Already Causing Chaos? – Chaos Declares War on RPF

NOTICE: This story is still in development. Some facts may be outdated. STAY tuned for further news.

SNOW BOARD, Chaos HQ After the inauguration of the Chaos Army into the community merely a week ago, amidst the ongoing struggle for power between the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation, an unexpected turn of events have led Chaos to announce their declaration of war against the RPF.

The Chaos of CPR announced their return on the 22nd of April, 2020, immediately securing their presence in the community, hitting a max of 33 in their return event and reaching 4th on CPAM’s Top 10 despite only being back for one week.

Chaos of CPR return event, maxing 33

On the 27th of April, 2020, the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war against the Army of Club Penguin (read the full CPAM coverage here). In an unexpected turn of events, Chaos then declared ACP as allies, receiving multiple servers from the Army of Club Penguin in the process.

Army of Club Penguin transfers 9 servers to Chaos

Whilst many might postulate the move was as protection of ACP land by a seemingly uninvolved third party, a further turn of events led to Chaos declaring war against the RPF on the same day by 2nd-in-command Jester:

Good evening, Chaos.

I am back, and i am out looking for war and i’ve found it. For those of you that don’t know me..nice to meet you i’m jester, i joined armies in 2007 and ive lead numerous armies since then. I kickstarted some of the longest wars in CPA history and you can bet this will be no different although that isn’t my goal here.. i want this to be fast and to the quick but if need be i will go the distance and i will win.

Don’t cry, don’t whine about how you’re about to get blitzkrieg’ed to hell, Elmikey wouldn’t cry. I never cried when I lead DCP when the entirety of CPA was after me in 2015. That’s the difference between RPF today and RPF now.. it’s that there’s no soul, every time i come to RPF chat i recognize nobody. It’s hard to even consider you guys an army, you are just so artificial and i’m going to have a lot of fun when this is over because there can only be one outcome and that’s us raising our empire flag on Tuxedo and reminding RPF that you can’t escape histories past as much as you want toThe countless times i have been banned on your discord along with other vets just because i had involvement in armies.. what are you ashamed of? We understand benefits out-weigh the costs, you obviously have a lot of manpower but we also understand you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so what i say to that is we will be over there, AND WE WONT COME BACK UNTIL ITS OVER, OVER THERE. So, good luck against a very determined bunch that is chaos because you will need it.


In the above post, Jester notes how the Rebel Penguin Federation has changed over the years, expressing Chaos’ determination to win the war.

In addition, Chaos Leader Zero set the terms of war as follows:

Amid the recent trend of not allowing allies in war efforts, this comes as a fascinating change in events – with ACP’s own ongoing war efforts against the RPF, it will be interesting to see how both sides react to this term, and what allies will come to either Chaos’, or RPF’s aid.

With RPF’s strategy of invading 2 servers from the ACP at the same time, the transfer of servers to Chaos makes it now their responsibility to defend. Whilst no defense of Deep Freeze was posted, Chaos quickly notified troops of the upcoming defense of Beanie:

RPF vs ACP invasion schedule

Chaos schedules defense of Beanie

Interview with Orange, Chaos Leader

CPAM: The community was earlier made aware of the fact that Chaos declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. With so much going on right now, what are the main reasons behind this vital move?

Orange: Well, historically, Chaos has always been known as a war army, we have always gotten our best sizes in war – and even 4 years later, that ideology still remains with us. The main reason for bringing back Chaos was so that our friend group could all have fun together and battling other armies is always fun. Now, the reason we selected RPF is because they have declared war on our allies, ACP. They are much larger than ACP and we wanted to level the playing field a little bit. Plus, their merch isn’t gonna be as good as ours. #GetYourChaosMerchSoon #ChaosMerch2020

CPAM: How do you see your relations with the Army of Club Penguin. Is it any different than what it was when Disney’s CP existed?

Orange:  Well back then we weren’t exactly allies with them, but Sky and I are both long time veterans of ACP. Furthermore, CSY, Mondo, and Cubster all had stints in Chaos and we still consider them a part of the Chaos family, so it was only inevitable for us to be allies this time around. Plus, we can help them with their merch department, I think they may be lacking there a little bit.

CPAM:  Seeing that RPF has set terms for ACP to not use any sort of external troops, what are your opinions about the war terms set by them?

Orange: Welllll man thats no fun for them, ohh well.

CPAM: How do you see this war situation progressing in the near future? Do you have any stable expectations from it?

Orange: I expect both Chaos and ACP to grow as a result of this war. I expect RPF to have a great time being able to battle other armies. I’m hoping the CPR community grows as a whole as a result of this war, seems like armies are too content with staying isolated rather having fun battling other armies.

CPAM: Any further points you would like to add?

Orange:  Chaos merch coming soon, cop some for $40 :wink:

From the interview with Orange, it becomes evident that the declaration of war was a response to RPF’s war efforts against the ACP. Whilst RPF has historically maxed bigger sizes than both these armies, it will be interesting to see RPF’s response to the situation, how they will handle the recent turn of events, and whether other armies will become involved with the “allies permitted” term.

What do you think about Chaos’ recent declaration of war against the Rebel Penguin Federation? Do you think they will be able to come out on top – and how will this affect the ongoing war efforts against the ACP? Comment YOUR opinion down below!


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2 Responses

  1. Greetings RPF member Toademort here

    My thoughts on this matter. This sounds like a zoggin great time ahead of us. Though I dont think Jester is right in his statement that RPF has no soul, while I may not have been around during the OG army days I can say RPF is indeed still quite soulful. Either way this inter army stuff is quite entertaining.

    Good Day To You All
    -Lord Toademort, 4/28/2020 @ 4:24 PM, EST.


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