Help Force Leadership Dynamic – Insight

The Help Force moved to the CPA League on 9th December 2019. After coming here, They’ve had many internal dramas and controversies which makes this post important for the readers to give their view at.
In this post, we’ll be covering interviews from the two new commanders of the Help Force after the retirement of Ayan, and the coup of Spotty & Lottie from the Force. Click “Read More” to read it!

Recently, the Help Force has shifted leadership. Previous leaders Spotty and Lottie were couped from their positions by the HCom and Moon took the helm of the main leader.

Shortly after Moon’s promotion, troop activity within HF increased. More members of the army seem encouraged to do more within the army, overall boosting the mood of the army.

Shortly after Moon became the main leader, Tistle, a former HF leader was reinstated to his position. Now with two leaders spearheading change in the Help Force, the army starts undergoing a series of changes.

I interviewed both Tistle and Moon to learn more about the current changes being implemented in Help Force.

Flypin: First off, when were you promoted to leader?

Moon: February 5th 2020

Flypin: That’s just over two weeks, what sort of change have you seen in that time frame?

Moon: We’ve updated quite a lot. The colors, the website, the rules. Overall though, I feel like the biggest thing we’ve done thus far is make the force a family again.

Flypin: That’s great! Can you give me some examples of improvements you’ve implemented so far?

Moon: Some of the biggest and most notable changes we’ve made are allow swearing in General and change the Gamer of the Week award from purely points based to being both points and activity-based. We’re also currently in the process of changing how fun events are hosted.

Flypin: Wow that sounds like a lot. Has there been an increase in troop activity?

Moon: In just 3 days of taking over from the previous leaders, HF managed to get the first 30+ max in weeks after Ayan’s departure.

Flypin: That’s a huge improvement! Have you observed more energy and excitement from the troops?

Moon: Yeah! Before taking over, HF was in sort of a lull. However, since our promotions, everyone seems to have gotten excited and inspired to be apart of the force again. As I’ve previously stated, we’ve made the force a family again.

Flypin: Awesome! thanks for the interview, Moon! I appreciate you taking the time to have a discussion with me 🙂

Moon: Ofc! Thanks for the interview.

Flypin: First off, when were you reinstated as a leader?

Tistle: Tuesday 18th Feburary. At 18:32pm GMT.

Flypin: Very specific. That’s pretty recent, just this past Tuesday! What sort of change have you seen during the week since the time you were promoted?

Tistle: Part of the reason I returned to leadership was because I was involved in developing a number of ideas that would make HF fresh and strong again. All of the discussed changes have been implemented thus far and with time and recruitment, we foresee HF returning to its former glory under its new Leadership and Advisory panel

Flypin: Can you give me some examples of new improvements you’ve made so far?

Tistle: We’ve revamped a lot of different things in the server, like role colours and the inclusivity of all members! We believe that HF’s foundations are most important, and in this case, they are our helpers. Those helpers that are higher up will get more opportunities to lead events and obtain the illusive role of High Command, amongst other minor improvements. We’ve also merged channels on the server to maintain tidiness and even changed the names of our army divisions to team Hot Sauce and team Yellow Chillies! These are just some of the changes we’ve made.

Flypin: Ooooh, very cool! has there been an increase in troops activity?

Tistle: It honestly depends! Some events bring lots of troops and others not so much. Our aim right now is consistency and once we can get that our max will surely rise to where we need it to be!

Flypin: Nice! Have you observed any increase in the energy and excitement of troops?

Tistle: The most important thing we can hope to have is unity within the server. With unity comes friendship and most importantly motivation. The more hyped people are for events the more likely they are to turn up and we believe that recreating that sense of family we had months ago is vital to our success

Flypin: Awesome, thanks for the interview!

Tistle: No probs 🙂

Club Penguin Armies Media Trainee


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