Re-Introducing Legends Inductions.

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – It has been over a year since our last Legends Inductions and we recently held a poll in our discord on whether to bring back Legends Inductions or not. The people have spoken and we are going to be bringing them back as soon as possible.

The last time we held a Legends Inductions or any type of Awards Voting was back in December 2018 when we held our first ever ‘End of Year Awards’. In this awards ceremony we gave out awards for the Biggest Army, Best Leader, Best Owner and there was many other awards too. To finish off our Awards Ceremony, we held a Legends Induction. The community voted over the course of four days and we had a total of 3265 combined votes with more than 400 votes on each poll.

In the Legend Induction, you had the choice to vote out of three people for their work in Club Penguin Armies over the year. In the end, I, Epic101 was voted in as a Legend. The process will be similar enough to the way it was the last time, the community will have the choice of who gets voted in as an Army Legend and once all the votes are counted, a post is released and explains who won which award or who was inducted.


At the end of 2019, I planned on hosting another End of Year awards ceremony however, time seemed to run away from me along with other issues picking up in the community so I decided to abandon this idea. However, with the latest changes to our community and with new faces now in control, we have managed to come up with some brilliant ideas.

Last week we held a poll on our official discord server and the community voted in favor of bringing Legend Inductions back, so the board came together and decided to re-introduce the awards ceremonies along with Legend Inductions.

We will now host two award ceremonies a year, in both ceremonies we will host Legend Inductions where only one person shall be inducted to the Club Penguin Online Army League Legends Page. We will host an awards ceremony at the end of Summer and at the end of the year. The reason for this is; Armies peak both during the summer and over the Halloween/Christmas breaks. This is where most people are available and will show their true leadership qualities in bringing their armies to the top, but it is not just about bringing it to the top; it’s about maintaining those sizes and keeping the army at the top too.


Our next Awards Ceremony will be hosted at the end of this Summer. August 25th 2020 is the estimated date.


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Army League Board of Directors

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