Army in Focus: Sky Defenders

Slushy, Army League Headquarters – Today we bring you the second edition of Army in Focus. As many new changes have occurred in our CPOAL discord, the community has started to see the rise of new armies and we have seen one in particular that has been standing out. This edition will focus on: Sky Defenders.

Let’s start off with learning about the backbone of the Sky Defenders, their creator and leader, Yeet Bicks. Bicks joined armies in April 2019 with the Light Troops being her first army. As she progressed and learned about armies in the Light Troops, she decided to create an army of her own called the Pizza Clan.

Her new army, the Pizza clan was doing exceptionally well for a new army with new leaders. With the help of her friends, Armeniscool and Keyret, the Pizza Clan consistently maxed 7 until a tragedy striked them, their discord got defaced. However, this wasn’t the end. Bicks decided to make a new army called the Nature Explorers.

With the help of people like Aotearoa32, Tsanami and a few others, the Nature Explorers maxed 15+. However, as their army started to prosper and grow, Yeet describes that “she made the worst decision of her army career” by moving to a different league. She regretted her decisions almost immediately and came back into the CPOAL. Bicks thought her career was over.

Bicks originally planned to give up on her army career, but she decided to give it one more shot. During Mid 2019, she found an og Club Penguin army named the Sky Force. Instead of remaking the army, she switched it up and made a new army called the Sky Troops. Thus began this new army with tremendous potential. With the help of people such as Aotearoa32, Sleepyhead81, Icychip, FadedVye and EmmaB, the new army has started to go on a rise.

As the new army had started to maximize their potential in this community, they ran into a recruiting problem which many armies face today. To fix this problem, they recently decided to switch the Sky Troops army name to the Sky Defenders to help with recruiting. The Sky Defenders now max 10+ consistently and have recently achieved the Army of the Week. Truly a prospering and full of great potential army that is going to be competing for the number one spot soon.

Bicks had some wise words to say following our conversation, “I’m really grateful for the opportunity to lead armies in CPO, it’s really an honour. And if you want to make your army more successful, just work as hard as you can.”

Interview with Sleepy, Sky Defenders Leader

32op: What do you think is the maximum potential for the Sky Defenders?

Sleepy: I think the maximum potential for Sky Defenders now can be 16+ if we had members coming online and participating in event. We could me doing much better if our troops helped us more.

32op: What is the goal for the Sky Defenders as an army?

Sleepy: Our goal as an army to have fun in events and get our troops to participate as well as trying to become a better army everyday.

32op: What is your goal for the Top 10?

Sleepy: Our goal for Top 10 is to be Top 6 at least to motivate our troops to want to participate in our events and battles.



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