Admin Announcement Regarding Inactive Armies

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This is just an announcement regarding Inactive Armies within the community along with a list of the Armies that have been removed from the list of armies.

I’m sure many people have noticed the massive changes that have occurred over the last month within the Army Community. My activity has dropped too, however, I have left the running of the Army League to some experienced and helpful army veterans, these veterans are all on the Board of Directors and have been doing an amazing job in keeping the Army Community going and the community is now in a better shape than it ever has been.

However, I was scrolling through the list of Major armies and Small/Medium Armies, I noticed we have currently got seven registered Major Armies whilst we have 28 registered Small/Medium armies. The amount of armies is not the issue though, it is the amount of armies that are not active is the main issue. Of the seven registered Major armies, all seven have been active, holding events at least 3-5 times a week. Whilst within the Small/Medium armies, of the 28 that are registered, only 12 of the 28 were active.

I went through each Small/Medium armies’ discord and I noticed that a majority of armies hadn’t hosted events since January and some hadn’t hosted any since the beginning of February. All of these armies that have been inactive were removed from the Army League and are no longer official. If they wish to become official again, they may register in the Army Registration channel on our discord using the appropriate format.

Below is the list of armies that were removed:

Night Warriors
Sun Warriors
Dark Knights Empire
Agents of CPO
Conquerors of CP
Rebel Riders
Ghost Puffelia
Performers of CPO
Vikings of CP
Mexicans of CPO
Justice of CPO
Fish Warriors
Nepsian Empire of CP
Puffles of CP

I know some of these armies have had positive impacts on the community in the past and I thank all of them for their efforts in becoming armies, creating an army and making it rise is not an easy task so therefore I thank all of them for their efforts.

You can now view the list of officially registered armies on our discord server OR on our Armies page.

Our Discord server:

Our Armies page:


I just want to say that before creating an army, you should take a look at the current armies and see which ones are struggling and which ones are not. If you are going to create a new army, make sure it has a unique and catchy name, no one is going to want to join the “Nepsian Empire” or the “CPO Army of Fun” – these names are not catchy or beneficial, your army will simply flop if your name is not good enough. You will also need a strong friend group or group of leaders to help you rise your army because most of the time, it is nearly impossible to do everything alone and you will need a strong team to work together and build the army up.

If you are thinking of creating an army you should always take a look at the struggling armies and possibly join one to help it grow rather than creating another meaningless army. Ask yourself this question before creating an army: Whats the point in having 5-10 armies that have similar names and all not doing so well, when you can come together and create one and rise it to the top and make it compete with the Elite Armies like the Doritos or Pirates or Ice Warriors? 

Finally, if you are looking to make your own army, always look around at the old Armies that have closed, try find veterans that will give you permission to re-create their armies because a majority of the time, people are interested in the OG armies that have cool and catchy names such as: Pirates, Light Troops, Dark Warriors, Nachos, Doritos etc. Don’t just look at an old army and create a bootleg version unless you have access to one of their websites because you will not be able to recruit for an OG army unless you have received permission from a Veteran or former leader, it is simply not possible.



Army League Creator





Army League Board of Directors

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