Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [19/1/20 -26/1/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – The community saw many changes this week including the closure of the Ice Warriors. However, many armies have risen to the occasion and have had an amazing week. This week, we see a new rising army enter the top 3.


1. Doritos [103] [+0]

2. Dark Warriors [57.6] [+0]

3. Sky Troops [54.8] [+2]

4. Aliens [48] [+0]

5. Adventurers [45.25] [+6]

6. Templars [45] [+0]

7. Crimson Guardians [35] [+1]

8. Royal Family [34] [+2]

9. Instrumentalists [32] [+0]

10. Penguin Defense Force [31.5] [+3]


For the calculations click HERE

(1 Point for every 5 troops in AUS Event)


1. Doritos of CP – The Doritos retain the number one spot on our Top 10 stop for the 8th consecutive week. They started off their week with a Stamp Event, maxing 75 Doritos. They then had an Invasion of Walrus with 65 Doritos attending. To end off their week, they invaded Husky with an AUSIA Division maxing 35.

2. Dark Warriors – The Dark Warriors retain their number 2 spot this week. They first had a war training maxing 35, they then had an invasion of Whiteout, also maxing 35 warriors. To end of their week, they had a training event with 25 warriors.

3. Sky Troops – The Sky Troops make the top 3 with quiet a eventful week. They started off their week with an Australlian Tribute maxing 10, a Sled Racing Tournament maxing 9, a Watering Event maxing 8 and a CJF Tournament maxing 9 all with their wonderful AUSIA division. They than had a Simon Says maxing 10, an unscheduled event maxing 8 troops, a Card Jitsu Water tournament maxing 7, a clown event maxing 9, another training event maxing 8 and a Find Four tournament maxing 11. To end off their week they had 2 invasions, they invaded Breeze with 9 troops and Tuxedo with 8.

4. Aliens – The Aliens had just one event this week. They had an Operation called Fire and Gold in which 26 Aliens attended.

5. Adventurers – The Adventurers also had an eventful week with 7 events. They started off their week with a training event maxing 10. They than had Operation:Battle maxing 10, followed by a hide and seek with 8 adventurers. They also hosted a fashion show with 9 troops, a Simon Says with 10 troops and a Card Jitsu Fire Tournament with 8 Adventurers. They ended their week off with a training in which 9 troops attended.

6. Templars – The Templars had another decent week, showing signs that they will soon enter the competition for the number one army. They first had a practice battle vs the Instrumentalists in which they maxed 20. They later had a training session where they maxed 17 templars. Later in the week, tensions with the Instrumentalists erupted, the Templars invaded their capital, Klondike, with 12 troops. To end off their week they had another training session maxing 18.

7. Crimson Guardians – The Crimson Guardians had an average week with a few trainings. They had a Trial Tactics event where they maxed 8 followed up by a Testing Tactics event with 12 Guardians. They ended off their week with a hide and seek game maxing 7.

8. Royal Family – The Royals only had one event this week, a pizza topping event maxing 13.

9. Instrumentalists – The Instrumentalists had 2 events this week. A hide and Seek event with 13 troops and a practice battle against the Templars with 9 Instrumentalists.


10. Penguin Defense Force – The PDF make a return into our top 10, with 2 events as well. They first had a Sled Race Tournament with 8 penguins and later invaded Breeze with a defense force of 7 troops.



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2 Responses

  1. Where are the Trees of CP?????? Very disappointed, 32.


  2. Aliens of CPO are the best cpo army ever! 🙂


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