Team Yellow Army Admit To Multilogging; Merge With Romans, Causing Internal Conflict

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – Team Yellow Army has been caught multilogging, just a day after they ceased and merged into the Romans.

The Team Yellow Army (TYA) has experienced a rapid and unprecedented growth recently, shooting to the top of the CP Army Media (CPAM) Top Ten last week and placing second behind the Rebel Penguin Federation. Alongside this they have faced an array of multilogging allegations that, until today, remained rumours.

The allegations were first brought to the attention of CPAM by Army of Club Penguin legend Mchappy. Questions were raised after evidence showing event pictures posted by Darklink, the creator and leader of TYA, were from different penguin accounts. Although not conclusive proof, it did suggest that Darklink had more than one penguin online and used these accounts to take pictures.

In an interview with CPAM, Darklink originally denied the allegations. However, after conversations with Dino and Arthaeus, Roman legates, it became apparent that Darklink had already admitted to the offense in private conversations.

Provided to CP Army Media by Dino

When confronted about this new information, Darklink admitted that he multilogged with the account ‘VaderX2’ at numerous TYA events. He confessed he first multilogged at a battle against the Pretzels, as he was worried TYA would lose.

This confession comes a day after TYA merged into the Romans, due to various “internal issues”. Darklink, now a Romans leader, revealed the merge took place because of increasing pressure on himself as the leader of the army. Arthaeus, one of the five Roman legates, admitted his original reservations on the merge: “I thought, allowing this many non-native refugees into the army could make the hierarchy unsustainable and hurt our progression in the long run.” These hierarchy concerns have arisen as the Romans now have a total of 16 higher command members.

Yet the controversy doesn’t stop there. The multilog ‘VaderX2’ was seen at a Romans event on February 19th, as shown in the picture below. This raised questions of the Romans legitimacy as an army with Darklink at the helm.

It must be noted that this event was before the merge took place and therefore not while Darklink was a leader. It is believed that the Romans leadership were not aware of this, due to their compliance and transparency in CP Army Media’s investigations.

Since Darklink’s confession, no action has been taken from the Roman leadership. Legate Cobra has told us that Darklink will remain a leader as he was just “randomly helping out” at the event in which he was caught multilogging for Romans. This contrasts with fellow leader, Dino, who has said Darklink is being kept on a “leash” due to “toxic and profound behaviour on their Discord server”. With one troop having already left the army because of this, Dino admits he feels unsure on how to respond to the situation.

CP Army Media’s Conclusion

Although evidence only shows the multilogging of one penguin, the legitimacy of other penguins remains a blur.

As a result of Darklink admitting to multilogging at TYA’s events, they will not be included in this week’s Top Ten Armies. This would have been their final week in the Top Ten due to the merge.

In addition, the Roman’s CP Warfare event on February 19th will not count towards this week’s Top Ten Armies, as it has been proved Darklink multilogged. However, as the Romans leadership did not know about this, and it was before Darklink was leader, the Roman’s will not be banned from the Top Ten.

This is not an ideal time for the Romans to be experiencing internal struggles, as they are currently at war with the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Will the Romans remove Darklink from the leadership to avoid further multilogging allegations? Or will Darklink learn his lesson and embark on a more honest path?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee


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