SWAT: Return of the Fallen

Klondike, CPOAL Headquarters – In a time of many armies returning, a major player from original CP Armies has made it’s return to the CPOAL Community, Special Weapons and Tactics aka SWAT.

After many years laying in rest, SWAT have finally returned to the army community under the leadership of several former SWAT leaders and some leaders making their SWAT debut. Making their returns to the SWAT leadership are S Cargo2, who first led the army in 2011 and 2012 and Zuke who first led the army in 2013-2015 and became SWAT Legend in 2016. Jaylen and Sweater join them for this generation, two respected army veterans, in what looks like to be a very strong leadership lineup for the army, already amassing near 300 members on discord at the time of writing.

SWAT was originally created by Ganger90 in 2009 but were more formally created in 2011 by Ganger90. The army was one constantly at war, with ACP being the most fierce of opponents but many wars took place against major players such as Dark Warriors, Golds and Ice Warriors. There was no doubt that their major enemy was ACP, feuding multiple times throughout 2012-2016. Successes were also apparent in tournament competitions, making the finals of the CPAC Champions Cup in March 2012. SWAT also took part in the Black Alliance vs White Alliance war with SWAT siding with the Black Alliance, not surprising due to their hatred of ACP.

SWAT takes on ACP at the Battle of Mammoth in April 2014.

Many famous and notorious leaders have taken the helm at SWAT such as Badboy, Spi101, Tacodaily and many more. However SWAT has not been all glory, with in 2015, SWAT coming under heavy fire due to multilogging as discussed in the CPAC Great Gambit report by then CPAC CEO Zakster. Although SWAT officially apologised after the report came out, it certainly tainted their image there on out.

A completely different leadership now leads however with new ideals and on Club Penguin Online rather than the original CP, leading many to believe these actions won’t be repeated.  Today SWAT held their opening event maxing 48, clearly stating their intentions to be a major player in the weeks and months to come.

SWAT performing a “BACK IN BLACK” word tactic at their return event.

I interviewed current leader S Cargo2 to hear about the reopening of SWAT and what he hopes to achieve.

CPOAL: SWAT is an army as we know that has been revived multiple times and had mixed successes with some generations being huge successes and others failing to gain much traction. What makes this generation different to those past?

S Cargo2: Simple answer, no Badboy and no Ganger90.

CPOAL: This generation sees the return of leaders from SWAT’s past such as yourself and Zuke. How does it feel to be leading SWAT once again?

S Cargo2: It feels weird not gonna lie, it was my first army and I haven’t been in it since 2012 and I also feel kinda bad for Ganger because he spent such a long time trying to get me back and could never get me to budge yet here I am now.

CPOAL: War rages on in the community, with Doritos still being under fire from both Pirates and Ice Warriors. Does SWAT have any plans to interfere in this war or any other?

S Cargo2: Nah, SWAT has it’s own ambitions. We care not for Doritos.

CPOAL: In recent weeks armies such as IW, Pirates and DCP have been getting close to the 100 mark if not hitting it, is SWAT capable of this with the current leadership?

S Cargo2: Well I’d hope so but honestly going from 0 to 100 when we just opened is a far stretch but I’ll just say yes just to boost my own ego.

CPOAL: Any final comments?

S Cargo2: S Cargo2.

S Cargo 2, modest yet egoist, outlines the intentions here to reach 100 soon and contend with the main major armies however shied away from answering foreign policy, just telling us that ‘SWAT has it’s own ambitions’. Many will speculate about what this could mean due to SWAT’s aggressive history but there’s no ACP so what can they do eh, can’t finish that business just yet. For sure though, SWAT’s first goal will surely be to distinguish themself as a true major army, one that can compete with the current Top 4.

So what do you readers think. Do you believe that SWAT has what it takes to become a major player in the community or will they fall flat of expectations? Could they enter or start a new war or remain neutral? We’ve left a poll below where you can predict SWAT’s position on next weeks Top 10, vote and see what the community thinks of this new generation and their chances!


CPOAL Judge/Reporter


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