[RANT] Hypocrisy from Outsiders

This is just a short rant post that I decided to make because I’m bored and because Andrew was showing me some funny screenshots. I have decided to make this post because I pity those people who are outside of our community and fall into the trap and are led to believe that CPO is ‘Evil’ or ‘bad’ or ‘corrupt’ because of hypocrites that need to build their ego’s and use everything they can to try make a name for themselves.

I’m sure by now, many of you will remember the Anti-CPO league that was created last year (January 2019) after the Christmas Chaos finals in 2018 that the Pirates won. The Elite Guardians formed a hate group and tried to ‘Kill’ the CP Online Army League. Their efforts failed but they went off and created their own league with some other Anti-CPO people. I continuously warned these people that their armies would flop and that their league would eventually die, these people did not listen to me. I even offered them a chance to merge into the CPO Army League two or three times, to which they rejected the offers.

Now, their league has shut down due to a lack of armies and all armies that were involved in the ‘Anti-CPO’ actions are all dead/shut down. I was right.

The main thing is though, their league grew to a substantial size because it banked off of Anti-CPO propaganda and old Club Penguin Army posts from 2015. They spent around two weeks messaging Army Leaders from our community with old Army Posts that were years old because they wanted to try get people to move to their league. They even went as far as faking screenshots of Myself & Other CPO Admins to try and taint our name and our reputation in a bid to make a name for themselves, in the end, it was worth nothing because their whole organization failed.


Today I was sent these funny screenshots by Andrew, a close friend of mine. This is just the height of hypocrisy in outside Army Communities right now.

The top two photos were taken from an Army discord that is Anti-CPO and the bottom photo is of a Private Chat between Kailey and Andrew.

Notice how in the first two photos, Kailey claims that CPO is “toxic” and “unsafe” and it is “not worth going on” and in the third screenshot they are asking for their CPO account to be unbanned.

Andrew notices this instantly and questions why they want an unban after talking badly about CPO and their response is simply an excuse.


The event above reminds me of the Help Force but in the opposite way. The Help Force was an army formed on Club Penguin Online by a kid and with the help of a couple of Moderators. While they were on Club Penguin Online they marched around saying how great CPO was and how it helped their army grow (their army used to average 60-70 on Club Penguin Online) but once they were caught doing something against our rules, their attitude changed, CPO became “evil” and “corrupt” and “bias” – they decided to leave CPO and join the opposing league, once again, the warning was given that their army would crash and burn and it did indeed.

Another example would be the owners of RPF (or whatever they are currently called, they’ve had like four names at this stage). RPF used to be the largest CP Army, they operated on CPO in 2018 but began talking bad about Riley and our Admins, while doing this, they were caught and given a warning, after being caught, they planned a mass exodus and decided to move their army to an opposing CPPS. They planned to move users from CPO to an opposing CPPS because they didn’t like our rules and they thought they would get away with everything. Following their mass exodus, their army cut in half and is merely dying like the Help Force is.

Their current owners are now going around Army Hangout chats claiming that they planned their exodus because they were banned, this is not the truth. They were banned AFTER they planned their exodus – RPF even held talks with myself and some Veterans and planned to come to CPO, talks fell apart at one stage and they have decided to stay away from CPO because it is “unsafe” and they do not like how they were “treated” when they were operating on CPO. I mean, we definitely did treat them poorly, we let them recruit thousands of users and hold events on our CPPS and annoy users on a daily basis and nearly even let them get away with bad-talking our Admins, but I guess they are the ones that got treated poorly?


Hypocrisy seems to be a growing issue within the Club Penguin Community, people are all happy when they get their way but once they are found to be breaking the rules, their attitude changes and all of a sudden we are “evil” and “corrupt” because they fail to follow a simple set of rules?

At the moment, the Army League is thriving thanks to people like Andrew, Cargo, Silverburg, Freezie and 32op. I have been able to leave everything in their hands and they have been doing an amazing job. Everything that happens now a days is mostly because of them and they have been handling everything appropriately. Once again though, If you do not like how things are run, then leave. Don’t sit here with negativity and call us corrupt or bias when in reality you are just looking for excuses for why your army is not doing so well or in control of everything. (Ayan and XXToysoldier could have learned this a long time ago).


Club Penguin Online Army League Creator

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