The return of the Pirates || Dark Warriors and Ninjas?

Cream Soda, Pirates Capital – The legendary army of the Pirates have returned once again. A new era emerges for the Pirates, with new leaders Freezie66 and Andrew24 leading. Will they succeed? What will happen to DW and Ninjas?

The Pirates are one of the most truly legendary, powerful and dominant army that CPO has ever seen. Led by Epic101, they reached heights that were impeccable. In their last event they maxed 150, the most legendary performance by an army EVER in Club Penguin Army history.


The closure of the Pirates happened a few months ago, September 19, 2019. The Pirates since then, have been inactive on CPO. Until recently, where they had a reunion event in the month of December.

This reunion event happened on December 10, 2019. Shortly after, the Pirates merged into the Dark Warriors to help them with their return. With Epic101 moving the legendary Pirates into the Dark Warriors, he led them against the Doritos in the Christmas Chaos 2019 finals. The Dark Warriors ended up tying with the Doritos, in a historic performance from both armies.

After Epic101 left the Dark Warriors, Freezie66 and Spi101 took control. Soon after, the Dark Warriors went through a war with the Doritos that ended in a stalemate. The Dark Warriors have been doing decent in their past few weeks, maintaining their top 3 position in our top 10. However, with Freezie leaving, we could potentially see a decline in the Dark Warriors. Heres a picture of their most recent event without Freezie.

The Ninjas on the other hand, were brought back recently by Andrew24. Andrew, former leader of the Ice Warriors, had conflict with Iceyfeet which resulted in the IW Discord becoming the Ninjas Discord. This transition was abrupt to the army community, Andrew24 released a statement which was deleted earlier today. However, while I was making this post, Andrew24 released this statement.

With this statement, Andrew has shut down the Ninjas and has given his former troops an option to join his new army, the Pirates. With this, the Pirates are looking like an army that will rise to amazing heights once again. However, this leads us to our next questions.

Will the Dark Warriors follow the Ninjas and become apart of the new prospering and legendary army? Will the Pirates rise once again under this new leadership without Epic101? Comment below YOUR thoughts.


CP Army Legend & Doritos Legend/Leader




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