CPAM Coffee Table #1

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ ─ Throughout the past week, many things have happened. Many armies have been facing difficulty and new armies emerging from the ashes of them; some behind-the-scene affairs, and some other quarrels across the community. In spite of all of this, Club Penguin Army Media is proud to present its new “Coffee Table” series in which we review the week in a retrospect and make sure YOU, the reader, have all of the facts!

[Community News]

Unification of the Two Communities?

We at Club Penguin Army Media like to keep things transparent for our readers. Earlier this week, CPO Army League presented the talks of unification with CP Army Media & its leaders. After an intense debate and discussion, the proposition didn’t pass after a 2-14 Vote by the CPR army heads. The main reason being safety concerns over CPO as well as trust issues with CPO AL. However, it didn’t end with that. We’ll be presenting what the army leaders said about an universal Top Ten tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

Site, Discord, & Staff Overhaul

After much work, CPAM has completed their project regarding the revamp of the CPAM site and discord server. New applications for staff roles have also been sorted out and finalized! Make sure to check out the new things ASAP!

[Army News]

Chaos’ Frenzied Surprise

In a twist of events, the Chaos army of CP has returned to the community with high hopes and maxes. Led by original Chaos leaders Owlcity207, Orange, and MrWyoskgyuy, this generation seems to be promising and may bring back order to the community ─ or chaos! You can read more the Chaos’ army return here.

Crowning of the New Kings

With the recent influx of newer armies, some people have chose to form completely new ones! The Kings of CPR plan on taking on this whole community despite their leader and army having little or no fame at all. You can read about the Kings in this article.

A Red Velvet Surprise

Along with the Kings army, another completely new army will be joining them! The Red Velvet Army, despite being very recent and small, has showed itself as a main figure within the AUSIA theater. You can read about this new army in this post.

[Hot Tea!]

ACP Accused of Multiple Allegations

After a recent breach of the ACP server bot, a person under the alias ‘TheManWithAPlan’ presented some damning evidence against the ACP, ─ or maybe not? Read all about the controversy here.

A Lovely, Rosea Surprise ─ or Not?

Multiple armies banded together to form a coalition to combat the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Encompassing the Lime Green Army, Shadow Troops, Peoples’ Imperial Confederation, Underground Mafias’ Army, Warlords of Kosmos, and the Takis of CP, the coalition seemed like a success story. However, due to internal fractures, the coalition folded. You can read more about what happened in this post.



A total of 12 posts have been released this week. An increase of 6 from our previous week!


Fun Fact of the Week #1

Emcee was not the only Executive Producer in the history of CPAM. Former ACP leader Koloway also served as an EP for CPAM.

Fun Fact of the Week #2

Sitting ACP leader CSY is a big fan of the video game franchise Pokémon.

Fun Fact of the Week #3

Gigi Hadid Army leader Tymatt once filled more than half of the SMAP top ten with his own joke armies in November 2015.

Fun Fact of the Week #4

CPAM Editor Sarah enjoys using the word ‘wath’.


What do YOU think about this week’s Coffee Table post? Should we continue to do more? Did we neglect some facts? Should we include more features? Let US know what you think by commenting below!


CPAM Editor-in-Chief

3 Responses

  1. I like the formula,but i would like to see few improvements
    -Pictures,they would really help for peoples who dont have time to read every single post and just want to have an summary
    -More things exclusive to coffee table,couse lets be honest,the Misc section is just filler and random triva,not somthing that i would expect from summary of CPA week
    Than again,more interesting stuff that would be only for
    coffee table would be great
    -More qummunity stuff like Question of the week or poll or somthing like this to be revealed at the next issue of coffee table

    And like,dont number such things,its not practical




  3. wath


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