Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [15/2/20 -23/2/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This week we saw the Fjord Frenzy Semi-FInals and Finals take place. Lets see how this impacted our Top 10 this week!


1. Pirates [73.00] [+0]

2.  Templars [59.00] [+5]

3. Ice Warriors [54.00] [+0]

4. Aliens [42.00] [+1]

5. Mayhem [40.50] [+1]

6. Royal Family [38.00] [+3]

7. Crimson Guardians [38.00] [+4]

8. Adventurers [36.50] [+0]

9. Instrumentalists [33.50] [+1]

10. Sky Defenders [30.00] [-6]


Close to the Top 10:

11. Mannys [29.00] [NEW!]

12. Soccer Players [28.00] [NEW!]]

13. Justice [27.50] [NEW!]

For the calculations click HERE

(1 Point for every 5 troops in AUS Event)


1. Pirates – The Pirates retain their number one spot after proving victory in the Fjord Frenzy Tournament Finals. They showed their dominance against the Templars, winning 3-0, with a max of 50+.

2. Templars – Templars managed to move all the way up to the number 2 spot this week with their action packed week. They began with their Semi Final Tournament battle against Royal Family with a max of 19, an invasion of Walrus maxing 20, and ending it off with their Finals battle against the Pirates with an impressive max of 60. 

3. Ice Warriors – Ice Warriors retain their number 3 spot with only one event this week. They invaded the server Blizzard with a max of 32.

4. Aliens – The Aliens moved up to the number 4 spot with only one event. They managed to max 20 during their Fjord Frenzy Semi Finals match against the Templars and Royals. 

5. Mayhem – The Mayhem of CPO moved up a spot as well. They’re definitely an army on the rise. They maxed 16 in their Practice Makes Perfect event and maxed 17 during their invasion of Toboggan.

6. Royal Family – The Royals move up 3 spots this week. They started off with Fjord Frenzy Semi Finals match against the Templars and Aliens, maxing 16, then ending their week with an event with a max of 15.

7. Crimson Guardians – Crimson Guardians have made it all the way up to Number 7 in the Top 10 after missing their chance last week. They had a Mash Up Trivia event maxing 11, and then a Valentines Event maxing 17.

8. Adventurers –  The Adventurers retain their number 8 spot with an action packed week. They began with a Training Event maxing 8, a Fashion Show maxing 8, a Battle Practice maxing 7, and ending it off Card Jitsu Tournament with a max of 11.

9. Instrumentalists – The instrumentalists move up by one spot. They had an Invasion of Klondike with a max of 11. Then defended their server Walrus against the templars, maxing 8. 

10.Sky Defenders – Sky Defenders dropped down by 6 spots this week. They only had one event. A Hide and Seek event maxing 8. 


32op & Meerkatt

CP Army Legends


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