The new Era of the Aliens

Klondike, CPO Army League Headquarters- In April of 2020, the Aliens of Club Penguin Online have become the latest army to return. In era 2 of the army, the Aliens hit sizes that they had never seen before. Aliens leaders, Chocco55172 and BP, are hoping to become the latest leaders of a great Aliens era.

The Aliens were created on September 8th 2018 and were led by Sans and Queentin. The Aliens maxed around 10-15 at this time before the army died in April of 2019. Months Later, Aliens were revived By BP. In the second era of the army, the Aliens were led by led by BP, ShyPayden and Tena. They started off with peak sizes of a max of 4+ and ended it with a max of 42-47+. This era took the Aliens to a whole new level and the Aliens gained recognition in the Army League to become a Major Army.

Just recently, the Aliens of CPO announced the third era of their army. The leaders of this era would be Choco55172 and BP. After Losing Whiteout to the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and S.W.A.T, BP started this era to get the Aliens to the top of the CPO Army League and BP also wants to grow together with his allies, the Skaters, Soccer Players of CPO, and Squires Of CPO. He Also has declared that April 12th, 2020 will be the start of Era-3 Of Aliens.

Aliens Maxes 35+ in their first event in Era-3

An Interview With BP(Aliens Leader)

CPOAL: Do you think Aliens can break history in Era-3?

BP: Yes, I Think so. The main reason is we aren’t dead like before when we ended era-1 is because we were fully dead. This time people are active and giving their support to us. We are trying to create a family environment for new people.

CPOAL: What do you think is the maximum potential for the Aliens?

BP: Well I really can’t tell but these days we are being good even though mod and leaders retired from aliens but still we are doing good. So, probably we are going to hit 45+ soon. If everyone cooperates then our potential can be 55-60+

CPOAL: What is the goal for the Aliens as an army?

BP: Aliens goal is to create a friendly environment in server. One of the goal is to make people happy and to help them as much as possible. Currently we are trying to build up a family environment for the new people.

CPOAL: How did you feel when ShyPayden and Tena and Elsa Chimetno left Aliens?

BP: Honestly, when Shypayden, Tena and Elsa left aliens I was sad. They had some reasons to leave. I don’t want to mention those reasons. I was almost broke but then aliens staff team and other leader Choco55172 tried to motivate me to continue with aliens. They helped me to recover from this pain. Now, i guess everything is alright and aliens are doing pretty good.

CPOAL: Thank you so much for the interview! Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

BP: Your welcome and I would like to say thank you to the readers for reading my interview. Aliens forever and we would never die till CPO Army League exists.

Clearly from this interview you can see that BP is passionate about leading Aliens along with Choco55172. He also appreciates his Staff members for giving him Hope and Strength to Lead Aliens once again.

Comment on how you think era-3 of the Aliens will fare? Do You Think era-3 can be successful just as much as Era-2 was? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPO Army League Reporter 

Reviewed by:


CPO Army League Chief Executive Officer


3 Responses

  1. You did splendid bro


  2. Pirates forever!


  3. Aliens are the best army ❤


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