RPF Breaks Records, Holds ‘Super Saturday’ Events

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – On March 23rd, 2020, the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) held two record-breaking events on Club Penguin Rewritten, titled “Super Saturday”.

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CPO Army League: March Madness 2020 Round 2 Times.

KLONDIKE, Army League HQ – After seeing one of the most successful weeks in Club Penguin Armies in quite some time, we have finally gotten through the first round of battles for this year’s March Madness tournament. Read on for the round two battle times & information.

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Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [16/03/20 -22/03/20]

KLONDIKE, Army League HQ – This week has probably been the most eventful for all armies across the map, we see some minor shakeups in the Top Five and we see some familiar faces return to their original positions, the question is: who will take the top spot today?

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Top Ten Armies [ 15/03 – 21/03 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – With CPR Armies getting united under CPAM this week, We see more armies in the Top Ten. The Virus Outbreak has resulted Army Sizes to grow substantially, Let’s see what we have for this week here.

Top Ten Armies

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Army of CP and Help Force: Battle In Review #2

Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ – On March 20th, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) and Help Force (HF) held a practice battle, almost a month after their February practice battle in which ACP won 2 rooms and the other one being tied. The three rooms the two armies duked it out at were Iceberg, Mine, and Stadium.

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Board Announcement Regarding Coin Events

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – Today the Board of Directors had a meeting which was based around the improvement of Club Penguin Armies as a whole. We did discuss many things however the main point was based around Coin Events.

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Army in Focus – Os Mascarados

Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ – Hello, and welcome to the first edition of CPA Media’s new column, “Army in Focus”. In “Army in Focus”, we will be including a table of contents about an army so you can learn more about it. I’m your host Dino, and today, we will be taking a look at the Os Mascarados Army.


Table of Contents

1. History

2. Current State

3. Leadership

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CPO Announces New Servers

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – With the Corona Virus outbreak worsening as the days go by, Club Penguin Online’s popularity is rocketing through the roof gaining thousands of new registrations a day. Almost every time you log in now, you see almost every server is full. As a result, the Club Penguin Online Administration has decided to add two new servers, but how will this impact us?

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Top Ten Armies [ 8/03 – 14/03 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – The Top Ten sees the Top 3 remain constant. With the Tournament approaching closer, Armies are seen gearing up with many Practice Battles as well as Invasions.

Top Ten Armies

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [ 82.7 ] [ – ]

2. Army of Club Penguin [ 71.9 ] [ – ]

3. Help Force [ 56.1 ] [ – ]

4. Os Mascarados [ 18.5 ] [ +1 ]

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CPO Army League: March Madness 2020.

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – It has been roughly just over a month since our previous army tournament, the Fjord Frenzy in which we saw the Pirates take the crown in what was deemed an eventful but yet controversial tournament. It is now March but it is also Corona Season so we feel it is time to announce our next tournament, the March Madness!

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