xBee Joins Dark Warriors Leadership || Whats Next For The Dark Warriors?

Frosty, Dark Warriors Capital – The Dark Warriors, after having a successful return to the community, have been in the midst of new changes to the leadership. Epic101 has stepped down as advisor and xBee has joined for leader. Whats next for DW?

The Dark Warriors returned with a spark to the community on December 21, 2019. Heading full steam at the Christmas Chaos 2019 Semi-Finals and Finals, the Dark Warriors were under the leadership of Epic101, Freezie66 & Spi. What they accomplished was impeccable, in just under 2 weeks of their leadership, they returned to the top 10 as #2 and tied the Doritos in the Christmas Chaos 2019 Finals.

Freezie had this to say about the Christmas Chaos 2019 Finals.

“Amazing job to everyone who turned up to this battle. We were 6 days old & managed to give an army who have recruited for the last month 24/7 a run for their money.”

Shortly after the Christmas Chaos 2019 Finals, Epic101 decided to leave the Dark Warriors leadership, while the tensions between the Doritos and Dark Warriors started building up. Starting off the new year, on January 1st 2020, the Dark and Ice Warriors made an alliance called the “Warriors Alliance” and officially declared war on the #1 Army, the Doritos.

The Doritos started off the war with an AUSIA invasion of Flurry. Soon after, The Warriors Alliance easily took away the Doritos Capital, Summit. A few hours after Summit was captured from the no-show Doritos, The Doritos decided to invade the Dark Warriors Capital, Frosty. With both sides attending the battle, the Doritos won 2-1. After a few more invasions and defenses from both sides, the last battle was a Defense of Frosty by the Doritos. The Warriors Alliance won the last battle (2-1) and the war ended with both sides having their own capital territory.

Everything was looking uphill for the Dark Warriors, as they looked to pass the Doritos as the #1 army of CPO, however, instead things have been going downhill ever since the war ended.

The Dark Warriors recent events have showed a steady decline in the number of troops attending. The first event after the war was a stable invasion of Ice Box where they maxed 45. The following event, they practice battled the Ice Warriors having 35 warriors showing up. There most recent event was on January 19, 2020 where they maxed only 20 warriors.

The source of this steady decline might be because of an internal problem in the Dark Warriors ownership & leadership. Many Dark Warriors High Commands have left from what the Dark Warriors claim as “being manipulated by a former owner, Doggorage.” However, the Dark Warriors, with a huge turn of events, have gotten more than half of the Doritos Ownership to join the Dark Warriors.

With this huge turn of event, xBee, a former Doritos Leader in Training, has become a Dark Warriors Supreme Commander. Along with Bee, many other Dorito Troops have joined along with her, including Marie, a former Doritos 2nd in Command. Regardless, of the new Dark Warriors ownership, the Dark Warriors still have been in a steady decline.  I decided to interview Freezie, on what he had to say about the Dark Warriors return so far and the decline that they’re heading towards.

Interview with Freezie66, Dark Warriors Leader & Board of Director


32op – How big of an impact did Epic play in the creation of the Dark Warriors?

Freezie – Epic was responsible for convincing me to bring it back. I left CP and armies in 2015 and left DW site with xxtoysoldier. He changed DW into Night Warriors, practically defacing the site. As a result, I didn’t have any motivation for CPA for many years until I joined DCP in dec 2019 and Epic asked me if he could bring it back – together we fixed the site

After the Christmas Chaos 2019 Finals, you decided to declare war on the Doritos. Was there a particular reason on declaring war on your former army?

There was no bad blood – we felt that TWA was appropriate and originally we wanted a world war involving DCP’s alliance, but they wished to leave their allies out of the equation and just have them fight IW&DW themselves. I believe if tensions did not rise to the point they did – the war could have inspired growth for many armies.

The Dark Warriors recently lost many owners, however you have added many new owners including Bee, who is now a Dark Warriors leader. Why did you see them as fit to become apart of the Dark Warriors Ownership, after they were in the army you just had a war with?

I worked with Bee, Noa and Marie in Doritos – I believe they contributed to the environment that made troops feel welcome. They had originally gone to Spi101 and stated they wanted to be apart of another project – Spi101 offered them their respective ranks and I gave the okay as I know they are very high quality owners. After the war had ended – everyone reconciled with each other and had agreed to put what happened in the past

The Dark Warriors, in their past events, have showed a steady decline after the war ended. What is the cause of this?

No comment

Will the Dark Warriors rise back to the amazing sizes that we saw during the 2 weeks of their return?

During our return, everyone was free of school and other duties. As well as this – recruiting was not nearly as oppressed as it currently is. Despite this, I believe gradual increase in size and activity will continue as we continue to solve other issues .

Any other comments you would like to make?

As you can see, Freezie66 believes that the war between Doritos and the Warriors Alliance was to promote growth of new armies and not toxicity. Freezie also believes that Bee, Noa & Marie have a great impact on armies and help promote growth. However, Freezie had no comment on why the sizes of Dark Warriors are steadily declining. He does believe though, that the Dark Warriors will rise once again gradually.

Now I want you guys to feel free to comment below if you think that this leadership of the Dark Warriors will succeed, or if it will fail. I want YOUR opinions on the decline of the Dark Warriors. Will the Dark Warriors rise once again? Will the new ownership promote growth of the army? Comment Down Below YOUR opinion.


CP Army Legend, Doritos Leader & Army League Reporter.



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