Chaos Army Frenzied Surprise Entry

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ- In the past week, things have been chaotic. But you can’t truly have a chaotic week without having the Chaos army return back to the community as a surprise.

The Chaos Army of Club Penguin, or simply the Chaos Army, was founded in June of 2012 by Sapper and Hyper Sonic. The army quickly lost co creator Hyper Sonic early on due to Hyper adventuring into other armies. However, Sapper continued to lead the army. The Chaos Army later grew to be one of the largest small-medium armies of its time, having future-Doritos leader 32op under their belt and other famous names such as Jester, Orange, Wyoskyguy, and Owlcity207.

Picture from the Chaos’ Army opening event: April 22nd, 2020.

We were able to grab leader Owlcity207 for an quick interview regarding Chaos’ reopening. 


Interview with Owlcity2007

conducted by Dino

CPAM: Why did the Chaos army choose to revive?

Owlcity207: We decided to return as a group of old friends trying to have some fun again. Most the people in the army are currently our vets so we’re just looking to relive some nostalgia.

CPAM: Do you think this generation will be successful and if so, why?

Owlcity207: Depends on how you define success, I suppose. For us, success is bringing the fun back to armies and reminding people that this is all to have a good time. And I believe we can do that through some friendly rivalries.

But at the same time, we maxed 33 at our first event without officially opening, so. We’ll see where it goes.

CPAM: Does the chaos army have any current beef with any army? Why?

Owlcity207: We haven’t been around long enough to find any beef, but we’ve got our eyes open.

CPAM: Where do you see the army going towards in the near future?

Owlcity207: Right now we’re just looking for some friendly battles against other armies. We don’t have a set plan for the future other than just wanting to cause some chaos

CPAM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Owlcity207: Nope, not really! Thank you


It seems the Chaos army is here to stay and wants to settle its feet back into the grounds of armies. They followed up their opening event with an event on Zipline, maxing 25. The Chaos doesn’t seem to end its success and only seems to be growing.

What do YOU think? Will the Chaos be successful? Will be another chaotic flop of a generation? Will it only continue its growth? Reply BELOW with your thoughts!



CPAM Reporter-Trainee


CPAM Editor-in-Chief


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