EDITORIAL: The Reason Why the Army Community is Divided

KLONDIKE, Army League HQ – I’m sure many of you within the community that are reading this are well aware of the division within the Club Penguin Army Community by now. If you are unsure of it, this post will explain nearly everything. The divisions within the community date back to December 2018 and contain a long list of drama and chaos along the way. It has involved me from the very start in the attempts to reunite armies once and for all, however, all of my attempts have failed. I will explain the story to you guys below as to WHY armies are still divided.

Warning: Very Long Post.

The Story

Back in 2018, a small minority of armies continued on CPPS servers, the most prominent of them being the RPF. In the summer of 2018, CPR banned all armies from their CPPS and Riley, the former owner of CPOnline, felt sympathetic towards armies and allowed them to operate on Club Penguin Online. As Riley and a few staff members had been part of Club Penguin Armies prior to 2017, they decided to set up an “Army League” which was initially just a tournament for all the armies on CPO. The army that won the tournament would receive a code for their uniform (e.g. RPF won so they got the code RPF). This was something that a large CPPS had not offered before. No CPPS except CPOnline had supported armies in such a way.

At the end of the summer (August 2018) – RPF’s leaders Toysoldier and Drake were talking extremely badly of CPO and its administration, they had even planned an “Operation Exodus” – within these talks, Toy threatened many of his staff members which led to the exposure of their Operation Exodus. This operation was their plan to move their entire army of RPF back to CPR or even another CPPS. Once Riley & CPO’s Admins caught wind of their Operation, RPF was banished from CPO.

In September 2018 I, Epic101 re-established the Army League and brought in armies such as the Elite Guardians, the Help Force, Pirates, Templars and more. By December we were hosting another tournament, the Christmas Chaos. I think at the time it was obvious which army would win the tournament because at the time armies weren’t too big but the biggest of them were the Pirates who were averaging 85-95. In the finals, it was a 3-way between the Pirates, Elite Guardians, and Templars. The Pirates had around 95 online whilst the Templars had around 50 and the Elite Guardians had around 60. Within the first battle room, the Pirates had clearly dominated it because of their size advantage. Before the second room was announced, the Elite Guardians rebelled and following this, the Templars joined their rebellion.

As a result of this rebellion, the Pirates were given the victory in the finals, but that wasn’t the end of the Elite Guardians rebellion. Long story short, they began recruiting armies in an Operation named “F**k CPO” where they all planned on a mass move from CPO to another CPPS. Once the screenshots from this group were leaked, every army involved was banned from CPO. This brought the league down to a small amount of armies, but the league lived on. Fast-forward to Summer 2019, not much happened before this time but this is where it gets more interesting.

During the Summer, I had returned from my temporary retirement to lead the Pirates for the Summer Bash tournament, the two biggest armies at the time were the Pirates & Help Force, the Help Force had constantly bashed CPO for being “rigged” or “bias” whenever they did not get their own way, the following will prove this. Both of these armies had reached the finals of the tournament and throughout the week leading up to the finals I was being called out by the HF leaders saying that I’m going to cheat or rig it some how. On the night of the finals I was out with some friends ( I did not make it back in time for the battle ) but when I made it back I was surprised as the Pirates had managed to defeat the Help Force without me being online. When I had got online I saw chaos ensue as the Help Force began their “bias” cries even though I wasn’t even present for the battle. Following this, they had attempted to ditch CPO. Immediately I began speaking with their leaders about ways to fix this problem and we came to a conclusion (they knew they’d fail on CPR). I re-created a new discord for them and advertised it on CPO’s discord (something they had always cried about when I did it for other armies but funnily enough they didn’t cry when it was for them) and for the next couple of months, they continued on as a big army averaging 55-60 at events. Then came the Winter.

In the Winter of 2019 (late November), while I was asleep, the Help Force had planned another Exodus and had moved their army to CPR and defaced their original discord which was owned by me to prevent such a thing from happening. Following this, it was announced that they were banned from CPO and a lot of members had began leaving their army. In their departure post they bashed how the League was run and how it was “bias” in the Pirates’ favor but it seems they had forgotten about when I had to advertise their Army on CPOnline’s discord to keep them alive. A lot of arguing ensued, and I did in fact make some mistakes as my anger got the better of me at the time, but I apologized and owned up to my actions (No I did not Dox or Dddos anyone. Someone from Help Forces’ previous staff team had leaked their entire leaderships’ names due to their anger of being banned from the army). That’s when our community actually got better.

The New Age

Following Help Forces’ departure, Greeny (a massive noob in original armies) had set up his own “League” and began messaging armies on CPO to try taking them to his league, while doing this, he went through CPAC’s archives and found old Waterkid posts from 2013-2015 to scare innocent users of CPO. His efforts failed miserably. I had initially warned them that over time, their league would cave in and crumble due to having no back support from a large CPPS (Like how the Army League is directly supported by CPO, the biggest & most popular CPPS) – despite this, they continued. On two occasions I attempted to come up with a merger, I even offered them to use both CPO and their small Army CPPS, due to the fact that they never gave me a Yes or No answer after a week of talks, the talks were shut down and I was blamed for the talks shutting down, quite pathetic right?

Eventually, their league caved in and collapsed (just as I told them it would) and their organisation shut down. Many legendary armies such as the Doritos, Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, Light Troops, Golds, SWAT, UMA and more had returned to Club Penguin Online and armies on CPO were thriving (averaging 100+ at nearly every event over the weeks) – I returned at the beginning of quarantine and immediately held talks with Ayan (HF leader & head of the new “CPR league”) and other leaders from RPF, ACP and more. In these talks I told them my aims were no longer to merge them into CPO but I just wanted to create a united news site with a joint Top Ten and if armies wanted to battle, they could battle on CPO (If ACP or RPF wanted to battle Doritos or something for example). We made good progress in this meeting and we were offering them something that hadn’t ever been offered before, yet they STILL COULD NOT give a direct answer. Now a days, I notice people always ask on their discord “why are armies not united?” and they always say “Oh Koloway tried to unite them months ago” but this is false, the last uniting attempt was done by Me, Atticus, Freezie, Andrew and Iceyfeet, Ayan and his friend Emcee (never heard of them) had told me they would hold a vote and talks with the leaders within their community but it is evident that they did not do this. They have hidden the fact that CPO was working towards a merger or uniting of sorts and never told their community the truth. Proving how power hungry and desperate these people are.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

As you can see from that last photo there, Ayan was against the idea of a universal Top Ten because it’s unfair on CPR armies as they don’t have the benefits that CPO armies have, but, no one is stopping CPR armies from moving to CPO lol.

As you can see, the talks suddenly stopped because yet again, we did not get a response from Ayan’s league and yet I am still the one getting the blame for armies not being united.

Following this, the big dogs in Ayan’s committee made a group chat called “the CPO Virus” where they discussed plans to kill the Army League.

This is the screenshot of what Ayan said in the Royals Group Chat.

After I exposed the “CPO Virus” group chat screenshot to the public, Ayan made an Administration statement where he says we exaggerated the screenshots and he was “helping armies that wanted his help” but the above screenshots prove otherwise.

It’s quite funny actually when they say that I am the power hungry one when I am quite the opposite. For the past few weeks and months I have worked endlessly to make CP Armies as great as they once were, power has not been a thing in my mindset at all. I even left for 2-3 months and gave Freezie & Andrew ownership of the league and they did an outstanding job in building what we have now. If you look at our recent Top Ten’s you can see our Top Tens are nearly identical to something you would have seen in 2012, seeing armies like UMA, DCP, IW, DW, Pirates and more all maxing 50-120 on a daily basis it’s insane. Armies have not seen these sizes EVER but it’s only armies on CPO that are breaking the boundaries and yet the people on CPR still have something bad to say about us mainly because of all the false accusations built up by the likes of Ayan and co. on a daily basis to maintain their power hungry status and to continue working on their joke of a league.

One accusation that I have constantly heard is “Oh yeah you only want ownership of Armies and their discords” this is completely false. I took the ownership of the Help Force discord because of their attempted ditch on CPO (not once but twice) and I only own the discords of the armies that I re-created (Pirates, LT, UMA). There was recently a bit of confusion with the Aliens where Ayan and his friends came up with a plan to take down the Army League once again (I’ll add screenshots) and had began creating group chats with our armies’ leaders in an attempt to scare them off CPO. The Aliens of CPO discord was always owned by a Spanish Moderator who had in fact created the discord & army in the first place and when I saw that Sans (who was brainwashed by Ayan) wanted to move the army to CPR, I had to step in. Every other rumor of me owning an Army’s discord for power or whatever is completely untrue and false.

In addition to the last paragraph there, I find it funny how in Spotty’s post on the Aliens website, she says “the real owner of the army should own their discord, not some board of directors or CPO Admins” but surely it should be the same way for the website? The website should be owned by the creator of the Army, not by some power hungry fools who are desperate to keep their failed organisation alive. Keep making false accusations about me and CPO, we just continue thriving. I have created a new way to support smaller armies within our community too, last night the Marines went from maxing 15 to maxing 54 and the Templars are going to have a growth spurt too.

If you really want your army to be big, create an army on Club Penguin Online, a CPPS’ that supports armies and backs them all the way. We allow you to recruit freely and even recruit with your armies’ website link in game (meanwhile CPR bans you every time you even mention armies lol). 

An amazing league you guys must have!

Big money goob spitting facts.

Just in case you want to know the difference between the communities, I’ll show you.

CPR Armies:

Note: All of the following armies are in their Top 5 lol.

Meanwhile, CPO Armies:

The Dark Warriors maxing 130 (Pictures taken at the same time)

The Ice Warriors maxing well over 150 (Pictures Taken at the same Time)

Our #10 army:


You all know where the success lies, and it’s not on CPR. 

CPO has tried to unite armies multiple times but due to Ayan and his power hungry ego, this has not happened (it is also why he has been hiding it from his community)

What someone who works for CPAM thinks right now. ^



CP Army Legend


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