Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [9/2/20 -15/2/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This week was one of the most eventful weeks CPOAL has ever seen. The Doritos and Pirates have been battling in one of the best wars in history and many new armies have emerged onto the scene. Lets see how these events impacted our Top 10.


1. Pirates [75.60] [+0]

2.  Redemption Force [59.00] [+0]

3. Ice Warriors [58.85] [NEW!]

4. Sky Defenders [47.74] [+3]

5. Aliens [45.10] [-2]

6. Mayhem [45.00] [NEW!]

7. Templars [44.67] [+1]

8. Adventurers [41.16] [-4]

9. Royal Family [39.00] [-3]

10. Instrumentalists [37.00] [+0]


Close to the Top 10:

11. Crimson Guardians [34.00] [-6]

12. Snow Guardians [28.00] [-1]

For the calculations click HERE

(1 Point for every 5 troops in AUS Event)

Note: Fire Vikings and Doritos are suspended from this Top 10.


1. Pirates – The Pirates retain the number 1 spot with the Doritos being suspended from the Top 10. They had 6 events in total this week. They started the week off with inducting September into the Pirates Hall of Fame in which they maxed 35 Pirates. Shortly after that event, the Doritos and Pirates went into war, with the first event of the Pirates failing to Invade Summit maxing 32. Later the Pirates re-invaded Summit and this time successfully claimed it against the Doritos with a max of 37. They then had a successful defense of Frosty maxing 40 Pirates, a failed Defense of Summit maxing 37 pirates during AUS times and to end off the week the Pirates participated in the Fjord Frenzy Semi-Finals Battle against the Sky-Defenders maxing 37.


2. Redemption Force – The Redemption Force take back the number 2 spot this week with one event. They invaded their historically known capital, Thermal, with a max of 37.

3. Ice Warriors – The Ice Warriors made a return to the community this week under the new leadership of xBen, Doggoragge and Firestar. They had 5 events this week, they started off with a a return event maxing 27. Followed up with an Invasion of Tuxedo with their AUS Force maxing 14 and a Invasion of Sub Zero maxing 36. They ended the week off with a recruiting session with 22 Warriors attending and they also had a Valentines Day event with 20 Warriors attending.

4. Sky Defenders – The Sky Defenders were named the Army of the Week and returned to the top 5 this week with 8 events. They first had a Sky High Party with 10 defenders attending, a Music Jam party maxing 13 with their AUS division. They later had an event called “Operation: Sky Defense” maxing 9, a CJF tournament maxing 10, a protest against MEE6 maxing 9, a Card Jitsu Meeting also maxing 9, a 100 Members Celebration again maxing 9 and to end off the week they had a Fashion Show with 8 Defenders attending.

5. Aliens – The Aliens fall down 2 spots this week in our Top 10. They started the week off with a Pokemon Event with their AUS force maxing 14. They followed that event up with a US Practice Battle maxing 13 and a Connect 4 maxing 15. They then finished the week another Practice Battle, this time with their AUS force, maxing 17 Aliens.

6.Mayhem – The Mayhems of CPO, known as the second version of Chaos of CP from OG CPA, made their debut this week with one event. They had a “Here Comes Mayhem Event” maxing 23.

7.Templars – The Templars move up a spot this week with 3 events. They first had a battle with the Adventurers maxing 23. Following that they had a successful defense for the server of Blizzard against the Royals maxing 17 and a successful invasion of Zipline maxing 16 crusaders.

8. Adventurers – The Adventurers of CPO drop down 4 spots this week. The Adventurers started the week of with a Fjord Frenzy Round 2 Battle maxing 8. They followed that up with a training event maxing 7 and to finish off their week, they had a Sled Racing Tournament maxing 8.

9.Royal Family – The Royals drop down 3 spots this week. They started off their week with an unsuccessful Invasion of Blizzard maxing 18 and ended their week off with a Cartoon Themed Event maxing 12.

10. Instrumentalists – The Instrumentalists had one event this week, a recruiting session maxing 15+.




CP Army Legend

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