“The Yellow Plague”: TYA and the War Situation vs OMA

Blizzard, Club Penguin Rewritten, CPAM Headquarters – With the Club Penguin Armies league dealing with a recent influx of armies moving from the CPA league prior to its shutdown, the Team Yellow Army, lead by its creator Darklink, was a fresh face.

Moving from CPOAL to CPW, the leaders had hoped to see more progress for their growing small army in their new league and were welcomed by those already in the community.

Upon their arrival, the Team Yellow Army (TYA) quickly began to flourish in CP Armies. In their first week in their new league, TYA began their ascent up the Top 10. Only a few weeks after they had joined the league, on February 2nd, TYA reached the number 1 spot on the Top 10 in their league.

On February 8th, TYA declared war on Os Mascarados Army (OMA), an army that had made the transition from the CPA league to the CPW league. The TYA leaders dubbed the upcoming war the Yellow Plague, and promptly scheduled an invasion on OMA’s server Hypothermia set for the next day. TYA won this invasion, following it with an invasion of OMA’s server Breeze, which they also won.

Team Yellow Army’s invasion of Os Mascarados’ server Hypothermia.

Four days after the war had begun, TYA invaded OMA’s final server, Hailstone. Both armies came to the agreement that TYA had won the battle. As this was the final server, this battle was the final one – ending the war and solidifying TYA’s victory in their very first war here.

The final battle’s verdict, determining the outcome of the war.

Post-war, OMA has continued with their regular events, the war boosting them up to 2nd on CPAM’s top ten – while TYA has declared war on the Pretzels of Club Penguin — and still maintains the first place spot on the Top Ten.

With TYA’s impressive work in this war despite being brand new to the army community, it will be interesting to see where they head with their future — including the results of the upcoming PCP vs TYA war.

As for this one, though, it’s a Team Yellow Army victory — a big step for a brand new army in the army community.


CP Armies Media Reporter Trainee



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