Titans at War: Army of Club Penguin vs Rebel Penguin Federation

NOTICE: This story is still developing. Some facts might be outdated in future events. STAY tuned for further news.

Tuxedo, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital ─ Following the Recent exposé of the Army of Club Penguin’s High Command chat, which involved incriminating screenshots of ACP HCom insulting RPF, the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war. Seeing as these are the two largest armies, what consequences might this have for our community? Read more to find out.

Rebel Penguin Federation’s War Declaration 

On April 17th, an unknown person took screenshots from within the staff chat of ACP’s discord, which included those of staff members attacking CPAM, Help Force, and notably, RPF. While CSY, ACP Leader, did apologize for what was said, he directed focus to the possibility that someone had hacked their discord using a bot, and had leaked the screenshots that way. However, the screenshots involving RPF did not slip by Ulti, RPF leader, as seen in the following quote.

ACP’s post asks a very important question: “Where does one draw the line between trash-talking, and what is too far?”  I think the answer to this question is somewhere on the other side of personal attacks on our HCOM.  It’s probably also on the other side of raiding our events dressed up as rogues.  Even further still, it’s probably on the other side of calling us corrupt and mentally manipulative towards our members.

“There is a difference between being enemies, and friendly trash-talking in staff chats,” ACP says.  I would agree with this sentiment, but something about seeing an RPF penguin’s head on a sword doesn’t strike me as friendly.  When you’re using our sizes to back up your size inflation, that seems like an issue.  When your chat logs are full of you cursing our army, that seems like an issue.  When you claim we created an entire tournament (one which was initiated by Koloway as the Shamrock Smackdown before being postponed) just to beat you, that also seems like an issue.

Going on to claim that ACP’s apology was weak.

In general, one line of ACP’s post sums up the whole thing: “I didn’t expect my HCom chat to be leaked.”  The image that ACP presents to the public is very clearly different from the one that they hold in their staff chats.  The issue shouldn’t be the leaking of the channels, it should be the two-faced attitude that ACP holds.

The post serves as a method of justifying what was found instead of actively making strides to improve.  A history of trolling in no way makes up for racially insensitive or genocidal comments.  “All armies [inflating] their sizes” does not make up for not holding yourself to a higher standard, especially when it’s because “RPF could get away with it.”

There was no mention of an apology for the reasoning presented or for the scheming against us.  This led us to realize something.  The entire post feels like an apology a child would give for getting their hand caught in the cookie jar; it’s not a matter of actually being sorry, it’s a matter of not wanting to face the consequences.

If you want to read more about the war declaration, you can check out the post HERE.

Army of Club Penguin’s Response

Those consequences may prove to be grave as RPF would officially declare war in the same post, and planned multiple invasions of multiple servers on the same date and time. With ACP recently announcing their “Declaration of Independence”, where in such they remove themselves from all foreign affairs. This put the granddaddy army in green in a tough spot.

With this in mind, CSY released a post in which he fought tooth and nail against Ulti’s arguments, including those against CPAM, and the claims of HCom bullying. Most notably, however, was his counter against RPF’s invasion times.

Invasion Schedule
First, we look at the invasion schedule set by the RPF. This involves 4 invasions, with 2 occuring at 9am EST and two occurring at 9pm EST. This is an overwhelmingly cowardly move – invading two servers at one time? Why won’t the RPF fight us, one server at a time? Or are they just trying to play dirty?
RPF wants to take the high road in this – but behind the “facade” of righteousness lies their true intentions – to bully a smaller army. Their term prevents ACP from bringing any allies to battle. RPF maxes 180. ACP maxes 50.If ACP are as toxic and hate-able as RPF claim, why is this term necessary, given that all armies should righteously flock towards RPF’s support?The reason is this: They know that ACP is easy picking. They want an easy war, masquerading under pretenses of justice.
Another thing of note is the claim that CPAM’s own Executive Producer, Emcee, also ACP 3ic, was directly involved in the leak, which was mentioned briefly.
The next piece of information will be some sad news for many ACP soldiers, but contrary to our former belief, we have reason to believe our former third-in-command, Emcee, was involved in the ACP leak. We are not 100% sure but we have some very strong proof on the matter.
In the end, CSY declared that ACP would only be defending their capital server, seeing that RPF was bullying them, due to their smaller size. But what does this mean for our community?
You can read more about the response HERE.


This is really the first major war between two large armies thus far, and the implications of this are wide ranging, from the possibility of the collapse of one, to nothing happening at all. But only time will tell what comes out of this.
What do you think? share your opinions in the comments below, and CPAM will be sure to update you on the situation as it happens.
Club Penguin Armies Reporter
Club Penguin Armies Editor-in-Chief

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  1. ooooo


  2. hype hype hype


  3. Personally I say RPF is fully justified here and is not bullying ACP because well ACP technically started it. And I thought ACP maxed 100 thus making it an even fight able yo divide 50 troops per server.

    Though I am an RPF member so I may be a tad biased.

    Is there a 3rd party here that can share there point of view


  4. I love rpf! <33


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