Top Ten Armies [ 16/02 – 22/02 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – With an eventful week for almost all of the Armies, The Top Ten sees changes in it’s placements.

Top Ten Armies

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [ 82.8 ] [ – ]

2. Army of Club Penguin [ 48.1 ] [ +1 ]

3. Help Force [ 44.5 ] [ +1 ]

4. Os Mascarados [ 23.35 ] [ +2 ]

5. Romans [ 20.6 ] [ -1 ]

For viewing the Calculations -> Click Here

Rebel Penguin Federation –

The Rebel Penguin Federation had a total of 10 Events this week. They started their week by an AUSIA Operation in which they maxed 22. The other events of their week consisted of : Rainbow Rebels getting 60 Troops, Bee AUSIA Event maxing 30, Operation Defy with a 52 Max, Invasion of Marshmallow CPR maxing 48, Sk8r Bois AUSIA Event getting 22 Rebels, Silent Treatment maxing 37, Operation Evolution having 37 Troops, A Huge Stamping Event maxing 60 Rebels. They ended their week with a “Knock Knock” Event in which they maxed 42 Penguins.

Army of Club Penguin –

The Army of CP had a total of 8 Events this week. Starting their week with an Echo vs Alpha Branch Battle in which they maxed 27 penguins, Their other week events were as follows. They had a Bug Event maxing 13, A Pizza Party which got 30 Troops, A Miners Event maxing 11 Penguins, UK Drill Camp Event which got 13 Penguins Online, Puffle Party which had a max of 12, and a Puffle Event in which they maxed 12. They ended their week with a Successful Invasion of Blizzard against RFCP in which they maxed 27 Penguins.

Help Force –

The Help Force had a total of 7 Events this week. They started their week with an EU Division Event maxing 13 in it. Their other Events consisted of an AUSIA Training maxing 10, A Blue Takeover maxing 15, A Puffle Party in which they maxed 25 Penguins, An AUSIA Puffle Event which got 18 Puffles, and a US Training maxing 12 Helpers. They ended their week with a Saturday Army Event in which they maxed 19.

Os Mascarados –

Os Mascarados hosted 4 events this week . Their week consisted of a Team Blue Event maxing 8, A Recruitment+Training Event in which they maxed 7, Another Training Event maxing 6. They ended their week with an Invasion of Rio Carnival @ in which they maxed 6 Penguins.

Romans –

The Romans of CP slowed down this week with just 3 Events. Their week consisted of an AUSIA Spider Training maxing 4 Penguins, A Training Mission in which they maxed 13 Romans, and a US Igloo Raid maxing 12.

Good Job to every army who managed to get on the Top Ten ! With the progress of the major armies, The Competition is growing tougher. Join our Discord from Here to make sure you’re up to date with Regular Updates and Interesting News !
Comment Below with your Opinions regarding this week’s Top Ten !


CP Armies Media CEO




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