Help Force Enters War With RFCP

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – With tensions in the community rising in anticipation of CPAM’s upcoming Premier League Tournament, Help Force has, in an unexpected turn of events, declared war against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP).

Help Force’s Declaration of War

Amid rising tensions between CPAM and a competitor league, the Help Force declared war against RFCP on March 23rd, 2020. In a post entitled “War Declaration on RFCP – Operation: Sniper”, Tistle, current HF leader, announced that the HF would engage in their first war since their move to CPR.

We in the Help Force strive to provide Justice and Help everyone, It has been noticed by us that the RFCP has been declaring wars at other armies unfairly. We have felt that Recon Federation Of CP has gone on a tyrannical rampage for long enough. For example, RFCP declared war on PCP (who has been their ally prior to this) for instances that were unrelated to PCP.

An excerpt of the post can be read above, stating a reason of the war declaration to be because they felt RFCP had unjustly declared war against RFCP former allies, PCP, albeit HF having no prior affiliations with the Pretzels. In addition, the Help Force take issue with RFCP’s current leader:

The result knocking the ego out of Prior Bumble, RFCP leader and CPW head, into a position where no one will want to be in a league with such wimps.
Remember, RFCP have refused to join CPAM since now, and until all armies are under one roof, their power will continue to decline. You could say we’re actually helping them out.

With the closure of CPA and the inauguration of CPAM, CPR armies were mainly divided into two factions – CPAM, and another league. However, in recent weeks, we have seen the application of various armies into CPAM’s weekly Top 10. Whilst unorthodox for an army to declare war based on league affiliations, a statement from CPAM Administrator and HF adviser Ayan sheds light on the above:

I’ve been advising the new generation of HF Leaders. It came to their attention that the RFCP had declared war on the Pretzels for very petty reasons along with the other corrupt practices they had been working out in their discord. The main aim of the war, considered by me was to eradicate those measures, obviously them being a barrier in the unity of CPR Armies at the sideline.

It seems that HF’s declaration of war was mainly in light of the “unjustified” war declaration against the Pretzels.

RFCP’s Response to the War Declaration

RFCP quickly responded to this declaration of war, noting once again that no previous relations indicated the threat of war, dissecting HF’s reasons for war declaration in their post. Prior notes that whilst war was declared on PCP, the two army leaders parted on amicable terms, with troops from Pretzels subsequently joining the army. In addition, he sets an additional term to the war:

Nonetheless, Prior added his own term–that any in-real-life threat, doxxing, joke misgendering (which is becoming trendy), or technological warfare between the two armies on or off the battlefield would result in HF’s immediate forfeit and RFCP will not recognize HF showing as valid.

However, RFCP welcomed the fight, with both armies agreeing to a battle on Saturday 28th of March.

Prior (RFCP leader) and Moon (HF leader) agree to first battle

Current situation

With both armies gearing up for war, RFCP and Help Force clashed forces on CPR on Saturday 28th of March. Fighting in the Recycling Plant, Mine, then the Ice Rank, HF took away a 2-1 victory, maxing sizes of 60+, with RFCP hitting sizes of 47.


Verdict of the HF vs RFCP battle

Albeit the judge verdict, HF and RFCP both claimed victory, with RFCP claiming that HF broke the terms of the war, thus rendering them victorious.

In the war room discussions after the HF/RFCP battle, Ayan forced his army into defeat as he made a comment which broke the terms set before the battle.

With both armies claiming victory, it will be interesting to see future developments to this war.

Interview with Moon, HF Leader 

conducted by CSY

What spurred your declaration of war against the RFCP?

We’d been made aware of the ongoings in RFCP and didn’t agree with what has been happening. Not only were some of the proceedings within the army disturbing, but we disagreed with how things were being ran.

What goals do you want to reach with this war?

With the knowledge of what RFCP was doing and the manner of how they managed their cult organization, our aim was, and still is, as Helpers and people who fight for what they know to be right, to eradicate the virus plaguing the army community.

In regards to the controversy over the terms of the war – what does HF have to say in response?

RFCP knew that they had lost. They’d have taken any route to escape the humiliation a loss such as that would have cost them. And unfortunately, they were given a means in which to weasel their way out.

Saying that though, the terms in which they claim to be broken were never broken. We know that the victory was ours. RFCP can parade around in their false euphoria that was bestowed upon them by Papa Prior all they want. Everyone is aware of what the real outcome was.

To clarify, HF set the terms of the war and RFCP then set additional terms. Are such terms agreed by both sides?

Many of the terms that were “set” in that war post has already been discussed by Prior and I before the post had been written. Any and all terms in the war that had been stated in advance to the battle had been agreed upon by either party.

However the terms agreed upon originally and the ones that Prior pulled out of his *** when he saw that RFCP was going to lose are contrasting matters.

How confident is HF in their subsequent victory in this war? How do you see the war concluding?

We’ve already won. RFCP won’t be attending any of the invasions for fear of further humiliation. Help Force will leave them territory-less and stranded. Then we’ll prepare to succeed in the CPAM Premier League Tournament.

How has this war affected HF – e.g. troop morale, sizes, foreign relations, etc?

Our morale has gone up tenfold. Not only that, but our max has been skyrocketing. However whether that is due entirely to the war and not the recent quarantining of many of the troops is unclear.

Any final comments?

I’ll be sharpening my Crayola Pencils in preparation for our next meeting Prior.

From the above interview, it becomes apparent that the main reason for HF’s war declaration is to express their disapproval of how RFCP is run as an army. In addition, HF seems to have benefited from an increase in troop attendance and morale – the invasion prior to the war saw 35+ troops online; their sizes skyrocketed to 60+ upon facing off the enemy army.

Interview with Prior Bumble, RFCP leader

conducted by CSY

How did you respond to the knowledge that HF had declared war? Were you surprised?

No **** was I surprised. RFCP did nothing to Help Force. I woke up one day to a random screenshot of a HF training that said, “WE’RE COMING FOR YOU PRIOR.” I literally just blinked at it. My last conversation with Ayan was pleasant. The owner of the HF server was on good terms with us. This out-of-the-blue threat was just more “haha let’s hate Prior for no reason” pettiness.

Why do you think they declared war?

They used my declaration on PCP–totally unrelated to them–as their reason. Then Cena and I made up–everyone in armies knows we’re brothers–and they still went forward with it. Said they want to end my ego and “tyranny,” and they want to see my league crumble (none of which they accomplished, by the way). Why this spontaneously became their life mission is a mystery. Again, RFCP barely acknowledged their existence. But like I said before, it’s super fashionable to oppose Prior Bumble.

What goals do you want to reach with this war?

I was the one who approached HF to battle after I saw the “WE’RE COMING FOR YOU…” tactic. I entered their server, popped into their 1ic’s DMs, and said, “RFCP is willing to meet your challenge on the battlefield.” And HF accepted. So my original goals were to simply 1) Have fun, and 2) Be a man and meet a challenge when presented to me. Help Force members, especially Ayan, resorted to personal attacks and repulsive personal comments. That turned us off from engaging further.

In regards to the controversy over the terms of the war – what does RFCP have to say in response?

RFCP declares full victory in this battle (which we call the “Great Covid Collision”) and war and we do not acknowledge HF’s attempts to continue it. I set terms which HF leaders were reminded of many times and which Moon said yes to. They are all denying, playing dumb, and looking for loopholes now. HF also set terms, which we followed. I do not see why in their eyes HF’s terms are valid upon publication and mine are not, especially when I’m the one who proposed the battle. My term stipulated that HF would forfeit, and the war would end, if it was broken on or off the battlefield. This term was indeed broken by Ayan in the battle room in a vile way. As soon as the offensive comment was made, all three RFCP hicom in the room declared victory and were done, and disgusted. Ayan should be ashamed of his cyberbullying and heartlessness. As for Pookie’s opinion, HF and I also agreed we’d use a third-party judge ONLY if both sides consented, as it was in the days of CPA. RFCP did not consent. And Pookie isn’t an Admin of either of us. RFCP victory.

How confident is RFCP in their subsequent victory in the war?

We already won.

How has this war affected RFCP – e.g. troop morale, sizes, foreign relations, etc?

RFCP is doing great. We broke our max record in this conflict. 47 RFCP showed up in uniform—I’m a damn proud Commander. That surpasses our record of 36 against the Romans three or so weeks ago. Morale is up, particularly because we are confident we’re on the moral high ground here. Obviously our foreign relations with HF are hostile. Elp, the owner of the HF server, was an enlisted RFCP officer before this war. I allowed him to remain neutral and in both servers, because his friendships on either side were important to him. Ayan ultimatumed their friendship and made him leave RFCP. He chose to do so. We will not be allowing him back.

Any final comments?

This interview was conducted in the presence of three Priortorian Guards—bodyguards from the new RFCP division devoted to protecting me. RFCP is done with random hatred towards me and we’re not going to let cyberbullying define armies. I’m a good man, RFCP is a good army, like most armies. We need to wake up, everyone. There’s a pandemic killing people. There is actual suffering in the world. Do you want to add to the suffering, or heal it? I want to heal it. Please play this game competitively but with human decency. Love thy damn soldier—thy purple, blue, green, or red soldier. I love you all. And thank you very much for interviewing me. Shakes hand firmly. Erat ipso sacra.

From the above interview, RFCP takes issues to two main things – firstly, claiming that Ayan broke a term of the war, thus forfeiting HF; secondly, that the judge Pookie was not agreed upon by both sides. However, with Pookie being an advisor for RFCP, it would be interesting to know what qualms RFCP has with him as a judge.


Pookie listed as an adviser for RFCP as of 30th March, 2020.

Ultimately, this war has gone down the route of many wars in OG Club Penguin armies – with both sides claiming victory, and armies claiming opposing invasions invalid. With RFCP declining the legitimacy of subsequent invasions and HF rejecting the validity of Prior’s terms, we are left to wonder whether the two opposing forces will face off once more.

Were the terms of the war really broken – leading to HF’s forfeit of the war? Or was this just a way to prevent further losses in battles? How do you think the war will conclude – or is the major conflict already over? Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPAM Editor-in-Chief


2 Responses

  1. Message from Prior (who doesn’t want CPAM collecting his IP)

    Hi, how about learning to read before calling me a liar. I did agree to Pookie being a judge, but we agreed to only use him IF both sides consent to a judge’s ruling. RFCP in the battle room did not consent to resorting to a judge’s ruling.

    Glad to see Ayan is interfering on how other armies decide to run themselves. Who’s the tyrant?

    Finally, are you dumb, HF? How do you “leave us territory-less” when CPAM has no map, and we’re not in the same league??

    Correct this journalism and get yourselves back in school fast. Quarantine ain’t good for you.


  2. […] they had to say this speaks volumes as such threats were “trendy” at the time (click here to […]


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