CPAM Premier League Tournament

Blizzard, CPAM HQ – With the outbreak of COVID-19, most countries have gone on lock down resulting in school and job closings. Whilst we in CPAM hope that everyone stays safe at home, this has resulted in a boost of Army Community activity.

Earlier this month, CPAM held a meeting with Army Leaders where they voted and decided that CPAM would host a different kind of tournament based on the Round Robin format. This tournament is a Premier League type tournament with all armies battling each other once, noting wins in a Points Table, and held over the course of 2 weeks fully packed with action!

The armies participating in this Tournament are listed below :

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Romans of Club Penguin
  • Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Help Force
  • Os Mascarados
  • Pizza Federation

The Premier League will be conducted on :
Club Penguin Armies: The Game [CPA:TG]

Points Table will be set up for the Premier League in which :

  • 2 Points will be added for each win.
  • Judges will be giving the armies “Tactic Points” based on how good the formations and tactics are. If, in the case that 2 Armies have the same number of points, the one with more tactic points would trump the other.
  • The Finals will be held between the Top 2 Armies with the most points on the Points Table at the end of the Round Robin Stage.

Here is the Battle Schedule of the Premier League Tournament:

Other information regarding battle times, judges, and much more will be shared to you on the Discord server very soon. Stay tuned!

Ayan, Chief Executive Officer

EmceeExecutive Producer

Koloway, Executive Producer


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