Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [5/1/20 -19/1/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – In place of Epic101s absence and the Army League website being down, I have decided to make a continuing Top 10 with the same formula Epic uses. I tried to make this as unbias as possible, however I don’t see how one could bias this. This top 10 was directly from army league event results and epics formula.


1. Doritos [108.5]

2. Dark Warriors [71.75]

3. Ice Warriors [60.8]

4. Aliens [55.5]

5. Sky Troops [42.5]

6. Templars [42.25]

7. Most Wanted [41.75]

8. Crimson Guardians [41.6]

9. Instrumentalists [37.5]

10. Royal Family [37.0]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Adventurers [33.5]

12. Night Rebels [32.6]

13. Penguin Defense Force [30.0]

14. Dragons [32.0]

15. Mannys [29.0]

For the calculations click HERE

(1 Point for every 5 troops in AUS Event)


1. Doritos of CP – The Doritos started these past 2 weeks off with a bang. They successfully defended Frosty against The Warriors Alliance where they maxed 60+. After that they decided to have a Parade on Summit in which they maxed 65+. The following week they defended Frosty again, this time losing with a max of 70. After that, the Doritos used AUSIA force to invade the server of Sleet with a max of 30. The Doritos followed up with a U-LEAD Event maxing 65 Doritos, they also had a Practice Battle Against the Ice Warriors where they maxed 75. They ended of the week with an Invasion of Fjord maxing 45 with an AUS force.

2. Dark Warriors – The Dark Warriors had a great past 2 weeks, remaining top 3 regardless of internal drama. They started off the 2 weeks with a UK battle against IW maxing 35. They later invaded Frosty from the Doritos where they maxed 60 warriors. They followed that invasion up, with an Invasion of Ice Box with 45. They ended off the weeks with a practice battle against IW with 35 warriors.

3. Ice Warriors – The Ice Warriors also have had very crazy past weeks, mostly due to switching to Xat and back to Discord. They started the past 2 weeks with an Invasion of Frosty where they maxed 55 Warriors. They than had a Practice Battle with the Dark Warriors in which they had 20. The Ice Warriors also held 2 training sessions one maxing 17, another one maxing 30. They ended off with a Practice Battle against the Doritos maxing 32.

4. Aliens – The Aliens had an amazing past 2 weeks, although they said goodbye to BP, one of their leaders. They started off with an Aliens Igloo Raid session maxing 40, followed up by an Invasion of Matterhorn maxing 16. They than had BP’s farewell event maxing 32 and an Invasion of Grizzly maxing 22.

5. Sky Troops – The Sky Troops are one of the new emerging armies in CPO. They had a very eventful week. They started off with a Hide and Seek AUSIA event with 7 troops. They than hosted a meme event maxing 10, a tactic/formation practice event maxing 15 and a Card Jitsu event maxing 9. They ended of the week with a tactic event maxing 7 and a invasion of Klondike in which they had 7.

6. Templars – The templars returned to the community, with ambition to return to the top spots. They first had a Templar Order Operation in which 12 templars attended. Following that, they invaded Ice Box with sizes of 14, than they held an unscheduled event with 11. They ended off the week with a Battle against Most Wanted with 20 Templars showing up.

7. Most Wanted – The Most Wanted have been in a mix of things with many armies. They first invaded Husky with sizes of 16, they than defended Walrus and mammoth with 10 troops. They finished the week off with an Invasion of Cream Soda maxing 20.

8. Crimson Guardians – The Crimson Guardians have had a normal week of events so far. They first had a New Years event maxing 10, they than had a Card Jitsu Fire tournament with 10. They than had some battle practice with 11 Guardians. Following that they had a Mascot Fashion Show with 16 Guardians and they finally ended their week off with another Card Jitsu Fire tournament maxing 11.

9. Instrumentalists – The Instrumentalists have also been facing conflict with other armies. They first started off with an Invasion of Klondike in which they maxed 9. They than had a Klondike War Operation and an Invasion of Fjord maxing 10. Following that, they defended Klondike with 8 troops.

10. Royal Family – The Royal Family didn’t have much of an eventful week as they hoped for but regardless they made it into the top 10. They first had a Slumber Party event maxing 20. Following that they had a Soda Pop Event maxing 14.



CP Army Legend


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