People’s Imperial Confederation Returns to the Community

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – With the recent stagnation in armies, an unexpected turn of events has led to the announcement of the return of the People’s Imperial Confederation. Will PIC be able to take advantage of the influx of players amid the COVID-19 outbreak – or will they fall victim to inactivity once more?

First inaugurated under the leadership of Sidie9 and Xgthrecgtejm in 2019 after Sidie9 was declined rights to reopen the People’s Republic Army, the People’s Imperial Confederation has since then established themselves as a tenacious contender, quickly declaring their allegiance to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin amidst the RFCP’s ongoing war efforts against the Army of Club Penguin. PIC later on partook in its’ first war against the ACP in November 2019. The war ended with PIC surrendering, and soon, the army shutting down.

PIC vs. ACP, Invasion of Alpine

On March 23rd, 2020, to much of the community’s surprise, Manu announced the return of the PIC in a post entitled “Red Redemption”:

What a beautiful day to be a leader, in our first event back we maxed an amazing ten penguins and performed tactics extravagantly. This event was lead by me aswell as our 2ic Cherry and new 3ic acquisition Blazes. This was by far one of my proudest moments in CPA proving that PIC will forever be one of the top tier armies in CP Warfare. Nothing can hold us back, not a 4 month hiatus, not our differences as people and definitely not a failed war campaign. We are back my friends, FOR THE PEOPLE!

PIC’s return event, maxing 7

However, it seems that only several days into their revival, shake-ups in their higher ranks has already occurred – aforementioned Higher Command members Cherry and Blazes retired from their positions. Currently, PIC is led by Sidie9, Manu and LuckyLuigi.


Current PIC high ranking officers (as of March 26th, 2019).

Interview with Manu, PIC Leader

conducted by CSY

What spurred your decision to reopen the People’s Imperial Confederation?

Due to the fact my ship date had been pushed and the community is growing lackluster in armies, I figured it would’ve been a good time to revive it.

What qualities/skills do you possess that would be beneficial to PIC’s rise?

I’ve been around in armies for awhile and most of my skills I’ve picked up from the leaders that I’ve either lead beside, or worked with, or even learned from – Ulti being one of them, Koloway, Greeny, etc.

What goals do you have for PIC in the near future?

To bring them to a stable enough point to where they can max decent numbers and be able to be great tactics wise before I have to step down.

How confident are you in PIC’s success? How long do you think PIC will last in the community?

With the leaders I’m working with now, I believe we can be very successful if we keep putting the work in. In regards to how long we’ll last, it’s hard to tell.

Any current war plans?


From the above interview, It seems that Manu is pretty sure about PIC’s Revival. He is confident in PIC’s future success, and hopes to lead them to great heights in the future.

What do YOU think about PIC’s return? Do you think they’ll be able to rise amid the current influx of players – and will they be able to sustain the recent successes? Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPAM Editor-in-Chief


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  1. csy dope post cuh


  2. Interesting turn
    I wonder what new ally they are goimg to make
    One of smaller,or bigger armies?


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