Golds Army Return From 3 Year Long Break

UPDATE 7:02 AM BST – I reached out to Bay, Golds leader, for a second interview. It has been added below.

Klondike, Club Penguin Online Army League Headquarters – recently, the CPO Army League has witnessed the return of many historic major armies such as the Underground Mafias Army and Special Weapons and Tactics, and now we see the Golds added to this list. Read on to find out everything about the new generation of the Golds!

The Golds were founded in early 2007 when most armies were still starting out by Johanwillfir, a Club Penguin Army legend. Johanwillfir and the Golds have fought in many wars – the first one being the Tundra Wars all the way back in 2007. I couldn’t find any of the pictures of the Golds but I did find that they contributed in the war with old and legendary armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, Underground Mafias Army, Ice Warriors and Watex Warriors – many of which are still around today. The war lasted 2 hours and spanned almost every single room on Tundra, and a treaty was signed. Below is a photograph of Golds vs Rebel Penguin Federation from 2007, believed to be from the Tundra Wars:

Old image of the Golds Army fighting the Rebel Penguin Federation in the dojo! Golds won this one.

Over the years, the Golds have had many generations. Many successful, some not so successful. The most recent generation – not including the “One Last Gathering” event held just before the shut down of Disney’s Club Penguin – spanned from December 23rd 2016 ~  mid January 2017, coming directly out of a lockdown. The Golds generation under a few leaders such as Antonio960, Coqui, Tilgen and Jared reached sizes of 15+ which was deemed pretty good at the time, and participated in practice battles against the Heat Warriors and Army of Club Penguin.

The Golds army maxing 10 in a Practice Battle vs Heat Warriors – January 19, 2017

Although the Golds were shut down later that month, the army was successful for the time, and put up a good fight with fellow competitors. If the Golds were successful, however, why did they shut down? In a now deleted post from the Golds’ website we can see Tilgen, former Golds leader and legend talking about the shut down:

The main reason for Golds shutting down isn’t as obvious as most people would think. For at least two years, Golds has gone through a never ending cycle of leadership changes. There would be decent leaders that got the army to a decent and stable performance, after sometime there would be legendary/high skilled leaders rejoining for a few weeks and bringing the army to greater sizes and then after awhile when they left the army would be back to doing decent (or sometimes poorly).


That would repeat multiple times, and as soon as myself and others realized Golds was going through that cycle, we knew it would eventually lead to the fall of Golds, which is why it has come to this right now. It has come to the point where Golds can’t function even decently well without highly experienced leaders coming in.

As taken from above, Tilgen believed the Golds were in a never-ending cycle of the army rising with good leaders, and then falling when they had retired. He would go on to say in the post that he did not blame the current leaders of Golds, nor anyone outside of the army. He and Antonio, another Golds leader agreed to shut the army down rather than have it continue in the state the army was in, and he assures the Golds that it was not an easy decision to make, how could it be?

The Current Generation

The Golds returned to the community after a 3 year old break under the leadership of Bay, CPO Admin and Former Pirates leader and Pink, former Mayhem leader and Redemption Force high command. The two have made a deadly leadership so far, with their return event having sizes of over 55+ – a height not seen by the Golds in quite some time.


Golds return event, seeing sizes of 55+ – 4th April 2020 (haha 420!)

The Golds have had a very promising start to their new generation, and have already begun scheduling invasions towards the Redemption Force. This will definitely be an army to look out for within the next few weeks. I decided to grab an interview with Pink, Golds’ leader and find out her thoughts on the Golds return!

Blue: Sweater |Pink: Pink

Sweater: what are your thoughts on the Golds return?

Pink: I am honestly so ecstatic that it’s here, I wasn’t part of it in the beginning but now that it’s here, I get to be a part of it.

Sweater: what are your goals within Golds?

Pink: my goals while working in Golds is to help it grow to heights it hasn’t seen yet. Golds troops and veterans deserve so much, and that is what they’re going to get.

Sweater: I saw that Bay, another Golds leader, has recently scheduled invasions on Redemption Force. Any comments or sneak peaks as to why? :eyes emote:

Pink: Well, there isn’t much to it, but I’ll still say no comment. Other armies aren’t fast to share the details of their decisions just like we aren’t.

Sweater: I respect it. Is there anything at all you’d like to say to the Army League?

Pink: Golds are shining already, we’re ready to make all of CPO covered in gold, and Bay and I are excited to lead together – so don’t stop our shine!


As you can see, Pink is very excited and ambitious with the Golds return – and has every right to. As said previously, the Golds are off to a brilliant start and are looking to take some land and get to work.

I also decided to reach out to Bay, former Pirates leader and Golds leader for a quick interview to get her perspective on the return, below is the interview:

Blue: Sweater || Gold: Bay

Sweater: what caused you to want to revive the Golds after 3 long years of inactivity?

Bay: Well, after being leader of Pirates I wanted to grow my own legendary army and make everyone feel welcomed and have fun with it. I talked to a few friends, one of them being flamez, and he mentioned Golds Army. I saw how special it was to him and I noticed a lot of members in the CPO Army League Discord were asking when Golds will be back, so I gave what the community asked for (with permission of course)

Sweater: are you excited to be leading Golds alongside Pink?

Bay: Yes! I’ve been leading with guys since I started my army journey, it’s time to show everyone that girls can run an army just as good!

Sweater: what are your goals with Golds?

Bay: Honestly, my goal is to make it an army that is most recognised as being legendary and legit. We will strive to build a community with fun and transparency, not controversy. An army that does not allow any biased opinions, an army who welcomes everyone, an army that will eventually become the number one army of CPO!

Sweater: could we get a sneak peak at any future Golds plans?

Bay: All you have to know is, that server will be golden 😉

Sweater: Thank you so much for the interview! Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Bay: Thanks for supporting the Golds return, love this community!

As you can see as well from the above interview, it looks like both leaders are super happy to be leading the Golds together – and they are already proving to be quite the deadly duo. It’ll be exciting for sure to see where the Golds head with Bay and Pink at the helm.

And with the information provided to you, I’d like you to answer this poll:

Do you believe the Golds Army will RISE? Are they a one trick pony? Let me know YOUR opinion in the comments, I’ll be reading and replying to each and every one of you. Thank you.


Club Penguin Online Army League Reporter & Judge


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