Get to know CPAM’s Chief Executive Officer – Ayan

Blizzard, Club Penguin Media Armies HQ- Ayan joined the Army Community in March 2018. Like most of the people in the community right now, he wasn’t here when the Disney Club Penguin existed. He started off in Club Penguin Online by forming the Help Force. At first, he didn’t know much about armies, but eventually, after reading articles and talking to several people, he made his way through it.Most of his army history is Help Force, making it from nothing around him to getting the army into its Golden Ages, winning Wars against several armies and making it all up to the best in the League. He retired from HF in August 2018, though needed to come back due to drama going on in the community. After pulling out from CPO, he led HF for his second time in CPR for about a month and then retired again to handle and be a part of Club Penguin Army Media.

I decided to interview him today to get a better view of who CPAM’s chief executive officer is:


Interview with Ayan

conducted by BeanPea

CPAM: Why did you decide to retire from the Help Force and what inspired you to be a part of CPAM?

Ayan: Well, even though all of this looks very glittery and exciting, on the same hand, it’s very time consuming. I needed to focus on my academics, that was the main reason behind both of my retirements. Tho, sad, not been successful leaving the community yet.

CPAM: If running an army is hard, I bet being chief executive officer is a lot harder, what drives you to keep your position in CPAM and do you have any advice to others who dream of achieving that position some day?

Ayan: In my opinion, both, being a Leader of an army & being a CEO of a News Site are two different things which you can’t compare. There’s dedication required to run an army successfully, same goes with CPAM. Personally, my motivation comes from the armies in the community. It’s great to know that they have adapted/are trying to adapt to this idea, and have supported it in whichever way they could. For the advice part, I’d just say that Supporting what’s Right, Fighting for Justice, and Aiming High are the factors which influence the position of a person in any community they’re in.

CPAM: That’s very inspiring, as CPAM staff you play a very important role in the safety of how armies are run, as an experienced veteran what do you think are the basic processes of running an army safely and cleanly?

Ayan: Well, not everyone works in the same way. Some armies like to have the “happy-go-lucky” attitude but some are extremely concerned about those. In my opinion, the functioning of an army depends on how the leader runs it. Leaders should keep their armies away from any kind of Toxicity, and present a safe environment for users to join and participate for their armies.

CPAM: That’s very useful and I’m sure army leaders will take that into consideration!Now on a lighter note, some people would describe you as unapproachable, how would you describe yourself and do you agree with those people?

Ayan: Hedus Chrost, I’ve heard that before indeed LOL. I mean, I might present myself as stern or whatever, I tend to make a lot of friends. If anyone wants to reach out to me for anything, Do hmu!

CPAM: Well it’s good to know our chief executive officer is somewhat friendly! Now last but not least, can you recommend a TV show/movie or a song that you like or you relate to so people can have a better idea of who their chief executive officer is?

Ayan: Binge watch Friends (winks)

CPAM: Haha, well thanks for the interview, is there anything else you would like to add?

Ayan: Dawg


That’s it for the first series of staff interviews. If you have any ideas of who to interview next, put them in the suggestions channel in CPAM! Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts! Stay Safe!

Bean Pea

CPAM Reporter Trainee


CPAM Editor-in-Chief


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