CPR Activity Influx – Recruiting Potential in Question

Hey there Everyone, With the breakdown of the Coronavirus, Several countries went into a Lockdown which resulted in Club Penguin Users being more active on the CPPS leading to an activeness increase for the Armies itself.

Recruiting is the most vital key to achieve success for Armies. With the spurt of users logging into the CPPS to play their Mini-Games or chat with their Virtual Friends, The community saw several armies using this as a benefit to recruit more people into their groups whilst several armies having a hard time recruit on CPR.

Club Penguin Rewritten, on 24th March announced that they’ll be adding 2 New Servers into their game due to Servers being full; which also includes the addition of Mammoth in CPR.
Let’s see what news we have from the Armies about their Recruiting and Activity !

Whilst we see some armies take the Influx Positively :


It used to be super hard to recruit – during US/UK times, blizzard would be the only populated server, but there would be mods roaming around everywhere and a lot of us would get banned fast. Now, with multiple servers with high amounts of activity, we can expand and cover more areas. Also, AUSIA has seen a spike in recruiting. AUSIA times Blizz used to be 1-2 bars; now it’s consistently 5 bars, making it a good time to grow our AUS division.
~CSY, ACP Commander


CPR’s recent spike in activity has had profound impact on our recruiting. We’ve been growing faster than ever before. In fact a couple of days ago, we had 100 recruits join in the span of 24 hrs. I’ve never seen that happen during my time as HCOM. The sudden influx of recruits have also boosted our event numbers significantly as evident from our consistently large maxes (80+ for most events). It has definitely become easier to recruit on CPR due to the increased activity and this has encouraged all of our troops to go out and recruit more. Ever since the increase in CPR’s activity started, our staff members have been putting in more hours on CPR to maximize the number of recruits we gain.
Provided by Rpf , You can see their Recruitment Graph Here

~F6sixer, RPF 2ic


Pzf has been recruiting on CPR a lot more due to the recent activity in cpr, our maxes have increased, but due to the recent activity we have been focusing less on training to make sure we capitalize the recent increase, as it won’t last forever. Maxes have doubled since last week, and we strive to maintain this max.
~R3tro, PZF Commander

There are some, Who aren’t satisfied with the CPR Influx :

HF :

With CPR’s recent influx of new patronage, our efforts of recruiting on CPR have been fruitless. Just saying the world HelpForce earns you a 24 hour ban. Seeing as CPR recruitments now require more effort than other, we’ve turned to another method of earning recruits; discord recruiting. Perhaps we should have turned to it more often in the beginning, for not only are Helpers joining in waves, they’ve also been staying and attending events. CPR’s recent activity has left a dent in the army, but we’ve managed to fill the hole.

~Moon, HF Commander

Romans :

CPR’s recently activity hasn’t helped Romans at all. If anything, it makes it impossible for us to recruit on blizzard, the server we tend to recruit on. And all of the new people we’ve tried to recruit on others aren’t interested.

~Dino, Romans Commander

By this, We see that some Armies have been extremely happy regarding the CPR Influx whilst some haven’t. But overall, the Lockdown has resulted in a sudden hype & growth in Armies as well as the community. With some exciting news regarding a New Kind of Tournament upcoming, Make sure to stay updated with CPAM!


CP Army Media CEO


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