CPO Announces New Servers

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – With the Corona Virus outbreak worsening as the days go by, Club Penguin Online’s popularity is rocketing through the roof gaining thousands of new registrations a day. Almost every time you log in now, you see almost every server is full. As a result, the Club Penguin Online Administration has decided to add two new servers, but how will this impact us?

As you all may know, we currently have a Server Map which includes all of the current Club Penguin Online Servers with a few additions. This means, the map will now have to change slightly in order to co-operate with the latest server additions, this should not be a huge issue, this just means some new servers or cities will be edited in order to co-operate with the new additions.

Update: Earlier today the Board of Directors spoke about this situation and have decided to add the new servers in as cities where needed. No major changes have been made to the server map.

One of the new servers that has been added is “Klondike”. Many of our Veterans may remember, all army related battles were held on Klondike as it was Club Penguin Army Central’s Headquarters, since we haven’t had Klondike until this moment, our Headquarters has always been Slushy. Today this changes.

As of Today, the 19th of March 2020, The Club Penguin Online Army Leagues’ headquarters will now be Klondike. ALL Army Related battles // tournaments will be held on it (unless it is an invasion of other servers, they are to be held on the appropriate server). So for now, when invading a server which is not on Club Penguin Online’s Server List, the battle server will now be Klondike.

If the server Klondike is FULL, another server shall be picked as a replacement.

Any updates regarding the Server Map will be announced on our official discord server.

Join the CPOnline Army League discord here: https://discord.gg/VzXsv3V



Club Penguin Online Army League Creator & CEO


Club Penguin Online Army League Head of Board


Club Penguin Online Army League Board


Club Penguin Online Army League Board

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