Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [26/1/20 -2/2/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This past week, the CPOAL community saw the death of the Dark Warriors and the beginning of the Fjord Frenzy Tournament. Let’s see how these events impacted our Top 10 this week.


1. Doritos [88.00] [+0]

2. Pirates [62.67] [NEW!]

3.  Crimson Guardians [44.80] [+4]

4. Templars [41.50] [+2]

5. Royal Family [38.00] [+3]

6. Aliens [37.50] [-2]

7. Sky Troops [37.25] [-4]

8. Instrumentalists [34.00] [+1]

9. Adventurers [31.00] [-4]

10. Mannys [30.00] [NEW!]


For the calculations click HERE

(1 Point for every 5 troops in AUS Event)


1. Doritos of CP – The Doritos retain the number one spot once again in our Top 10.  They started off their week with a Cool Ranch vs Nacho Cheese division battle, maxing 53 between those 2 divisions. They then ended off the week with an Invasion of Mammoth maxing 75.

2. Pirates – The Pirates came back this week with ambition to take the number one spot from the Doritos. They first had a return event maxing 50, following that, in the middle of the week they had a Practice Battle against the Templars maxing 20, and to end off the week, they had a Pirate Takeover event maxing 40.

3.Crimson Guardians – The Crimson Guardians rise up the rankings of the Top 10 with 3 events this week. The first event, the Crimson Guardians, had a event for hitting 400 members on their discord, maxing 12. They then ended their week off with a Fjord Frenzy battle, winning and maxing 22. They followed up with a Card Jitsu Tournament maxing 9 with their AUS Force.

4. Templars – The Templars return to the CPOAC Top 5 this week. They first defended their recently won server from the Instrumentalists, maxing 14. They then had an event called Operation: Imperium of Man maxing 12, followed up by a training event maxing 12. They ended off their week with an Invasion of Zipline against the Royals maxing 16.

5. Royal Family – The Royal Family returned to the Top 5 this week with one event. They defended Zipline from the Templars with a max of 17.

6. Aliens – The Aliens drop down to the number 6 spot this week. They first had a practice battle maxing 10. They then invaded their former capital, White Out, with a max of 17.

7. Sky Troops – The Sky Troops take a huge fall this week, dropping from the #3 spot to #7. They had 4 events, first they had a Boxtrotting Event maxing 7, followed up with a revival event maxing 9. They then had a  Fjord Frenzy Tournament, tying with the Instrumentalists and maxing 13 troops at the event. They ended their week off with a Find 4 event maxing 8.

8. Instrumentalists – The Instrumentalists make it to the number 8 spot this week, with one event. They participated in the Fjord Frenzy Tournament maxing 12.

9. Adventurers – The Adventurers had 2 events this week. An event called Operation: Show maxing 7 and a Practice Battle also maxing 7.


10. Mannys – The Mannys are a new army that make it on to our Top 10 this week. They had an event called Operation: “Is that a fart or more?” maxing 5. They then followed up with another event called “Everybody Poops” maxing 11. Truly a new legendary rising army.



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