[Rage and Glory] War Server Bracket ONE: Review

ZIPLINE, The War Zone – The CP Army Community today at 7:00PM UK witnessed the greatest of its strength. Over five major Club Penguin Armies logged onto the new war server, Zipline, to show off their brightest and most powerful side. In this post, CPO Army League will review the Bracket One armies and how they performed.

Truly a one of its kind event, the free-for-all tournament featured three main rooms, namely Snow Forts, Stadium and Iceberg. Unlike your usual war battles, this battle did not have a judge, or a fixed room. Armies were free to choose from any of the above-mentioned rooms. As one might expect, we saw some big armies clashing it out from the get go. In this edition, we bring to you a room by room summary of this tournament.

The Battle of Snow Forts

1) Pirates vs Royals

The first room that we look at of this epic battle was the Snow Forts. The Royals arrive here first with a J-bomb followed by the Pirates at 2:01PM EST. While Royals stuck to a horizontal line formation, the pirates got into an anchor formation. Both armies continuously fired off strong tactics. Despite the large size differences between both armies, the Royals put up a good fight. Below is a picture of the Pirates and Royals battle:

2) Aliens vs Royals

With the Pirates Army exiting Snow Forts at 2:05PMEST, Royals were the only ones left raiding the room. Just before the Royals could get any tactics in, Aliens army had already entered to block their invasion. However, because the Royals had better formations and a larger size, they carried on with their tactics without any hinderance. Below is a picture of this battle:

3) Ice Warriors vs Aliens

Soon after fighting the Royals Army, Aliens came face-to-face with the massive Ice Warriors. Well aware of their size advantage, the Ice Warriors ran merrily with their tactics. On the other hand, realising their disadvantage in size, the Aliens exited Snow Fort at 2:39PM EST. Below is the picture for the IW and Aliens Battle:



Reign in the Stadium

1) Pirates vs. Templars

The second room in this magnificent show of power was the Stadium. This was initially raided by the Templars Army 2:00PM EST. The Templars, being the only army in this room at the start of the event, ran jolly with their tactics. But their joy was short-lived as the mighty Pirates entered the room at 2:05PM EST and dominated the room with their sheer numbers. The Templars had a tough face-off with Pirates before they (Templars) finally exited the stadium at 2:15PM EST. Below is a picture of the Pirates vs. Templars Battle:

2) Pirates vs Squires

Squires, seeing an empty battleground, entered the Stadium at 2:30PM EST. Just before they could move on to their first tactic after setting up their formation, the return of the Pirates to the stadium at 2:32PM EST interrupted them. Baffled by the sheer size of the Pirates, the Squires left the room as quickly as possible. The Pirates continued their tactics before finally exiting the room at 2:35pm EST. Below is a picture of the Squires and Pirates Battle:

3) Pirates vs. Aliens

The Stadium had been relatively quiet for a while before it saw the entry of the Aliens at 2:39PM EST. Even before the Aliens could get a grasp of their situation, in came the Pirates again. The Pirates entered the room at 2:40PM EST and definitely triumphed over the Aliens just by their sheer sizes and synchronised tactics. A short-lived battle, we can definitely say that the Pirates were in command of the Stadium throughout. Below is a picture of Aliens vs Pirates:


The Tipping Ice Berg

1) SWAT vs Ice Warriors

The beginning of this strenuous battle at the Iceberg saw two major armies enter at 2:00PM EST. The Ice Warriors, a formidable opponent, went up against Special Weapons and Tactics. It was a close battle, and both armies had a solid execution of tactics and formations throughout. SWAT finally exited the Berg at 2:15PM EST, and the Ice Warriors followed soon after. Below is the picture for the SWAT and IW Battle:


Other Notable Battles:

COVE: Pirates vs SWAT

After the initial 15 minutes of the battle, armies were free to roam around the island and battle other armies they found along the way. One of the larger battles we saw during this time was SWAT vs. Pirates at the Cove. Both armies have always had consistent large maxes. SWAT has an average max of about 60+ where pirates tend to max 85+ as of recent. SWAT started off in the cove alone and were soon met by the pirates. Pirates quickly got into formation and started firing off tactics, with SWAT not too far behind. There were lots of interesting tactics performed by both armies. Some favourites include “Rockhopper says LOL”, and “ping CPO discord”. This battle was one of many that occurred throughout today’s free-for-all war, and we look forward to more in the future.

MINE INSIDE: Ice Warriors vs. SWAT

In Underground Mine, CPOAL sees two major armies battling for the last few minutes of this exciting tournament. Ice Warriors and SWAT both enter with bombs in the Underground Mine at 2:30PM EST. The entire room was IW and SWAT going back and forth with strong tactics and bombs. This would be the last room of the War Server Tournament, so both went hard to show off before having to log off. Below is a picture of this heated battle:

As one might expect, the Free for all was truly a great success. Armies ran abound battling whoever stood in their way be it small or be it big. Chaos at its finest, chaos redefined. What we saw has truly set a precedent for what’s to come at CPOAL, as CPOAL enters its Golden Age.


What do YOU think? How did Armies perform in this free-for-all war server? Who had the biggest size? Who was the best? Questions are many, but we here at CP Online Army League want to know What do YOU think!


CPO Army League Associate Producer


CPO Army League Reporter


CPO Army League Reporter


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CPO Army League Editor-in-chief


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  1. the ice warriors were the best with no thinking! 🙂


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