CPO Army League Site Overhaul

Klondike, CPO Army League Headquarters– Since taking the position as CEO at CPO Army League previously this week, I made it my goal to improve the site’s design and interactivity to enhance the reader’s experience. In addition to this, I have begun assembling an administration to continue expanding the site’s brand. Continue reading on what has changed throughout the past week and what CPO Army League has done to improve the site.

For my first week on the job, I created a list of jobs that would need to be completed around the site. This list including forming a new administration and hiring reporters, setting up a domain and web host, hiring an artist to create new graphics, and hiring coders to continue enhancing the style of the site. To get started on these projects, the first and most important task was increasing the size of the staff.

New Administration of CPO Army League (subject to change)

Chief Executive Officer: Epic101, Atticus

Executive Producer: {Open} {Open}

Vice President: Orange, Bang

Editor-In-Chief: Lucifer, Popcorny

Associate Producer: Flen, Dan


Over the past week, I have been evaluating the performance of the reporters recently hired during our reporter application process. If you are interested in writing for us but haven’t applied, feel free to apply whenever. I chose CP army veteran, Orange, and famous Youtuber, Bang, to serve as my two Vice President’s. Orange will be assisting me with redesigning the pages and managing the CPO Army League staff. He is extremely experienced and was a key reason to Small Medium Army Press’s success. His advice during this process of overhauling the site was extremely beneficial to myself and Epic. On the other side, Bang, will be helping me continue to re-brand the site and also help our site find better ways to promote our content. He is a full-time content creator on YouTube with over 200,000 subscribers on his personal channel, and a content manager for a large e-sports organization. Bang is also a staff member on CPO and leads the CP army Golds Empire.

For the position of Editor-in-Chief, I decided to promote both Lucifer and Popcorny. Lucifer has been playing a huge role for me since I hired him by being quick to write reports and was the main writer on one of our hottest stories, ‘Mustapha10 Removed From Leadership.’ On the same track as Orange, Popcorny also had a lot of experience working for news sites. He is worked for me in the past and I trust him to manage the look of our site. To round out the administration, Flen and Dan will be the new Associate producers. These four will also be responsible for reviewing posts before publication and overall improving the site’s running.


Domain / Webhost:

On Monday April 13th, Epic and I began discussing with Zuke on implementing a domain and webhost that has since been installed on the website. With this purchase, the official address of this website will be cpoarmyleague.com. The staff here at CPO Army League is excited about what a domain means for the future of this site and are excited to continue producing the premier news in this community.


New Graphics: Header, Background, Buttons:

On Sunday April 12th, I received a direct message from an old friend of mine who has designed graphics for armies and organizations during the original Club Penguin armies. After a few discussions, we were able to come to an agreement that he would help me redesign and rebrand CPO Army League by creating us a new header, banner, graphics, and other designs that I would need for the site. He has asked to remain anonymous; despite this, I would like to add that I would not have been able to do this without his help. The new graphics should appeal to the reader’s eye and we are really happy about our new image here at CPO Army League.


CSS Website Styling:

Due to us redirecting our website to our new domain at cpoarmyleague.com, we now have a site with the digg3 theme. On Wednesday April 15th, I received the graphics for the new site and we were able to put those up. After doing this, Associate Producer Flen, was able to provide code for the CSS of the website. Throughout Thursday April 16th, more improvements were made to the CSS to create the best appearance for the site. With the implemented CSS and improvements made to our widgets such as adding Top Ten Armies RSS feeds and new buttons, the CPO Army League site look has made a complete makeover and we are extremely happy with the results.


Pages Overhaul:

The pages of this website have been long outdated and had a clear lack of effort put into them. Recently, I brought on Orange onto the team to help out with this overhaul. He was one of the primary people who helped rebrand CPAF, a lower-level news site, into SMAP, the number one news source for S/M armies. Him and a select few individuals will be working on updating all the pages and they will be published by Sunday.


The Future of CPO Army League

For what the future holds for the rest of this site, it is my goal for CPO Army League to emerge as the hub for all Club Penguin Private Servers news. As of right now it only job our job to report on Club Penguin Online armies; however, hopefully, one day we hope to serve as a platform for Club Penguin Rewritten armies.

Over the next two weeks, the staff will continue to grow and my administration will be working on ideas of how best we can report on the latest news. I will be assigning some of my best writers the opportunity to have their own weekly series; which a schedule of when each series will be released will be created within a few days. Once we believe our site activity has increased and there is an active stream of new posts every day, my staff will be shifting its focus to improving the pages on the site and organizing events. It is my hope that in May we will able to host a spring trivia contest, and then in August we plan to host one of our most famous tournaments, ‘The Legends Cup.’ We are in the process of discussing a possible S/M tournament that could occur towards the end of May or into the June; however, we have not made any concrete plans on that behalf yet. 

In addition to “The Legends Cup”, I would like to begin nominations for the 2020 Legends. This ceremony was not completed during the 2019 year and it is a very unique part of our community.  For reference, here is a link to CPAC’s Legends page. It is my goal to be able to replicate that process and bring it back to the Club Penguin Online community. It would be my hope after the Legends nomination process, a council could be formed to select new 2020 legends. Future information on this will be provided as soon as I am able to discuss it with the board. 

If you did take the time to read this post, we at CPO Army League would like to thank you for your continued support. As we start a new chapter, it is my hope that we can provide the best army experience for everyone in the community. For those of you who may not even been teenagers yet, I hope this site creates a positive community for you to grow up in. Please message me on discord if you have any further suggestions for the staff. 

Here’s to a great Summer of 2020,


CPO Army League Chief Executive Officer


CPO Army League Chief Executive Officer


CPO Army League Vice President


CPO Army League Vice President


CPO Army League Head of Board

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