Army in focus: Crimson Guardians

Slushy, Army League Headquarters – Today we bring you the first edition of Army in Focus on the CPOAL website! As smaller armies start continue to grow, we’re going to focus on them and see how they have risen! This edition focuses on the Crimson Guardians.

Let’s get into how the Crimson Guardians were created. Our story begins with a common troop with big ambition in CPA, Tsanami. Tsanami was originally apart of the Royal Family during the summer of 2019 and made many friends attending events of the Royal Family, Aliens and Help Force (Allies of Royals).

Tsanami, later joined a small server ran by 2 Royal members. This server wasn’t very active but Tsanami decided to help the server out and became a staff member. Due to the owner of the discords inactivity, Tsanami was given full leadership and thus she began the new army, the Crimson Guardians.

Tsanami, at first, didn’t put in much effort as she and many of the new members were active in places like the Help Force. However, a new trial moderator was put into poisition by Tsanami and they helped the server out tremendously. Later, the Crimson Guardians decided to join the National Armies Alliance (an alliance that consisted of Help Force, Royals & the Aliens), and in September 2019, a new set of Trial Moderators were put in place, but Tsanami struggled to train them, as she began her 2nd year of college.

However, Tsanami didn’t give up, she selected three moderators to help out with the Crimson Guardians, one of them becoming a 2ic. After the National Armies Alliance was disbanded, the Crimson Guardians struggled maxing around 7. This struggle went on for a while, but Tsanami hired new staff members, and the Crimson Guardians have been rising up in size ever since. They now consistently max 12 without any ally help and also have active staff members.

Interview with Tsanami

32op: How much potential do you think the Crimson Guardians have?

I think it has a lot of potential to get up to the max of 22 and even past that, but it needs at least a couple of more active leaders that are suitable for running things without me worrying, and along with that, some more active troops would likely help.

32op: Will the Crimson Guardians continue to be consistent in size?

Tsanami: Well recently we have been fairly consistent in maxing around 11-12 and now that’s picked up to our goal of maxing 15 in the last few events, so I do believe so

32op: What is the goal for the Crimson Guardians on the Top 10?

Tsanami: We’re not all that focused on particular number in top 10, instead trying to focus on what we see at each event and not fixating entirely on how high we can get up to in top 10, but we would like to get into the top 5 out of 10 if not getting to the spot of top 3 that we got last week




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