They maxed 19 again in a “March on Rome” event.  EGCP then successfully defended Flurry (CPATG) from the Templars, maxing 20.  This was followed by a max of 12 from FEE in their victory march.  That same day, the army maxed 14 in a sled racing tournament.  On Friday, a celebration of Black Friday took place, maxing 17.  To conclude their week, they successfully invaded Ice Box (CPATG) from the Templars, maxing 20.

5. Templars

In their second week in CPA, the Templars played well enough to keep their 5th place spot.  It all began with an invasion of Oasis, maxing 16.  They then failed to invade Rainbow (CPATG) from the Pretzels, maxing 21 in a close battle.  The Templars went on to max 12 in a training session, followed by a max of 17 in a failed defense of Ice Box (CPATG) from the Elite Guardians.

6. Lime Green Army

LGA began their week with a U Lead event maxing 9. On Monday, they invaded King Arthur with a max of 7. The next day, they had a practice battle with ACP maxing 10. They ended their week with a victorious defense of Yeti maxing 16 on Saturday.

7. Pizza Federation 

PZF started off their week with recruitment maxing 7 on Sunday. The next day, they invaded Deep Freeze (Penguin World) maxing 5. They closed out the week with two recruitment events maxing 7 on Thursday and Friday.

8. Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas started off the week with a snowball event, maxing 7. Their last event of the week was an invasion of Yeti. The Wild Ninjas maxed 7 and failed to capture the server.

9T. Os Mascarados

The Os Mascarados had two events this week. They held two training events, each event maxing 7.


9T. Invaders of Club Penguin

The Invaders are returning to the community this week. They had an opening event and maxed 8.