Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [2/2/20 -9/2/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This week, we saw the beginning of the Round 2 of the Fjord Frenzy Tournament and the return of an old army, the Redemption Force. Lets see how these events impacted our Top 10 this week.


1. Pirates [67.00] [+1]

2.  Redemption Force [52.00] [NEW!]

3. Aliens [49.60] [+3]

4. Adventurers [41.16] [+5]

5. Crimson Guardians [39.33] [-2]

6. Royal Family [38.66] [-1]

7. Sky Defenders [37.25] [0]

8. Templars [36.33] [-4]

9. Penguin Defense Force [34.00] [NEW!]

10. Instrumentalists [33.00] [NEW!]


Close to the Top 10:

11. Snow Guardians [31.00] [NEW!]

For the calculations click HERE

(1 Point for every 5 troops in AUS Event)


1. Pirates – The Pirates move up to the number 1 spot this week in the Top 10. They had one event this week, a Fjord Frenzy Round 2 battle against the Crimson Guardians in which they won 2-1 with a max of 45.

2. Redemption Force – The Redemption Force came back to CPOAL capturing the number 2 spot under the new leadership of Konrad.They had a return event maxing 30.

3. Aliens – The Aliens return to the top 5 this week with a handful of events. They had two US events, a Sled Racing event and a Board Game event both maxing 12. They then shifted over to their AUS force for the rest of the week starting off with a “Take Over Mars” event maxing 12, a Connect 4 event maxing 15, a Hide and Seek event maxing 12 and to end the week off they had a Snowball Event in which they maxed 13 aliens.

4. Adventurers – The Adventurers rise back up the rankings this week. They had 6 events in total. Starting the week off, they had a Fjord Frenzy Battle maxing 13, followed up with a Birthday Party event maxing 8. They then had a Battle Practice and a Hide and Seek Event both maxing 8. To end off the week they had a Unscheduled Event maxing 10 and a Pizza Party event maxing 8.

5.Crimson Guardians – The Crimson Guardian fall from the #3 spot to #5 this week. They had 2 Battle Practices this week, the first one maxing 12 and the second one maxing 14. They then ended their week off with a Fashion Show event maxing 14.

6.Royal Family – The Royal Family had 3 events this week. They first started off with a Fjord Frenzy battle maxing 20, they followed that event up with a Tactic Practice maxing 7 and to end off the week they had a Practice Battle event maxing 11.

7.Sky Defenders – The Sky Defenders fall to the #7 spot this week. They started the week off with a US Training maxing 9, followed up with a Pre-Tournament Practice maxing 12. They then had a UK Training maxing 8 and Fjord Frenzy round 2 event also maxing 8 defenders.

8.Templars – The Templars fall down 4 spots this week. They started the week off with Operation: The Box maxing 11, followed up with a Operation: Last Stand maxing 13. To end off the week the Templars had Operation: For Honor maxing 7.


9. Penguin Defense Force – The Penguin Defense Force make it onto our top 10 list this week with one event. They had a Fjord Frenzy battle maxing 12.

10. Instrumentalists – The Instrumentalists went up against the Sky Troops in Round 2 of the Fjord Frenzy. While losing a close battle they managed to max 9+.




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